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Part 25

Update 25: Oerba Dia Vanille's Pro Kalavinka Striker Fishing®™ (Polsy)

To answer Fedule's question somewhat belatedly, the raw footage for this update and the last (which is like ~1:10 of video) comes out almost two and a half hours. 2:24:48, specifically.




Luck Be a Lady

Colonel Jihl Nabaat is growing frantic.

All her carefully laid plans and contingencies are crumbling around her as the seemingly unstoppable l'Cie rampage through the ship. To make matters worse, the airship's main reactor has suddenly shut down. Jihl has yet to grasp what is behind the loss of power...

Sazh and Vanille are able to retrieve their equipment soon after escaping confinement. At the same time, their companions make good progress as routes open up across the ship. And the sudden engine failure has quieted the wind howling across the deck.

As if guided by fate, the l'Cie are reunited—and their success gives them renewed vigor to attempt the impossible.

And now, at last, they know what they have to do. They will topple the Sanctum, overturn fal'Cie rule, and put the fate of Cocoon in the hands of the people.

If they can just make it to the bridge of the Palamecia, they'll show the Primarch what l'Cie are really capable of...