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Part 26

Update 26: Space Pope Cope to Cope (Polsy)

Also this is now safe to watch, once you finish this update.


Fighting Fate


Ragnarok de Dies Irae
l'Cie Pultis. Tuum fatum sequeris. Sanctuarium tuum affligeas

Ragnarok de Dies Irae
l'Cie Pultis. Tuum fatum sequeris. Sanctuarium tuum affligeas

Per somnum aeternum
Numen divinum dictus est
Viator elamentabilis

Ragnarok, come Day of Wrath
O Pulse l'Cie. Embrace thy fate, thine home to burn.

Ragnarok, come Day of Wrath
O Pulse l'Cie. Embrace thy fate, thine home to burn.

That fallen souls might bear our plea.
To hasten the Divine's return.
O piteous Wanderer.

These lyrics are technically a spoiler, but we learn this shit like halfway through Chapter 10 so whatever. Spoilers, the guy who claims that Cocoon is a factory built to make human thralls might not have their best interests at heart. Just a hunch.




A Focus Revealed

To the amazement of the l'Cie, the Primarch reveals himself to be a fal'Cie whose true name is Barthandelus. Showing nothing but contempt for his human tools, he proceeds to casually slaughter Colonel Nabaat and her subordinates.

Barthandelus then shrugs off the l'Cie's attacks, and, with mocking laughter, declares his intention to 'enlighten' them.

In order to fulfill the Focus given to them by the Pulse fal'Cie, he states, one of the l'Cie must become Ragnarok, and bring about the end of Cocoon.

Serah's task was simply to assemble the tools to achieve this end—to bring Snow and the others into contact with the lowerworld being. Her wish that they protect Cocoon was just that—a wish. It had nothing to do with her, or their Focus.

Confounded by the naked truth, the dumbstruck l'Cie flee the plummeting Palamecia on an airship provided by Barthandelus. Their craft is guided by an unseen power that protects them from Colonel Rosch's onslaught and flies them towards the 'reality' hidden beneath the capital of Cocoon...


People: Serah Farron

Serah is Lightning's younger sister and Snow's fiancée.

Also a Pulse l'Cie, she has gained eternal life and slumbers in crystal stasis. Snow believes their Focus is to save the world as Serah wished, but Barthandelus explains that her task was simply to gather the tools for Cocoon's destruction.

Was Serah nothing more than a pawn—an unwitting enemy of Cocoon?


People: Galanth Dysley

Acting in the guise of a human Primarch, Galenth Dysley has concealed his true identity as the fal'Cie Barthandelus.

He reveals to Lightning and her companions that their Focus is for one of them to take on the form of Ragnarok and shatter Cocoon.

Despite overseeing Cocoon's prosperity for so long, it seems he now desires its destruction. To that end, he has watched over the fugitive l'Cie, and even taken a direct hand in their survival.


People: Jihl Nabaat

Jihl Nabaat is a talented PSICOM officer who graduated at the head of her class.

As the supervisor in charge of Dajh's testing, she grew close to his father, Sazh. However, her kindness was simply a ruse to gain access to the boy's l'Cie ability to sense Pulse entities.

She captures Sazh and Vanille in Nautilus, using them as bait in her scheme to draw the other Pulse l'Cie out of hiding. Jihl's plans backfire when her carefully laid ambush is unable to contain the l'Cie, and Barthandelus disposes of her as he would any other tool.


The Fal'Cie: Barthandelus

This fal'Cie has long lived under the guise of Galenth Dysley, the Sanctum's supposedly human Primarch. Unbeknownst even to his closest aides, he has kept careful watch on the fugitive l'Cie through the eyes of his rukh, Menrva, forcing them to grow stronger while at times aiding secretly in their flight.

Barthandelus desires only that the l'Cie complete their Focus, which he explained to be transforming into the beast Ragnarok in order to destroy Orphan and all of Cocoon.