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Part 27

Update 27: Ark-Annoyed (Polsy)


Mysteries Abound




What Fal'Cie Want

Shortly after their reunion, the l'Cie's newfound conviction is shaken by the fal'Cie masquerading as a human Primarch. If what Barthandelus says is true, then their Focus really is the destruction of Cocoon.

One of them must become the beast from their vision, and doom the floating world to annihilation by killing the entity that keeps it aloft—the being known as Orphan.

But does Barthandelus desire the destruction of his own world? Why else would he explain their Focus in such detail?

The l'Cie cannot fathom his true intent, but there is no denying that a power beyond their understanding prevented their demise. Their airship flew with a mind of its own, evading Rosch's attacks, and bringing them to this place—a sprawling relic of Pulse architecture nestled right beneath Eden, the capital city of Cocoon.

Each of them feels lost and confused, but Snow, in particular, seems to have been hit hard.

Believing Serah's wish to be his Focus is what kept him moving forward all this time. Now that he has learned that she, too, was an enemy of Cocoon, the very foundation of his belief has fallen into ruin...


The Power Within

Fang and Vanille remember a legend from their homeland—a legend about the Arks. Arks are supposedly huge armories filled with living weapons, their occupants kept in stasis for the day war comes to Gran Pulse.

But why is one of them on Cocoon?

It was probably transported in the same manner as the Vestige in Bodhum, but if it became known that such a facility existed so close to Eden, even the massed ranks of the entire Sanctum army would be powerless to stem the resulting tide of panic.

Could it be that the government has been kept ignorant of the Ark's existence in the event that such a crisis be required?

The Arks are also known as training grounds for l'Cie.

As their brands burn with the awakening of new powers, the companions begin to understand Barthandelus's intention in sending them to this place. The fal'Cie posing as the Primarch really does wish the l'Cie to complete their Focus and bring an end to Cocoon. Why else give them this opportunity to hone their skills?


Locales: The Fifth Ark

This Gran Pulse structure lies deep below the capital city of Eden, its existence unknown to the members of the Sanctum.

According to legend, Arks are Gran Pulse armories that hold living weapons in stasis, in preparation for war with outside forces. These facilities also supposedly serve the function of awakening a l'Cie's latent powers.

Why this 'Fifth Ark' is on Cocoon, and whether there are other Arks hidden elsewhere, is uncertain.