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Part 29

Update 29: Falling with Style (Polsy)


Fang's Theme




On Wings of Misery

Seeing Raines turn to crystal, not as a consequence of completing his Focus as a l'Cie, but from fulfilling his wish as a human, has lifted Snow out of his uncharacteristic despair.

It seems that it doesn't matter what his Focus is. All he needs to do is remember Serah's words, and fight to protect Cocoon just as he originally intended. And ultimately, if ignoring his task were to turn him into a Cie'th, wouldn't that still be better than ignoring his fiancée's wish and destroying the world?

Snow decides to spend whatever time he has left in a way that would make Serah proud.

Though the others warm to his idea, Fang stands apart. She'll never let herself, let alone her friends, turn Cie'th. Even if it means tearing Cocoon out of the sky, she'll complete their Focus to save them from that fate.

Her spirit in turmoil, Fang feels her inert brand blaze to life, and looks on in stunned amazement as the Eidolon Bahamut is summoned from the skies.

Eidolons 'save' l'Cie who waver in their conviction by ending their indecision with death. Realizing that Bahamut is a danger to all of them, Fang is forced to rethink her path.

Unable to stand by and see her friends hurt, she helps them to defeat the Eidolon and finds a new road has opened up before them.


Terra Incognita

The fal'Cie hope to restore their world with the help of the Maker, but calling back the lost divinity requires the energy generated by the deaths of millions of people. Now, the beings who built Cocoon as a place to nurture their 'tribute' seek to manipulate Pulse l'Cie in the final stages of their grand scheme.

Lightning and her friends have been monitored and assisted by the fal'Cie from the very beginning. Even their clashes with the military have been carefully orchestrated to ensure their survival.

Countless Sanctum soldiers, unaware of the callous fal'Cie's true objectives, have been thrown into the jaws of the l'Cie in an effort to nurture ever-stronger beasts.

Knowing this, there is no clear path for the l'Cie to take. Ignore their Focus and become Cie'th, or give in to the fal'Cie and condemn millions to death.

Their only hope is to trust their own strength of will. They have to follow Raines's noble example—and Serah's parting wish—by going through with their plan to protect Cocoon.

More determined than ever after the battle with Bahamut, the l'Cie begin their journey to the untamed world of Gran Pulse.


People: Snow Villiers

Without a family to take care of him, Snow was raised in a Sanctum facility. Now he leads the rebellious group of youths known as NORA.

Believing Serah's last words to be his Focus, Snow pours all of his energy into saving Cocoon. His fervor is blunted by the claim that she was nothing more than a fal'Cie tool, but he renews his determination to overcome the destiny laid before them. Nothing will prevent him from protecting his world and seeing Serah return from her crystallized state.