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Part 30

Update 30: The Writing on the Wall (Polsy)


Terra Incognita




A Fruitless Search

The l'Cie scour Gran Pulse for some way to overcome their Focus, but even after days of searching the bleak terrain, they discover nothing but crumbling ruins and vicious wildlife. No matter how far they range, there is not another soul to be found.

Did the people of Gran Pulse fall victim to the brutal struggle for survival that dominates every aspect of this unforgiving world? And is the rebirth of this same desolate land the purpose behind the Cocoon fal'Cie's plan to slaughter millions of people?

As time passes and their fruitless expedition drags on, the l'Cie slowly succumb to frustration and despair—their most dangerous enemies.

Emotional extremes can accelerate the progress of a l'Cie brand. If a brand evolves to the final stage, it triggers the transformation into a Cie'th.

They are all reminded of how little time remains when Hope's brand suddenly advances another step.


A Man's Hope is His Castle

Eidolons come to grant a despairing l'Cie the death they crave—or so it is believed. But when the Eidolon Alexander is summoned by Hope's confused anguish, Lightning sees a different reason behind the entity's appearance.

She comes to believe that the Eidolons appear in order to prevent l'Cie from giving up on themselves. When l'Cie consumed by despair or rage, are close to losing their path, an Eidolon appears and gives them a life-or-death trial to overcome—thereby forcing them to rethink their decision to surrender.

Through his battle with Alexander, Hope renews his determination to survive and rejoins the others as they set off to the north. That way lies the village of Oerba.

If they can reach Fang and Vanille's hometown, then maybe they can learn the true story behind the War of Transgression, and find a clue to help them break the shackles of their Focus.

The l'Cie continue their journey, each playing their part to keep this tiny flame of hope alive.


Locales: Gran Pulse

The savage world derives its name from that of the god Pulse. Its vast wilderness is populated by creatures ranging from the monstrous to the deadly, and its fal'Cie seem to have taken a decidedly less friendly approach toward human dealings than those of Cocoon, cultivating the land for settlement, but demonstrating little concern beyond that.

At one time in its history, Gran Pulse was home to a thriving civilization and many great cities. Now it is home to many great ruins, and people are nowhere to be seen.


Locales: Vallis Media

This is the area where Lightning and her companions set up camp after their escape from Cocoon and emergency landing on Gran Pulse.

The valley has been formed through great shifts in the earth's crust and centuries of erosion, and scattered among its twists and turns are mechanical remnants of Gran Pulse civilization. Half-buried in the ground and overgrown with vegetation, these abandoned artifacts tell the tale of a fallen age.