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Part 37

Update 37: Hope, Emissary to the Juggernaut People (Polsy)

Bonus: Exploration video

Bonus: Tyrant fight


Sulyya Springs




People: Oerba Dia Vanille

Vanille is a l’Cie who was born on Gran Pulse. Her full name stands for 'Vanille of the Dia clan, from the village of Oerba'.

Along with Fang, she was given a Focus to destroy Cocoon. Fang was the one who became Ragnarok and attacked the floating world several centuries in the past, but Vanille lies about this and her other memories.

After meeting with Serah, an innocent victim of the Gran Pulsian's lies, Vanille decides she will do nothing else to harm Cocoon and resigns herself to becoming a Cie'th.


The Thirteen Days: Day 9 - Serendipity

After scraping her leg in a fall on the beach, Vanille was aided by an unlikely person—Snow's fiancée, Serah. Vanille was responsible for both Serah and Dajh becoming l'Cie, but lacked the courage to admit the truth and beg forgiveness from the girl standing before her.

Oblivious of Vanille's involvement in events, Serah listened to the Gran Pulsian's problems and offered her encouragement. The coincidental meeting helped Vanille to make up her mind—even if it meant becoming a Cie'th, she couldn't bring harm to the world Serah loved so much.


Locales: Sulyya Springs

These subterranean springs rest within the mountainous northern reaches of the Archylte Steppe. A unique environment, the springs have spawned an equally unique and diverse ecosystem.

The bioluminescent plants that line the waterfront represent a particular danger to unwary visitors. Their beautiful, ghostly plays of light often draw unsuspecting onlookers to the water's edge, where the area's guardian fal'Cie is quick to strike.


The Fal'Cie: Bismarck

An aquatic fal'Cie, Bismarck dwells within the watery refuge of Gran Pulse's Sulyya Springs. Wary and cunning, the whale-like creature vehemently defends its territory, employing various indirect means to eliminate trespassers.

Bismarck's duty appears to be the slow and painstaking reshaping of the land through water erosion. This is likely the reason for its aggressive defense of the waters it inhabits.