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Part 38

Update 38: Who the Fuck is Taejin? (Polsy)


Taejin's Tower




Speaking With Serah

When Vanille awoke from crystal stasis, she sought to deny her Focus — Cocoon's doom — by lying that she, like Fang, had lost her memory. But instead of preventing a catastrophe, she only spurred her friend into reckless action.

Desperate to prevent Vanille from becoming a Cie'th, Fang suggested they attack a Sanctum fal'Cie to kick-start their memories, and the tragic incident at Euride Gorge was the result.

Separated from her friend after their escape, Vanille drifted aimlessly until she happened upon Serah.

Though Snow's fiancée thought the meeting was their first, Vanille knew exactly who Serah was. She was the girl who had wandered into the Bodhum Vestige only to be turned into a l'Cie—a replacement for the Gran Pulsians who had seemingly abandoned their Focus.

Feeling crushed by guilt and cruel fate, Vanille would have given up there and then had it not been for Serah's advice that if things seem too much to deal with, you should face them later. If you can just survive, there's always hope that you can overcome your problems. That hope is what has kept Vanille going until now.

When she describes this touching interlude to Snow, the kind-hearted hero renews his promise to fulfill his beloved Serah's wish. And Lightning, her anger now a distant memory, means to help him to do it.


Locales: Taejin's Tower

This towering spire was built by the fal'Cie in ages past. While the original purpose of the structure is unclear, its original height suggests that the mighty beings sought to pierce even the heavens in their insatiable quest for expansion.

No matter the reason for its construction, the tower now lies in ruin, its great spine snapped, and its crumbling interior serving as a lair for the fal'Cie Dahaka.