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Part 42

Update 42: End of the Road (Polsy)

Bonus: Summon showcase

Bonus: Adamanchelid fight


The Road Home




Their Own Worst Enemy

Callous and calculating, the fal'Cie manipulate their human tools via their emotions.

Taking Serah's form to catch the l'Cie off-balance, Barthandelus predicts the imminent destruction of Cocoon.

He has revived Raines, now a compliant puppet, and instated him as the Sanctum's new Primarch - a ploy designed to provoke the Cavalry revolutionaries into overthrowing the government in outrage at their former leader's betrayal.

The gloating fal'Cie also means to play on the Pulse-phobia of the populace to turn neighbor against neighbor, transforming Cocoon's streets into a bloodbath.

Worse, Barthandelus then describes how the Cavalry, unnoticed amid the chaos, will infiltrate Eden and fall upon Orphan, not understanding their actions will bring their world crashing down.

To prevent this disaster, the l'Cie must return to Cocoon - but isn't that what Barthandelus wanted all along?

The fal'Cie could be manipulating them again - attempting to draw them into a situation where they have no choice but to become Ragnarok and slay Orphan.

Leaving them yet another airship, Barthandelus vanishes once again. The choice to return to Cocoon and play a part in her destiny lies firmly in the hands of the l'Cie.


The Road Home

Fang and Vanille visit their home in Oerba for the first time in centuries, seeking a way to free themselves from their l'Cie curse. But what they find is a broken and empty shell of a town, half-buried in a sea of crystal dust.

Meanwhile, Cocoon, the home of their fellow l'Cie, is poised to join the village in oblivion. There, the people stand ready to slaughter each other, their minds twisted by fal'Cie illusions.

The l'Cie have no choice but to return and prevent the impending devastation. Even if every man, woman and child on the floating world regards them as mortal enemies, it is still their home.

But the shackles of the fal'Cie bind their fates...

With their Focus haunting their every step, the very act of setting foot on Cocoon might invite disaster. Yet return they must. There is a war to stop, and fal'Cie rule to overthrow.

In this darkest hour, they must hold fast to hope if they are to protect Cocoon. The time for appealing to long-departed deities, lost loved ones, or lights in the sky is past.

As the l'Cie fly towards their final destiny, they make the only choice that remains to them - a promise to be true to themselves.


People: Claire Farron

Lightning was formerly a sergeant in the Guardian Corps, Bodhum Security Regiment.

Wanting to outgrow the painful memories of her parents' death, she abandoned her childhood name 'Claire' to take up her current moniker.

Faced with a Focus that demands the destruction of Cocoon, Lightning now refuses the destiny thrust upon her by the fal'Cie, and swears to follow her own will through to the end.

To save Cocoon as her sister wished, the young woman makes a decision to return to the world that sees her and her companions as dangerous fugitives.


People: Cid Raines

During his failed attempt to overthrow fal'Cie rule, Cid Raines was cursed to become a pawn of Barthandelus. Concealing his l'Cie status as he continues to lead the Cavalry, Raines pursues his Focus of supporting and guiding Lightning and her companions along the path to Cocoon’s destruction.

After defying his Focus and falling in battle against the fugitive l'Cie, Raines turns to crystal. He is later revived by Barthandelus to serve as the new Primarch — a puppet with the sole purpose of inciting conflict among the people of Cocoon.


Analect XII: The Door of Souls

When our earthly vessels meet their end, the souls they housed must leave this world. Would the path of their migration not be the same one as our departed gods? Must they not pass through the same doorway the Divine employed to reach that place that lies beyond?

If this is the case, it stands to reason that, should a great many lives at once be cut short, a flood of souls would surge through the aforementioned portal. The Door would be thrown wide, and perhaps we might even glimpse the gleaming light of Divinity beyond.

-On the Nature of fal'Cie