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Part 44

Update 44: Where Hope Goes to Die (Polsy)




A Common Goal

No human wishes to see the world destroyed. The l'Cie, the Cavalry, and even the solders of the Sanctum army are all fighting to keep Cocoon safe from harm.

But despite their common goal, they have been forced into conflict by the machinations of the fal'Cie. It is the great error of these 'higher beings' to view humans as mere tools - yet humans are guilty of a similar crime.

Indeed, it is men like PSICOM's Colonel Rosch, and their outright refusal to believe l'Cie can be anything but tools, that now prevents an alliance which could save mankind.

The l'Cie know that the only way to foil Barthandelus's plan is to protect Orphan. Yet both the Cavalry and Colonel Rosch threaten to thwart them, firmly believing that they alone represent Cocoon's only hope of salvation. If Lightning and the others cannot convince them of the truth, is bloodshed then the only option?

Suddenly, the NORA crew arrive to lend a hand, and Snow is relieved to find that, in spite of his transformation into a l'Cie, his old friends treat him just as they always had. Their acceptance as much as their assistance gives the l'Cie new hope.

There is still a chance to end this conflict, and save the people from themselves.