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Part 47

Update 47: Welcome to the Matrix (Polsy)


The Cradle Will Fall




The Cradle Will Fall

The Cavalry soldiers set on overthrowing fal'Cie rule now wander the halls of the Sanctum as monstrous Cie'th.

Barthandelus never intended for them to reach Orphan. It was merely a ruse to spur the reluctant l'Cie into action. Though the companions refuse to complete their Focus, he no longer needs to manipulate their minds.

All that remains is to crush any hope they have for their future. When that hope turns to despair, one of them, consumed by anger and regret, will transform into Ragnarok.

And the beast - an unstoppable incarnation of wrath - will slay Orphan. Cocoon will shatter, and the energy released by the deaths of millions will summon the Maker.

A new dawn approaches...

It is for this day that Barthandelus built Cocoon, tended to its people, and watched over the servants of the Pulse fal'Cie. He gives one final order to the fal'Cie Eden: guide the steps of the cursed l'Cie. Bring them to the one who dreams of death.

Bring them to Orphan's Cradle.


Locales: Orphan's Cradle

This is the dimension created by the fal'Cie Eden at the command of Barthandelus. The very structure itself is the true form of the being that sits at the center of Cocoon, overseeing the endless functions that keep the floating city running.

The sea of data flowing through Eden has materialized as physical matter, forming a shell that shelter the sleeping Orphan in a space that hovers between reality and dream.