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Part 51

Update 51: We're Going to Need Some Bigger Numbers (Polsy)




Locales: The Faultwarrens

The Faultwarrens are a gauntlet of steep walls and deadly drops ruled by Titan, the fal'Cie believed to be responsible for managing the ecosystem of Gran Pulse. Creatures selected by Titan are pitted against one another in fierce battles with survival as their prize and predation the price of defeat.

Only the most formidable of creatures emerge from the Faultwarrens' trials alive, but those that do so go with Titan's blessing.


The Fal'Cie: Titan

This colossal fal'Cie is said to be the guardian of Gran Pulse's entire ecosystem. A biogenitor, Titan consumes weaker species and gives birth to new ones, thereby providing the stimulation needed to prevent ecological stagnation.

Unlike many other Gran Pulse fal'Cie, Titan does not involve himself directly with tasks of terrestrial manipulation. However, it is possible that he performs more subtle alterations of the landscape through the adjustment of biological cycles and the introduction of new, environmentally impacting species.