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Original Thread: Final Fantasy XIII-2



This is a Video Let's Play. The game is played blind. There is no editing. There is talking over cutscenes. The game is Final Fantasy Thirteen Two.

That's about all the stuff I can think of to shoo out the good kind of people. Welcome to my trap, idiot morons. Because you find none of the things above offensive and perhaps are even intrigued enough to stick around and watch, you will be treated to a most boring and tedious set of videos calculated to inflict maximum stupidity. But before you mash your mouse on the video link, read some history:

Final Fantasy XIII was the followup to the tediously idiosyncratic 12 and the first one on a next-gen console. Ever since Square made FF7 in the late '90s, they seem to be under the impression that they have a reputation for good graphics. And not just from a technical perspective, but an artistic one as well. What they quickly realized was that their plan to create a game of certain length with graphics of a certain quality was possible, but that's really all they could do. The story writers were not running shop at Square-Enix for this release.

So 13 was a pretty, hollow moving sidewalk through an amazing variety of locales. No interaction with real people, no interesting or sensical plot, just a series of facades covering a barren desert of intrigue. And it did not do as well as it needed to.

So they decided to address some of the complaints and try again with most of the same components. Lots of recycled art and character models here. New environments though, and plenty of original art as well. The game was squeezed down to a single DVD on the 360 from 3 or 4 (I forget) for its predecessor. And what we got was...


Okay so I'm going to play, and I've got some extra-special friends who want to watch too!

pokecapn - my co-pilot and chief information-witholder
medibot - whimsy and something i can't quite identify. citrus maybe? grapefruit?
kaz - quick wit and the bewilderment of a series' veteran experiencing nirvana
wug/renleve/walker - wtf is this guy's deal? how do i address him?
dreamsower - not strong on the internet personal branding, loves to laugh

This is a rotating cast since not everyone was available every week. Yeah, we've been playing since launch on some weekends. At this point we haven't beaten the game yet, but we're at the end of episode 4 for those of you who have played it (and you still clicked and watched???). What this means is that the game and all my actions in it are not a series of foregone conclusions. I am still open to suggestions or deception at this point and I treasure both.

Oh, you're still here. Well, prepare to be bored and confused!

Episode 0 - A KissYouTube

Episode 1 - In Which Noel Falls DownYouTube
Episode 2 - In Which We Receive Some Bad NewsYouTube
Episode 3 - In Which Time Is TraveledYouTube
Episode 4 - In Which We Find A Stray CatYouTube
Episode 5 - In Which Atlas FallsYouTube
Episode 6 - In Which Our Heroes Learn DefeatYouTube
Episode 7 - In Which We Fight A FriendYouTube
Episode 8 - In Which We Go To TownYouTube
Episode 9 - In Which Caius Lays A BeatingYouTube
Episode 10 - In Which Yeul Be SorryYouTube
Episode 11 - In Which We Download DangerYouTube
Episode 12 - In Which We Play With MonstersYouTube
Episode 13 - In Which We Move An Elephant And Fight A DragonYouTube
Episode 14 - In Which We Quest SidewaysYouTube
Episode 15 - In Which A Flan MeltsYouTube
Episode 16 - In Which I Am Quite CrossYouTube
Episode 17 - In Which There Are MonstersYouTube
Episode 18 - In Which A Computer Means Us HarmYouTube
Episode 19 - In Which We Meet A New FriendYouTube
Episode 20 - In Which We Attempt Concussive MaintenanceYouTube
Episode 21 - In Which We MatriculateYouTube
Episode 22 - In Which The Past Haunts UsYouTube
Episode 23 - In Which We Play Sahz's GameYouTube
Episode 24 - In Which We Ride That ChocoboYouTube
Episode 25 - In Which We Find More CoresYouTube
Episode 26 - In Which There Are More ZombiesYouTube
Episode 27 - In Which I Have To SquintYouTube
Episode 28 - In Which Act 1 ConcludesYouTube

Episode 29 - Yay Sahz!YouTube
Episode 30 - I'm Sorry Ms. FarronYouTube
Episode 31 - Ultimate GrudgeYouTube
Episode 32 - Atlas HugsYouTube
Episode 33 - Stupid Things In Yaschas MassifYouTube
Episode 34 - The Eyes Of The GoddessYouTube
Episode 35 - Brown Adventures in Arc-Lite SteppeYouTube
Episode 36 - Extreme Downhill Quizzing Part 1YouTube
Episode 37 - Extreme Downhill Quizzing Part 2YouTube
Episode 38 - Vile Peaks Part 1YouTube
Episode 39 - Vile Peaks Part 2YouTube
Episode 40 - More Pandora's TowerYouTube
Episode 41 - Paradox Pizza SpecialYouTube
Episode 42 - Boner HonkfartsYouTube
Episode 43 - A Day At The RacesYouTube
Episode 44 - Paradoxes Beget ParadoxesYouTube
Episode 45 - I Need More MonstersYouTube
Episode 46 - Never Enough MonstersYouTube
Episode 47 - Fencing MatchYouTube
Episode 48 - In Search Of PowerYouTube
Episode 49 - PowerhardYouTube

Episode 51 - Dark and Durable YouTube
Episode 52 - Hi Lightning YouTube
Episode 53 - Oodles Of Time YouTube
Episode 54 - Dirge Of Chocobo YouTube
Episode 55 - It's A Giant Ass-Fuck Maze YouTube
Episode 56 - Heroes Never Rest YouTube

Episode 57 - Caius Takes A Beating YouTube
Episode 58 - The Matrix XP YouTube
Episode 59 - Flying Motorcycle YouTube
Episode 60 - Noel Dies For Real YouTube
Episode 61 - Infinite Battle YouTube
Episode 62 - Bestiariality I YouTube
Episode 63 - Bestiariality II YouTube
Episode 64 - Bestiariality III YouTube
Episode 65 - Bestiariality IIII YouTube
Episode 66 - Lightning's Oeuvre YouTube
Episode 67 - Valkyrie vs. Bitch YouTube
Episode 68 - Fifty Minutes of Pointless Battle YouTube
Episode 69 - Very Naice YouTube

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