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Final Fight: Streetwise

by FutureFriend

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Original Thread: I skipped dessert for this!? Let's Play Final Fight "Streetwise"



Art by yourboymelt

Hello and welcome to

Final Fight "Streetwise" is a 3D "beat-em-up" made by famous Puzzle Fighter Turbo developer "Capcom". Final Fight "Streetwise" is the final game in the popular Final Fight franchise, and it is a mess. It's a game that, while it works, is overloaded with mini-games and a surprisingly decent hip-hop ruined by shitty metal. The back of the box for the European release of Final Fight "Streetwise" promises tracks from MF Doom and RZA but snatches that hope away by providing one track which is just a collab. You also don't play as Mike Haggar, the only Final Fight character people care about. It's a grim and gritty story that handles the grim and gritty aspects with all the subtlety of a Tom and Jerry episode. It is a mess. It is a mistake. I love this game. Welcome to the LP.

The "LP" of Final Fight "Streetwise" will be as following: my fellow fighter friends killeremcee, ChorpSaway and a_raving_loon will join me on this journey. Cut and Uncut video will be provided as usual. We'll be covering most of the sidequests this game has, unless they're minigames in which case they're only shown off once.

There will also be some thread participation, watch to the end of the first video to see what you can do! Good entries will be featured at the end of future updates!

I also ask as a rule to not have any story spoilers, nobody except me commentating knows what's in store for this game.

Hey FutureFriend, ya missed a sidequest, ya dumb oaf!
wow rude, okay first of all, im very smart and not dumb. second of all, this game can be kind of confusing and some of the sidequests are insane to try and find. the only walkthrough of this game i could quickly find never found all the sidequests either!

Hey FutureFriend, you moron stooge, are you going to show off all the upgrades?
first of all there were three stooges and i do not count as one of them. second of all, yes i'll try to. honestly there's not much special to them, they're mostly new combos and extra health so you probably won't notice either way.

Hey FutureFriend, you mondo maroon, are you gonna respect the lore?

The Ayshkerbundy is a star within the surrealist final fight streetwise fanart circles.

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