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Part 13: Ep 13: The Vied Farce

Chapter 5: Doors to Destiny Part 2

Babysitter Oifey still hasn't reached Isaac, but that's no excuse to stall the update any longer.

You may have noticed that my unit formation has changed a little bit. It was just so I could repair my weapons more easily while waiting for the incoming Dragon Knights to cross the Yied Desert.

That might not be necessary, though. I mean, nothing could get past a bunch of unpromoted Lance Knights stranded in the desert, all armed with devastating Steel Lances.

Seriously, what was Quan thinking? He almost deserves what's coming to him.

In Phinora, the magic squad has slightly grown in power and promoted, but should still be easy enough to take care of.

So here's the basic situation. I could rush towards Phinora and storm them with numbers before taking on the Dragon guys, but I'm so close to the end of the gen that I'm just too lazy to do that. The army will just wait south of Lubeck to meet with the Dragon Knight squad, while Ferry goes on a long-range mage rampage, and then I'll take Phinora at my own pace.

Thanks for putting this guy in range of my units right after I conquer Lubeck, game.

His demise shall be a painful one.

I have Dew give all his money to Lewyn to repair the Sleep staff, and then we start moving forward.

This is just the best animation. And we're going to see it more and more.

Pay attention to Ferry's shadow, by the way.

And now, we wait for the Dragon Knights to do their thing. That shouldn't take too long, considering how the enemies are now quite beefier.

Quan and Ethlin really are the only ones who could stand up to them, I suppose. As in, survive one or two hits then die.

Here's the next one on Ferry's death list.

Careful though, as we don't want to get into that High Priest's Sleep range.

And she's that kind of High Priest. The ones with Renewal, Prayer and Nosferatu, that you just can't get rid of.

That's two long-range mages down. Depending on the Lance Ritter's performance, she might have time for a third one?

How brave of Ethlin to jump on the front lines to help a doomed comrade. I wasn't expecting any less from her.

And she's at the perfect range to get murdered by the mini-boss.

Leaving only Travant himself to kill Quan with the Gungnir. How fitting.

That certainly was done quickly and efficiently. I'd give Travant some props for that if not for him killing two of my favorite characters.

Oh hey, Ferry was in Vaha's range. Eh, she'll just heal it up with the Renewal Ring.

Vaha is now ridiculously annoying to deal with. She received +6~8 in most stats, +15 HP, +18 Lck, and Bolganone instead of a Prayer Sword. Of course, that Prayer was transferred to her personal skills instead. Thankfully, her defense is still pretty low.

Hahahah, no.

A swift retreat later, and everyone is ready for the Thracian squad.

While they are slowly flying toward our army, let's have a look at their commander, Magorn. Surprisingly enough, he's only mildly better than in the vanilla version, with about +5 in every stats. Great Shield can be a bit annoying, but we've dealt with worse.

Other than his Barrier Ring, he does have the mighty Dragon Lance, a semi-legendary, and a throwback to Dean's personal weapon in Thracia 776. Not only does it grant Ambush, it also has a Brave effect and hits hard. So anyone attacking him at close range will probably die on the spot.

But again, why on earth would you engage a Dragon Lord at close range?

Also, remember this for later. At some point while shuffling around my units, I accidentally dismounted Adean, then remounted her afterwards and waited.

At last, the Dragon Knights reach us. All our mounted units are in the back and Magorn only has limited available targets, and they should all survive him.

Time for a big showdown. And don't mind the fact that Adean is greyed out at the start of the Player Phase. That's most certainly not very important.

All Dragon Knights move away from their leader, and end up with awful hit rates, getting them completely destroyed in return.

And our mages get a bit tougher from it. That's another character hitting the level cap.

Three mooks managed to survive and block their leader's way. That really couldn't have gone any smoother.

Dew being able to kill Dragon Knights... this is so beautiful.

And this is what you get from bringing a short-range weapon into a magic fight.

Trying to play coy with Great Shield, eh? Well, have a Thoron critical.

And with the mini-boss down, I get Alec to the level cap as well. Nice to see some Strength, now that he won't be using it anymore.

To Phinora!

While the troops get closer to the castle, Ferry is going to have some fun time with the "Mages" down south.

Again, I could try and overwhelm them with troops, but with Vaha's newfound power and the High Priests' ridiculous Mgc stat, it would soon turn very stupid.

So I'm just going to abuse the insane Tyrfing Res boost and have Sigurd solo this part.

Meanwhile, Claud will serve as a self-healing Meteor decoy.

First off, I want to get rid of this dismounted Mage Knight, who has an Elfire and a Sleep Sword, as well as Prayer (obviously).

And now, we wait for the girls to suicide on Sigurd.

That's one.

And that's... a weird way to use your Prayer, m'lady.

She should have blocked low, I guess. Maybe she was expecting an overhead.

As for Vaha... goddammit, now I can't hit her anymore because of Prayer.

Good thing gates auto-heal, because otherwise, I'd probably have been really screwed, there.

And she crits on Meteor as her desperation move. Was that really necessary, game? I mean, I can heal him again with-

Uhm, wait a minute. Where did Adean go? I haven't seen her in awhile.

Oh, there she is. She's simply been catapulted into the mountains!

So... that's another secondary effect of the Dismount glitch. Sometimes, characters who have used the Dismount command will become permanently greyed out (unless they're Danced every turn). And if I reset the game, that character will be thrown off the map until the next chapter.

They'll be perfectly fine, but I just won' t be able to use them for that chapter anymore. Good thing I had Adean's inventory fully ready for inheritance before that happened.

I'll just finish Vaha off and be on my merry way, then. Luna sure is a fun skill for Snipers. Especially since it acts like a beefed-up Sure Strike.

I really enjoy seeing this message every time I kill an annoying boss with Briggid. Adding insult to injury, and all that.

And Ferry is done with her Mage-killing job too. Perfect timing to end this update!

So now, all that's left to do is Seize, prepare for gen 2 inheritance, and then confront Reptor's army.

Yum. Just look at this delicious set of enemy units. No doubt the next update will be an epic and evenly-matched Final Showdown!

Yeah, right.