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Part 17: Ep 16: Lighter Light Tomes

Chapter 6: Light Inheritors Part 2

Last time on FE4 Binary, we had an Axefighter with a horrendous Spd growth to take care of.

But before that, Arthur is going to be spending most of his time taking potshots at the Sophara guard.

He even manages to hit twice. That should make things faster.

As for our swordy knights in the east, they all managed to get hit by an axe. Good to see they care about Lana and Julia's development.

Johan is obviously immune to that, because of Fuck this, I have Vantage.

Delmud also gets a level coming straight out of Blastinus's latest update. Mini-Lex likes having good speed.

Johan's retainers end up being incredibly ineffective, killing one weakened guy in 4 attacks. I should have killed more of them before recruiting him.

In fact, I'm pretty sure the one he left to guard Isaac won't even last a turn against Danan's cavalry.

Though Arthur liberates Sophara before they can even reach it. Good, now he can start twiddling his thumbs.

Johalva himself is mildly troublesome, given that the Killer Axe is quite accurate, and he has enough power to kill even Oifey if he crits.

That doesn't happen, though, and Larcei can gently refuse his advances with a Luna to the face.

And even without Johalva's Leadership stars, Johan's troops keep showing the world what incompetence is all about.

This is how the overall situation looks like at this point. I'm still not sure what IntSys was thinking with this part of the map. Okay, there's 3 bandits for Fee, and some of Johalva's troops to finish. Then we take care of the Axe Knights to liberate Isaac and then... nothing. Just Danan standing on Rivough and doing absolutely nothing.

And that would have been even worse if I had recruited Johalva instead.

I suppose it's a good enough excuse to feed my characters experience.

Lester is also doing fairly well. That skill might be a bit worrying later on, but everything else is really high for a Lv4.

Once all that is cleared up, it's time to go down and prepare for the incoming axe knights.

Fee saves another threatened village and gets this. Some Evade is nice for her, though she'll need much more.

The mini-Johan on his castle fights rather valiantly, doubling most enemies and killing one of them, but ultimately dies from an untimely critical.

Delmud finishes the very last brigand in the eastern village and the axe knights start taking... a peculiar formation.

Seliph ends up dodging every single axe at the chokepoint, for once.

And another great level for Lana. Keep those defensive stats coming.

Delmud soon takes Seliph's place in the chokepoint while everyone is regrouping, but fares not quite as well as his liege, getting hit by several 26s.

He almost died, too! Brave Axes are scary.

That doesn't help, Delmud.

Shmidt hasn't changed much compared to his vanilla version. 2 Less levels and 5% less Leadership, but 2 more Str. He's also got Charge now, which can be really dangerous with a Brave Axe and has a 30-ish% chance of activating as long as he stays at 60 HP.

But I can't ever expect it to activate when I'm attaking him at range, of course. That would be too convenient.

I can't complain about the level-ups, though. FE4 gen 2 makes me feel like I'm playing Awakaneing all over again. With less grinding.

Oifey tenderizes the boss a little more for Larcei to finish. She shall be fed as many boss kills as possible.

Now, to deal with a squad of mounted units attacking from range... ugh.

Good thing some of them sped up the process by suiciding on Johan. Vantage abuse never gets old.

And do note that Binary hasn't stopped hating humanity, and enjoys hiding Halberds and Pugis among the inoffensive Handaxes.

Those Lester levels all look the same to me... Still no Skill, though.

Not that Delmud and Johan are much more original.

Important stats! Keep them coming.

Now that Shmidt's troops have been put through the meat level grinder, it's just Seliph's troops, Danan, and a few side-objectives.

Visiting Isaac and talking to Julia still gives her a Nosferatu tome, while going for Sophara first gives her an Aura.

Just like Aura, Nosferatu lost some of its power in exchange for being considerably lighter. But unlike Aura, it is B rank, meaning Sages and Valkyries can now equip it.

And then Celice goes all the way around to get Sophara to our side.

On the way back, I also discover that there is a path through the mountains that Arthur could has crossed through. Oh well.

As for villages, they get shared between Julia, Fee and Oifey.

The Skill ring goes to Lester, obviously.

There's also a small Easter Egg in this chapter which appears in both Binary and vanilla FE4, and that Wind God Sety didn't mention in his LP. If you visit this specific village with Seliph and don't pay attention to the ghost NPC on Isaac:

: Hey, it's Sir Celice! Thanks for coming to our aid! As a little token of my appreciation I'd like ya t'take my granddaughter for yer wife. We raised 'er well, and she's good-tempered t'boot. Ah, yes. When she was little...

: Grandpa, quit it! You're embarrassing me! I'm sorry, Sir Celice. I wish you didn't have to see that. But if you do find me attractive...
: S, stop it! Th, that's not why I'm here!
: Hahaha! It's a joke, Sir Celice! J-O-K-E! You're gettin' red... How cute!
: ...
: I'm bein' serious here.
: What am I going to do...

For core FE fans and attentive LP readers, this will sound similar to Malliesia's recruitment conversation from FE3:

You don't actually get anything special for visiting that village with Seliph, only regular money. It's really just a nice little reference.

Maybe I should take care of Danan, now.

He's picked up a few stats here and there. A few more points in every stats and that's about it. The novelty here is that he comes with a Silver Bow, meaning I can't just safely pelt him with magic and arrows. He also has Elite and Adept, because why the hell not.

I can but support Binary's effort in its fight against Boss Abuse.

Bosses have souls too. It's just not right to abuse them like some people do.

Today, donate $10 to the Larcei Foundation Against Boss Abuse, and you can help give a quick, merciful death to any boss.

Every swift boss kill is a step in the right direction, with the Larcei Foundation.

Well, that was a pretty boring section. And I totally forgot to have Celice and Lana speak for her +3 HP. My inner completionist is crying a little.

Next time on FE4 Binary: More inconsistent portraits!

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