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Part 10: First Interlude (Ranking Progress So Far)

So 8x is the end of the Lycian arc of the game. This is about 1/3 of the way through the story and a good chance to check how I'm doing on the rankings. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to check most of them like there was in 7. Not now anyway. But I checked the XP gained manually and compared that to the amount required.

A surplus of nearly 5000 is nice, but just like in FE7 it could evaporate quickly if one doesn't keep up the work using low level units.

Not doing so great for funds. I have only 14,000 in surplus despite looting everything and stealing everything. That's only enough to promote 2 people. Oh well, some bonanza chapters are coming up.

Edit: weeks later, while writing up a similar table for 12x, I realized that I had one significant typo on that sheet: the "Charges when full" for promotion items was listed as 2 instead of 1. Consequently my listed capital from promotion items was 10,000 instead of 20,000. So I actually had a 24,000 surplus. That's significantly better.