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Part 27: Third Interlude (Ranking Progress & the Prisoner of Azkaban)

Do you like spreadsheets? I like spreadsheets.

I haven't done a ranking status update since 12x, and a major chunk of the game has gone by since then. Plus every low-level character has joined the party. There are still a lot of chapters of game left, but basically no more characters. Just a handful of sucky pre-promotes who are often close to level 20 when they join. So it's time to examine how I'm doing on rankings.

There is nothing to report on Survival and Power.

Combat has seen a recent and critical turnaround back to the 5-star level. I believe i can maintain it there now because I've finally been able to field a large number of promoted magic users. That's the key really; they can 1-round kill enemies Gonzales can't and they can do it accurately and in response to both 1-ranged and 2-ranged enemies.

Tactics took longer than I expected to finally climb back to 5-stars after my initial support grind fest, but is now very healthy with an 18 turn surplus and climbing.

What about the more complicated XP and Funds? XP first as usual:

My surplus has grown even further and now stands at just over 10,000 XP. That's 100 more levels than I need. I only need to gain 75 more levels to complete this requirement outright. Over about 10 chapters, that's just 7.5 levels each. Sounds very easy. It's a good thing; because I'm running low on people to train. I mean, every healer is maxed out so staff XP is about to grind to a near-halt. Lalum isn't far from maxed herself. That will be the end of free XP. The enemy is also just not going to get higher level. So my promoted people are going to gain very, very little. If I can find a chance to train some really low level people like the archers/knights or the more palatable Ward or Sophia, I should definitely take it.

Zeiss will certainly help a lot.

Now onto funds:

My surplus has actually shrunk by quite a bit, but I now have enough funds to complete the whole requirement anyway. The reason for the drop is of course the massive number of promotions. On 12x I had promoted one person (Alan). Since then Lilina, Lugh, Ray, Miledy, Thany, Tate, Oujay, and Shin have been added to the list. That's 40,000 in capital right there. Oh and Hugh cost me another 10,000. Well there's relatively few people who I want to promote: Zeiss, Hugh, Gonzalez, and Lance I guess. So if I can save up about 20,000 more in surplus, I can promote those guys and still be good.

The new silver card won't help as much as you'd think. See, I'm running really low on liquid assets. There are a few gems and a few stat boosters I can sell, but a lot of the rest of my money is tied up in things like a massive overstock of Aircaliburs.

Anyway, it looks like things are pretty much in the bag at this point.