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Part 39

It’s time for the best and worst map in the game! The Truth of the Legend is often said to be long, boring, repetitive, and too easy. It is all of these things and more. There never has been a more needlessly long slog of a map in the whole series. But that said, they finally started including more than just the bare minimum of dialog, so this finally starts feeling like a real fire emblem game. A few of the conversations and soliloquys on this chapter and the final one are actually quite well-written and have a surprising amount of heart to them after the drivel we’ve been putting up with for about 29 chapters.

Chapter Summary:
Roy has at last arrived in the ancient Dragon Temple. The last known dragon, Yahn, tries to stop him from finding and defeating the Dark Dragon. At the same time, he finally explains the truth of what’s been going on to Roy.

Of course, Roy is woefully unfamiliar with all those legends and stories of the scouring and basically knows nothing about them. Those stories being wrong was probably not much of a surprise to him since he didn’t know the wrong version to begin with.

They do a decent job of conveying that the Dragon Temple is an otherworldly and sinister place, but not nearly as good as they do for the Dragon’s Gate in 7. This place really suffers from not having its own dramatic theme music during this conversation and from there being no descriptive narration of how intimidating and weird it is. Also the architecture just isn’t as creepy as the green stone stuff in the gate.

I mean… yeah? Why wouldn’t humans stand against them again when the dragons are trying to destroy all humans again?

Except for all the others.

Roy. Listen. How many times have we been over the fact that the Dark Dragon is the girl in the black robe who’s always with Zephiel? Does this guy look ANYTHING like that?

Remember WAAAAY back when Aine was the boss and he seemed to have no personality? No? I don’t blame you. They probably should have had someone else (especially one of the Arcadians) comment about how odd it is that all these dragons we’re fighting seem identical and mindless. This just shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

You know, they did a lot more work on Yahn’s picture than most people in this game. It looks almost as detailed as some of the FE7 random thugs and whatnot.

Just like those guys who show up at the end of FE7! Anyway, this is a fairly cool moment in the story and Yahn is a pretty interesting fellow.

This might be more surprising if we hadn’t seen Idoun be completely passive all game long.

Since when? You haven’t asked any questions up till now.

This silly and out of place cliché is one of the more justly mocked parts of this chapter. For no adequately explained reason, he tells us everything in little bits ending on cliffhangers as we fight through hordes of minions in tiny groups.

And this is also a weird and silly handwave to allow them to break the exposition up like that.

Battle Preparations & the Map:

Secondary Objective: Steal some elixirs (many mamkutes have them)
Reinforcements: Spawn every 2 turns from the marked spawnpoint before the last throne you seized. However, I can’t find the pattern of when they START to spawn after taking a throne. Sometimes it’s immediately, sometimes it’s a turn after that.
Turn Limit: 25. Nowhere NEAR enough unless you play cleverly.

I really have no idea why the background colors match up so poorly in my screenshots, in game it’s a soft transition from black to blue from bottom to top. If you want a prettier map that lets you see what’s in each of those secret rooms, WoD has you covered:

It’s kind of like the Tower of Valni floor 7 except that here the rooms are inaccessible and the bridges are always there, whereas in floor 7 the rooms are always there and the bridges only open one by one. Also this is 10x larger.

The chapter’s gimmick is that you must go one room at a time in a chain fighting a handful of dragons and then having Roy seize an intermediary throne to get Yahn to tell you a bit more information and unlock the next room. What practical purpose this long, winding path of small rooms over a bottomless pit could ever have served I have no idea.

Twice now I have been woefully wrong when I said a previous map was the hugest in the game. I was forgetting this one. It would take 151 squares of movement to have Roy go from his starting spot to all the thrones he must visit and then to the final one if there were no enemies at all. That would take him 26 turns of just walking. If he didn’t have his promotion movement bonus it would be 31 turns. That blows the previous record, 21 turns on chapter 21x, completely out of the water. And you know what? In truth it would take even LONGER because you have to waste some movement on some turns by stopping ON the thrones each time.

So maybe 35 or so turns of doing nothing but walk through an empty map to win if Roy was unpromoted and there were no enemies. That’s insane. Even promoted it would be something like 28 or 29 of just walking.

It took me 18 screenshots to completely piece this giant map together and almost all of that is quite literally empty space that you can’t even fly through (what’s up with that?). Horrible, unacceptable map design.

Anyway, the enemies don’t make things much better. They’re ALL mamkutes. And despite what Elphin said, they’re not even particularly strong mamkutes at all. So the exact same boring “tactic” of just having a dude with a legendary weapon fight them that has trivialized battles with them all game will work here. Of course, mamkutes can 2-hit kill most people, so they COULD still be a challenge except that they’re really spread out so that you never, ever have to fight 2 at once if you don’t want to. Absolutely trivial. A complete waste of time.

On non-ranking runs anyway. In order to reach my goal of completing this game with 100 surplus turns, I must save at least 7 turns here. The time limit is 25. And I just explained that it would take Roy more than that much to beat this chapter even if there were no enemies. I’m going to have to play darned well to pull this off, so it might actually be fun.

The other important thing to note is the way reinforcements work, which is a bit odd. Essentially, after you seize one of the numbered thrones, mamkutes begin spawning every 2 turns from the spawnpoint with the same number. You’ll notice that that’s always on the platform before the throne you just got, so they’re always chasing you from behind. Once you capture a new throne, the old spawnpoint stops working and only the new one starts spawning mamkutes. Also I believe each spawnpoint can only produce up to 5 mamkutes (over 10 turns). If you wanted to fight the maximum number of total mamkutes on this chapter, I believe it would be 57. That’s enough to break all of your legendary weapons basically. Since I’m in a hurry, I won’t be fighting many of the ones from behind. My main concern will be making sure none of them spawn-move to attack a straggler. Avoiding that will take some clever strategy.

And as usual, that starts with a clever formation:

Units Allowed: 8 + Roy + Fa. A big decrease from the last few chapters, so they’d better be chosen carefully. Also note that the people brought on this chapter are the ones you must use on the final chapter.
Units Brought:
1) Roy. Highly effective here since every enemy is weak to the Sword of Seals and attacking at range is very nice. However, he can’t fight much since he’ll need to spend many of his turns capturing thrones.
2) Fa. Actually really bad here. She’s too slow moving to be any help to me, she can’t take hits from dragons well, and she can’t avoid being countered by them since she can’t 1-hit kill. For that matter, she has a mere 3 charges of her dragonstone left.
3) Lalum. Even more precious than usual since she is THE cornerstone of any strategy that requires you to move really fast. Without her, this would be impossible.
4) Gonzalez. Gonzalez is THE man for this job. He can tank hits from dragons like no other, he can instant kill them with crits, he can instant kill the weak ones without crits, and Armads is nearly fully charged.
5) Shin. Only Shin and Oujay have the accuracy to definitely kill mamkutes off of thrones, so he’s great for that reason alone. Even more importantly though, he is the ONLY guy in my whole roster who can carry Gonzalez around. The two of them are going to go far together.
6) Alan. I need more 8 move mounted units who can kill dragons. Alan is actually the only one who can fit that bill for reasons I’ll go into. It doesn’t hurt that Roy boosts him.
7) Clarine. Another precious 8 move mounted unit, though she can’t do anything to dragons. She CAN heal, warp, rescue, etc. and I’ll need lots of that.
8) Oujay. One of my best units, but just not quite as good as Gonzalez at this. Because of his poor movement for rushing, he will have limited use.
9) Ray. Not as good as Oujay by any means, but he’ll be handy because he can instant-kill dragons from range and Apocalypse is nearly fully charged.
10) Lilina. Incredibly valuable because I got her a B in staves, so she can use Physic. Her Physic range is basically the entire map. Plus she can slaughter dragons with ease. The only problem is she’s nearly level 20 and I still don’t want to waste XP.
Notable Units Rejected:
1) Lugh and Hugh. Yes, they’re definitely better than Ray, but Forblaze is nearly broken (and Lilina has it) so Ray has a legendary weapon and they don’t.
2) Yodel. I actually did consider him until I remembered he can’t actually use Aureola and is therefore worthless.
3) Zeiss and Miledy and Tate. Maltet is nearly broken and without that even these amazingly powerful units can barely scratch mamkutes.
4) Lance. Ha! His strength has become terrible so Alan is just better. Plus his support bonuses wouldn’t really help here.
5) Chad. I actually did want to bring him to try to steal a bunch of elixirs, but I realized I couldn’t do that while still moving at the speed I need. Essentially, I decided to try to hit my arbitrary +100 turns goal instead of piling on even more funds and XP.

Roy has a Wyrmslayer in addition to a few uses of the Sword of Seals. I MUST finish this chapter with at least 2 charges of that weapon. On the other hand, I really, really want him to gain 1 point of Str. That would let him 2-hit kill Idoun on his own.

Ray has Apocalypse, Heal, and a few dark tomes that I’ll probably never use.

Oujay’s got a wyrmslayer in addition to Durandal in case I want to conserve that.

Clarine has Warp, Rescue, Physic, Hammerne, and Fire (just in case)

Lilina has Physic and Bolting, so she can kill or heal from massive range, plus Aircalibur and Forblaze.

Gonzalez has Armads, some killer axes, and a handaxe.

Alan has Maltet (what’s left of it) and a handaxe and the remaining wyrmslayers.

Shin’s got Miurgre, a brave bow, a silver bow, etc.

Most people have both a vulnerary AND an elixir, just in case.

Now the point of this formation is basically to get people rescued or warped ASAP because there is no time to waste. If I play my cards just right, I believe Roy can capture the throne and the first platform can be swept up on turn 2.

It’s not quite that simple though. Those of you who’ve read my FE7 LP may recall that on the final chapter (Light), you can’t choose your starting formation. Instead, the order of the people you brought on the unit list determines what spot they start in. Crazy.

This chapter is even crazier. See, on this map you can choose formation but then on the NEXT map you can’t and the squares everyone stats in are determined by the unit list order on THIS map. Here’s the WoD map of next chapter showing how it works:

So I’ve put Oujay and Ray in position to take out the 2 mamkutes and Lalum in position to dance for Roy next chapter by ordering them up like this.

The Characters:

Mamkutes! Elphin said the ones in the temple would just be incredibly strong, but actually this is one of the strongest ones on the chapter and he’s the same as the guys last chapter. Many of the other ones are only level 8 and much weaker.

Hands down one of the best-developed characters in the game because he has more dialog than anyone except Roy. And maybe Merlinus. So that’s not staying much, but still. He’s a thousand years old, thinks he knows everything, and is actually kind of an idiot. How much of an idiot depends on how smart the writers were.

See, a lot of the stuff he says about dragons being emotionless (among other things) flatly contradicts other things he says and does as well as every other dragon character in Elibe. Plus he claims dragons and humans could never live together in peace and denies that Arcadia could exist, but if he’s a thousand years old then he should remember that before the Scouring dragons and humans DID leave peacefully together.

So either the writers are complete idiots (this conclusion is supported by all the other glaring inconsistencies in this game) or they very cleverly wrote Yahn to sound credible at first glance but actually just be a huge liar or a moron. Oddly, I kind of feel like it might be the latter. If so, nicely done.

Yawn! Yahn isn’t really much stronger than any of the 30 mamkutes you just fought. Grab a legendary weapon, any legendary weapon, and one-round kill him.

Playing Through:

Roy moves and Clarine sends him to this particular spot. Here he will be attacked by precisely one mamkute and can then take the throne if someone else clears it.

Shin carries Gonzalez.

With Lalum’s help, Gonzalez is immediately dropped in position to fight the other moving mamkute. Alan carries Oujay. Oh this map finally does have an almost appropriately dramatic theme . There’s a unique one for the enemy turn too, but it’s not really very impressive.

Nice, nice.

Roy kills his mamkute, but he only gains about 30 XP, so he needs to kill another 2 to level.

Lilina’s range is the map.

Alan drops in this particular direction so that Lalum can move maximally far forward and then dance for Oujay.

Who kills the throne dragon.

He might actually cap his luck if he could keep going.

Alright, I guess I win the chapter!

Darn. Well the FE6 version of Shocking Truth 2 plays during all these conversations. I think it’s appropriate for the moment when you realize you’re going to have to capture 6 more identical, boring thrones to win.

Now there’s something new at last.

Yahn explains that in fact they did this to a divine dragon by force and then tells us we can only find out more by reaching the next throne.

And the next zone appears. 4 mamkutes this time, with one blocking the bridge, and the others just barely capable of attacking the first tile in the square platform. There will basically be the same exact pattern on most other platforms.

The trick to going fast is to be able to beat the bridge guy efficiently. Here Shin and Gonzalez could not quiiiite get into range.

Yeah, that mamkute spawned too early. Other ones will wait 1 turn after a throne is seized before spawning, but not all of them for some reason. Anyway, this guy will be perpetually chasing Fa and always 1 square behind.

Well the path is now clear, but Gonzalez has to spend his whole turn just moving 1 space.

So I’ll have to dance them in.

Everyone else rescues people and piles onto the path (Clarine is carrying Ray).

Alright, that’s turn 3.

With Armads, Gonzales tears up both of the non-throne dragons on this platform.

Then as the first move of turn 4, he goes for the throne dragon too.

That +Def level helped a lot.

Now how to do this with maximum efficiency?

Well the big G needs some heals.

Clarine gets a decent level from topping him off.

Shin grabs Gonzales and gets ready to head for the next platform.

I could have had Roy seize this turn, but instead I’ll use Lalum to get Alan in a better position to pick him up again after he seizes NEXT turn.

That’s better for several reasons. One is that it gives Fa another turn to get past the second spawnpoint. Another is that it just lets me get moving faster toward the next throne.

Another mamkute spawns.

Well first things first…

He begins telling us the story of the back and forths of the scouring (notably, he does NOT give an account of how it actually started. That’s kind of one of the big unanswered questions of the setting, which I think is a good choice)

Makes sense; that would help them with their numbers disadvantage. On the other hand, it’s not clear just what limits the Dark Dragon’s dragon-production capabilities, but Idoun never seems to have been able to create all that many.

It’s a bit unclear if the Divine Dragons had been fighting on their side to begin with.

Kind of like creating morphs. Really, there are a lot of similarities and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Nergal learned to create morphs from texts in the Divine Dragons’ library.

It kind of seems like the Fire Dragons might have had a bad reputation among the other kinds. The Divine Dragons apparently expected treachery and all managed to escape.

Except for one naïve one who trusted them and stayed behind.

His conversations are fully of silliness like this where he claims things like “will” and “hesitation” and other things that he clearly must have or be capable of are not things dragons understand.

Dude, you’ve said this like 6 times already.

Finally someone says so.

And even more mamkutes.

This time I’m ready. Alan breaks out Malte and opens a path.

And thus Gonzales will be able to sweep the other two moving ones immediately.

I’ll actually leave Roy alone for now and concentrate and getting the army moving along. It’s ideal for them to be a bit ahead of him.

20 range.

A dragon comes from the new spawnpoint to join the others.

I think that’s the first time anyone has dodged a dragon all game long.

Sweet! Gonzales dropped both dragons easily and that accuracy boost will be very nice too.

So next turn he’s able to immediately start moving toward the next action. Note that Clarine dropped Ray last time and is thus ready to pick up someone who moves next to her.

Like Roy.

So Alan finishes off the dragon Ray hurt and opens the throne.

Decent I guess.

Shin and Clarine get Roy ready to go and keep moving.

And Lalum dances.

But once again, I don’t seize immediately. It would hurt much more than it helps by putting reinforcements ahead of Fa and leaving me unable to move anyone into the new area anyway.

So NEXT turn he takes the throne.

Using the Dark Dragon that is.

So the humans turn them right back in an awesomely human way.

And these, of course, were the 8 legends.

So then something unexpected happened.

So this is the Ending Winter. It was mentioned in the opening scroll at the very beginning of the game and then pretty much never again, but now it finally becomes important.

Roy knows something!

I mean, it sounds like Roy’s actually half right…

So that answers that question which Elphin never actually investigated. Of course… not all of the weapons were even guarded by traps.

How didn’t Yahn know that? How in the world didn’t he know that? I mean, first of all he apparently can sense their power. Second, he’s been working with Zephiel who definitely knew that and was trying to find and destroy them.

I’m thinking some time travel is in order.

Wait, what? The dragons were already losing badly.

Well he decides it’s time for another cliffhanger and the next area opens. This one actually has a slightly unusual formation in that the top right dragon can’t actually attack the entrance square.

So this time sending Shin in is a pretty good idea since only 1 guy will be able to attack him.


I keep Roy moving with rescues and Lalum.

And he’s already in range of the next throne.

Fa continues to be barely ahead. If a reinforcement spawns this turn she’ll be attacked. But that proooobably won’t happen since MOST reinforcements appear on the turn after the throne is taken, not the same one.

So on the next turn Shin kills the last dragon on the platform.

Crazily enough, an early capture actually means SAFETY for Fa this time, not danger. See, it will turn off the spawnpoint just barely behind Fa, from which a dragon could attack her, and turn on the one in front of her. But Oujay and Lilina can defend her easily at that one, so she’ll be fine.

So at long last we find out why dragons only began taking human form after the scouring.

One gets the impression they didn’t have a ton of time to figure out what was going on, come up with the idea of dragonstones, and adopt this new strategy. Either they knew this was coming or perhaps they already used dragonstones for some purposes.

So here he talks as though that was an unreasonable thing for them to do, then later on he says that only humans would ever be stupid enough to be merciful and he would never leave anything that could possibly be a threat to him alive.

Kind of sounds like it, but now he’ll deny it because he’s claiming dragons have no emotions.

Well humans and ice dragons and divine dragons and also that fire dragon in FE7 which is explicitly described as “hateful”.

So now we start hearing about him and Zephiel, though details will have to wait.

So you see, if I HADN’T taken that throne, Fa would have been in range and been attacked. But because I did take it, this spawnpoint is cancelled and the next one activates, and she should have time to get by there with help from Oujay and Lilina.

I can’t get in that guy’s range, unfortunately, just close.

So I’ll just grab Roy and get moving.

And Clarine and Lalum boost Ray over there so he can attack and open the bridge next turn.

Oujay is ready to help guard Fa from a dragon spawning right above him.

Now how to clear things over here?

Well Ray opens with an instant-kill.

But I still can’t quite get there. This is an unusually long path.

Using the Give command, Alan passes Roy to Clarine and then she drops him in range of the next throne.

Now Fa will be attacked this time, but that’s ok since this should be the only time.

Not bad. She has exactly 1 shot of the dragonstone left.

And now she can take another hit.

So on turn 2 it’s time to start sweeping up this platform.

Armads gets rid of the throne dragon too.

Which lets Roy both get where he needs to go and score another kill.

Lalum dances so Alan and Clarine can carry her toward the front. She’s been slowly falling behind, and it will get much easier to fight effectively when she’s back in the front.

Turn 11 and I’ve reached throne number 5.

… didn’t Brenya maybe tell you something like that when she arrived here?

Ah yes, THE Hartmut.

He knows something! Niime told him that already, but he’s forgotten nearly everything else anyone ever told him, so I’m surprised.

So they too had no idea what the Dark Dragon actually was, which is perhaps why so much inaccurate information was passed down.

Did you figure that out yourself?

The dragons don’t know what it is either! No one does.

So it turns out that the sword was intelligent enough in its own right to spare Idoun when Hartmut struck. This is a big, important clue.

Wouldn’t that include pretty much every other dragon among other things?

So Hartmut builds the Shrine of Seals, but I’m really not sure why. It doesn’t actually seem to have anything to do with anything.

So Yahn had just been hanging out here that whole time. What’s he been eating?

So he confirms that Zephiel has been telling him a bunch of stuff. And he just told us how the Sword of Seals was sealed away… but he didn’t know the weapons were sealed away? Ok, I take it back. The writers ARE just being idiots; there’s nothing clever going on here.

Well yet another platform, but this time I have Lalum in the lead.

So Gonzalez can attack immediately.

And the others can crowd in safely.

If a dragon spawns this turn, she’ll be in danger and I’ll need to bail her out. I guess it’s like a 50-50 shot because I STILL can’t figure out what makes it so the mamkutes spawn immediately sometimes but not other times.

Lilina heals Gonzales yet again.

Miurgre once again clears out a throne.

Decent I suppose.

Roy is dropped such that Lalum can just barely get to him.

And now he can seize the penultimate throne.

This throne is mostly pointless. Yahn has little else to talk about so he just tells us he’ll fight us in the next room. And that he’s recovered his power over the last 1000 years, which we already know because he told us so earlier.

Good question.

That doesn’t actually answer the question.

Ok, now he gets to something that kind of matters. A little.

Well that’s kind of creepy.

This of course is the scene we see at the very end of FE7 as a teaser for this game.

So they worked together I guess. Except Yahn seems to have done nothing. It might have been a cooler game if Yahn was with Zephiel most of the time but we didn’t find out he was a dragon till the end.

Zephiel was pretty thorough, so she’s still going to try to do what he said and destroy all humans. Of course… we know from the bad ending that she apparently doesn’t actually do that. She just stands here forever.

Yahn is kind of a twerp.

So here he claims dragons and humans can never coexist, even though they “shared a peace forged in wisdom” for ages before the Scouring, back when he was alive.

Someone finally mentions Arcadia!

And he declares that no such place can exist. Nevermind that we clearly have a divine dragon with us who’s been fighting. She can’t exist either. What an idiot.

Alright, so seizing that throne obviated the 50-50 shot of Fa being attacked by disabling that spawnpoint. But it meant I couldn’t kill this dragon, so I’ll need to just wall up.

Fa can make a clean getaway because of the early seize.

Oujay and Lilina in the middle-right room will have to deal with a spawn there for her, but that’s no problem. Anyway, you can see there’s just one room of enemies left but they’re kind of spread-out with a really long bridge for some reason.

So it’s too far to go all the way on turn 13.

Darn it! I won’t get that point of Str I was really hoping for. My Roy sucks. He’s 2-3 points behind in nearly every stat. Only his Skill is good.

Well Shin and Gonzales employ their usual tactic.

Clarine runs ahead and then uses the Rescue staff on Roy so he’s safe.

Lilina and Oujay are caught by one of the reinforcements, but that’s no problem.

And level 20. She’s the only one. Other than Niime and Yodel anyway, and they don't count.

The final bridge guardian is actually instant killed.

On turn 14, Oujay deals with their dragon.

Gonzales is dropped in.

And everyone piles up near the entrance.

Gonzales once again kills everything.

Very nice.

And turn 15. It was all for nothing, Yahn!

His battle theme is pretty good.

… his dodge animation is terrible.

So Alan has to kill him with Malte.

Very nice final level for Alan.

Alas. Malte is really the most highly-used legendary weapon most of the time, even though it kind of sucks. There are just a lot more great lance-users than sword or axe ones.

So turn 15 win! WAY ahead of schedule.

At last.

No she doesn’t. This is one of those times when it REALLY hurts that this game doesn’t ever use multiple portraits for different emotions like FE7 does. They’re having a pretty good conversation here, but their expressions are all wrong.


Maybe she believed Yahn when he said Arcadia couldn’t possibly exist.

And another clue. They do a good job of making sure you know how to get the best ending. It’s avoiding the bad ending that they do a horrible job on.

Great! I’m not really sure what the question OR answer are!

Well I surprised even myself with my speed that time, I’ve saved more than enough turns to beat my crazy stretch goal. Winning in 15 when it should take 29 or so just to walk through to each throne with no enemies around was a pretty fun puzzle.

I only got 13 levels, which is WAAAAY short of the required 25, but that 25 is pretty much just not feasible unless you sit in place at each platform for 10 turns and harvest maximum reinforcements. I guess the unreasonably high requirement here (and the preposterous one next level) make up for the way too low ones on the previous 2 chapters.

I do kind of wish I’d been able to steal the tons of and tons of available elixirs, but in practical terms I would have had to go really slowly and I also didn’t have much inventory space available for them. Oh well, I picked tactics over funds and XP.

Total Restarts: 16 (None here)
Turn Surplus: +94 (100 is in the bag now!)
Things I Regret Missing: A couple of uses of Marcus’s silver lance on Rude, a Chapter 5 nomad Marcus had to kill, two Chapter 12 fighters I couldn’t kill since I needed supports built elsewhere, a pirate and a wyvern rider on 14x who I didn’t have time to go after, 2 enemies in a room I didn’t have time to kill on chapter 20x, this one lazy mercenary on chapter 21x, Zephiel’s steal-only Hero Crest, a bunch of stealable elixirs on chapter 24
Legendary Weapon Scoreboard: Durandal slew Ohtz using Oujay on chapter 14x, turn 2; and the top left mamkute using Oujay on chapter 16, turn 9; and Arcard using Oujay on chapter 17, turn 16; and a bottom left paladin using Oujay on chapter 21, turn 7; and a bottom left wyvern rider using Oujay on chapter 21, turn 9; and the first throne mamkute using Oujay on chapter 2, turn 2; and the 5th platform reinforcement mamkute using Oujay on chapter 24, turn 14. Armads slew Teck using Gonzalez on chapter 20x, turn 10; and a middle right wyvern using Gonzales on chapter 23, turn 2; and the left platform 2 mamkute using Gonzalez on chapter 24, turn 3; and the right platform 2 mamkute using Gonzales on chapter 24, turn 3; and the platform 2 throne mamkute using Gonzalez on chapter 24, turn 4; and the left platform 3 mamkute using Gonzalez on chapter 24, turn 5; and the right platform 4 mamkute using Gonzales on chapter 24, turn 5; and the 5th platform throne mamkute using Gonzalez on chapter 24, turn 10; and the final platform bridge guard mamkute using Gonzalez on chapter 24, turn 13; and the left final platform mamkute using Gonzalez on chapter 24, turn 14; and the right final platform mamkute using Gonzalez on chapter 24, turn 14. Forblaze slew the top right mamkute using Lugh on chapter 16, turn 6; and the left section hero using Lugh on chapter 20, turn 2; and the purge bishop using Lugh on chapter 20, turn 5; and one of Brenya’s snipers using Lugh on chapter 23, turn 8; and the last staff druid using Hugh on chapter 23, turn 8. Maltet slew a middle area wyvern rider using Miledy on chapter 21, turn 2; and a middle area wyvern lord using Miledy on chapter 21, turn 2; and the right mamkute using Miledy on chapter 21, turn 10; and the middle right sniper using Tate on chapter 21x, turn 3; and the silence druid using Tate on chapter 21x, turn 7; and Pereth using Tate on chapter 21x, turn 14; and the 3rd platform bridge guard mamkute using Alan on chapter 24, turn 5; and the 3rd platform throne mamkute using Alan on chapter 24, turn 6; and Yahn using Alan on chapter 24, turn 15. Miurgre slew the throne room mamkute using Shin on chapter 22, turn 15; and the left platform 4 mamkute using Shin on chapter 24, turn 7; and the platform 4 throne mamkute using Shin on chapter 24, turn 8 and the left platform 5 mamkute using Shin on chapter 24, turn 10; and the 6th platform throne mamkute using Shin on chapter 24, turn 12. Apocalypse slew the top left general using Ray on chapter 22, turn 8; and a top rightish wyvern rider using Ray on chapter 23, turn 3; and the 5th platform bridge guard using Ray on chapter 24, turn 9. The Sword of Seals slew the right area Sniper using Roy on chapter 22, turn 2; and the top right Berserker using Roy on chapter 22, turn 6; and a top middlish druid using Roy on chapter 22, turn 7; and the right throne room mamkute using Roy on chapter 22, turn 15; and a throne room sniper reinforcement using Roy on chapter 22, turn 16; and Zephiel using Roy on chapter 22, turn 17; and the middle right mamkute using Roy on chapter 23, turn 2; and a top rightish wyvern using Roy on chapter 23, turn 3; and the Red Gem mamkute using Roy on chapter 23, turn 4; and the final mamkute using Roy on chapter 23, turn 8; and a platform 1 mamkute using Roy on chapter 24, turn 1; and the right platform 5 mamkute using Roy on chapter 24, turn 10.