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Part 78: Light

It's been a while, hasn't it? Time to put an end to this, once and for all (if only because there are no more stories for me to suffer through ). Anyway, nothing really changes until the chapter proper, so we'll jump right into preparations. Our stat-ups are doled out as follows:
I’m never going to get tired of following up news on Guy’s progress with “”. The Boots as well? That’s just... about as much as Hector Hard Mode deserves, really.

Light itself doesn't really change, but the conversations with Nergal and all are quite different from in Eliwood's story, due to Hector being far less...diplomatic than Eliwood is. Let's get to it, shall we?

:'re here. But you're too late. The gate is already opened. I will claim the mighty quintessence of dragons. I will become stronger and move ever closer to perfection.

: You're through here! You've sacrificed people like they were nothing but things! What does power mean if it comes at such a cost?

: I am who I am. The pain of others, I do not feel. The sorrow of others does not touch me. Death feeds me. Death pleases me. I am the essence I consume. You fools will become corpses here, because I wish it to be. Rise and come forth, my servants! *Nergal summons morphs*

: You seem impressed with my work. Or perhaps it's just that you've seen a familiar face?

: Marquess Laus!? And the Black Fang knaves... What have you done, Nergal?

: These morphs you see before you, I've given them the abilities and appearances of the people whose essences I used to craft them. Do you understand? I have power. The power to perform miracles. Oh, yes... Hector. Your brother, Uther, the marquess of Ostia? He's dead, is he not?

: How-

: If you would like, I could make a morph of your brother. It would be well suited for a fragile human such as you. Perhaps a heartless puppet could ease the longing in your soul.

: Shut up.

: ...What?

: To gain power, you think of no one but yourself. You are devoid of emotion, unable to feel pain or suffering... You are the puppet, Nergal!

: Pah... Your weakness runs deep in you. You can never understand. The concepts of good and evil are devoid of any meaning, any value. These ideas prevent humans from liberating their own strengths. Such foolishness... The ultimate foolishness of the human race!

: Nergal, after all these years... You have not stopped to reconsider your ideas at all.

: The same is true of you, Athos. You must see the truth of it! All living creatures take energy from somewhere. We all use it to create, to change it into something better. The knowledge of Arcadia has shown us the road to the ultimate transformation. And yet you will not take that road! Why do you reject the obvious?

: I am not opposed to the quest for power, for greater knowledge. However, that quest must be driven from within. To fuel your quest with the stolen lives of others, this brings not wisdom but abomination.

: Heh heh heh... I remember. I still remember! Those words are unchanged from when you first said them ages back. When you and the dragons conspired to bury me!

: Look at this wound! The wound I took from your magic! It was a mistake. The only person who understood... The man I thought my truest friend... It was a mistake to try and destroy me. Heh heh heh heh... It confirmed some things for me. That trust brings betrayal. That friends bring weakness!

: You're beyond help, you craven fool! Do you have any idea how Graybeard felt? What it must have meant to cut down a former friend? Are you telling me that you don't get it?

: Hector...

: What happened in the past, what reasons drive you... None of these matter! I have no compassion or pity for you whatsoever! The crimes you've committed are unforgivable. I care not for your excuses. Prepare yourself, Nergal! With these hands, I shall end your crimes today!

: Interesting... Let us put your skills to the test. Assuming, of course, that you can get past my morphs first.

AHAHAHAHA- ah, sorry. As you were.

: Don't be stupid! We're fighting, too. We're not just going to leave you alone, Hector.

: I'm with you. Before, now, and from here on, too.

: You guys...

: Don't forget me, Lord Hector! And...Ninian. I'm sure she's here as well.

: Nils... Oh! Art, you, too?!

And of course, the peanut gallery gets to chime in as well.

: Father... Brothers... For all that I've lost, I won't let him get away!

: Let me show you how much my blade has matured!

: I don't want to lose anyone, so I will fight my strongest.

: If I die be it.

: Let this battle be forgotten by history... That is all I ask.

: WHOOOOOOOA! I'm burning up!

: For the honor of the Pegasus Knights of Ilia, I will annihilate the foe!

: Here we go! Give it your all, and let's beat this knave!

Let's do this.

I'm not going to really bother going into strategy unless something interesting happens. Long story short, Guy and Priscilla go north to Kenneth, Eliwood/Hector/Lyn go to Brendan, Canas/Athos/Nino go to Darin, Fiora/Raven/Bartre go to Ursula and Jerme, and pretty much everyone reforms to deal with Lloyd and Linus. You will probably note that someone was left out there.

That's because fuck Uhai. He hasn't changed from Eliwood's story (minus his HHM bonuses), which means he has about 27 speed, 42 Atk courtesy of Rienfleche, and minimal speed penalty (if he even has one). He hurts like a motherfucker, and I'm not even going to play his game. Athos and Nino put a Bolting in him, and everyone else retreats out of range.

There’s always that one moment in every Fire Emblem playthrough where you finally bring out your siege tomes. It’s always glorious. And it’s usually a giant “fuck you” to some boss or other that the game throws at you whose shit you are just not going to bother dealing with.

Also, something I found highly amusing was that even with Bolting equipped, Nino still has 74 avoid. It is helped by that Emblem Seal (+10 Hit/Avoid), but even so.

New to Hector's story, all of your lords can have a chat since Nergal brought up Uther being dead. There are four conversations in all, and they have to be done in a bit of a strange order. First, Eliwood has to talk to Hector and Lyn. Hector can talk to Oswin after he speaks with Eliwood, and Lyn can talk to Hector after doing so, if Hector and Lyn have an A support. First up, Eliwood and Lyn.

: What is it, Lyndis?

: Is it true what Nergal said?

: You mean about Lord Uther?

: He said he's dead... When-- Did you know, Eliwood?!

: ...Hector has been acting a little strange... So I forced Oswin to tell me. It was the same illness that took his father. The sickness came on suddenly. It took less than a year for the disease to spread.

: So when we met him in Castle Ostia, he was...

: He was dying. ...Yet...he... He didn't want Hector or us to know... He pushed himself too far. I'm sure he was told he shouldn't be moving about...

: Hector...when... when did he...

: Only recently... He figured it out when he saw Lord Uther wasn't at the castle. He pressed Oswin to tell him. ...After that, so as not to distract us, Hector pretended that nothing was amiss...

: ...That' ...That's...

: Lyndis...

The most surprising thing of all: Despite everything, over both playthroughs, this is the first empty level we've gotten. Raven puts Uhai out of his misery.

This’d be funnier if it happened to Guy. Oh well. It’s already pretty awesome, because it’s like the game has figured out how much danger it’s in and is pulling out all the bullshit to stop you, but it’s too late...

Fiora and Bartre clean up his sniper friends.

Next up, Hector and Eliwood.

: It’s about my brother, isn’t it? Sorry I didn’t tell you.

: It’s all right. I understand you better than anyone. More importantly, have you settled things with Oswin?

: …Don’t talk to me about him.

: Hector… You’re not angry with Oswin. When Lord Uther was in trouble, you weren’t at his side. You’re angry with yourself. It’s true, isn’t it? I was the same way. I couldn’t save my father… I couldn’t save Ninian… Over and over, I blamed myself…

: Eliwood…

: But, you know, that’s just a way of running from the sadness of loss. I think you’ve realized that already. Lord Uther…and Oswin… They were thinking of you above all else. You must see that, but if you continue to pretend you do not, you will lost sight of something terribly valuable. That’s all I have to say.

: …

Since Oswin is obviously not here, this is his conversation.

: Oswin!

: Lord Hector. What is it?

: …It’s OK. I, uhm… I don’t have any more doubts! Nergal’s time is up!

: Yes, sir! And I, Oswin, will be at your side no matter what!

And finally, Lyn and Hector.

: Hector… I’m certain…that… you did not…cry… So, I will… This…is your share…of tears… Don’t say…anything. Just, for a little while, let me lean on you. For a little while…

: …

: … … … … … … …Don’t…

: Hm?

: …Don’t die… Please, you--

: …I know.

The game goes a little overboard with the ellipses there, but it's clearly supposed to be a quiet, emotional moment, so I'll let it slide for once.

... ... ... ... ...

Prissy maxes luck and loots Gespenst off the druid. Canas can actually put this thing to use this time around.

Lyn may not be the strongest sword arm, but she can do some pretty serious damage when she gets to hit 4 times in a single attack. Double so when one of them crits. Eliwood gets the honors for Brendan.

Nino softens up Darin (and mostly kills the side general with help from Nils), and Canas puts him down.

Well, I guess a strong finish was just too much to ask for.

Too little, too late, mister RNG.

I like these odds. Ursula down.

This lucky motherfucker will survive Bartre's critical with 1 HP, then drain back 16 HP with that Runesword.

You're terrible. Fiora cleans up after him.

And to think he was supposed to be “on fire”.

Doubling him would be the ultimate coup-de-grace, but Lloyd has 28 Speed and takes no penalty from the Regal Blade, so it's mathematically impossible. I also gave Guy Set's Litany for an extra 10 avoid, but even without it he would still have put Lloyd at about 50 hit.

Only one more point to cap skill.


And now everything has fallen into place. Prissy crits Linus, and Canas follows up with a Luna to finish off the last of the morphs.

Hey, berserk asshole?

Go fuck yourself. Nils does his thing and Nino puts him down before he even gets a chance to try.

Of all the people to get an empty level...


Fiora misses the point of the Brave Lance and crits on her first hit for the second time this chapter.

Canas demonstrates the last of the S-rank weapons.

Guy just straight up gives no fucks now. Endgame druids? No problem, he can just one-shot them. And to top it off, Nergal turns right around and misses him.


Similarly, fucks given by Nino?

: Hm? Who do you think you are?

: You will pay! You stole my family from me, and you will pay, Nergal! I will avenge them all!

: Now I see... You're Sonia's...

I'm pretty sure we're in the negatives by now.

Well, it's been fun, but I'm afraid this is where we part ways.

: More power... I must be... stronger... I... Why? Why did I... want power? ...Quintessence? ...Don't...under...stand... but... Gaa... Not like this... I will not this. With my last breath... tremble...and...despair. Hwah ha ha... Ha...ha ha ha...

Note: "Quintessence" is a mistranslation, it should say "Aenir" (Quintessence in Japanese is "Aegir").

Way to go Guy, the last possible chance you had to fuck it up, and you did. Now you can't cap skill because the dragon doesn't give experience.

Oh, c’mon, what’s another 0.5 crit gonna do for Guy?

Not a goddamn thing, but it's the difference between a green number and a not-green number.

Anyway, Nergal's death quote changes ever so slightly since we've been to 19xx. If you have, the line where he questions why he wanted power in the first place will show up, otherwise he just skips right over it and his death quote continues as normal.

The dragon has unfortunately picked up a single point of speed, and that means Athos, Canas, and Nino can no longer double him with Luna/Excalibur. But that's okay, we have other plans for him.

Canas doesn't critical, but he gets us started.

Hector takes a swing at him after I fuck up and leave Bartre in range, thwarting the plan I had for that turn.

Let's try this again (on the defending turn, of course).

Four swordmasters, one dragon, 51 damage.


Dragon: 0, Guy: 1

The ending is more or less unchanged from Eliwood's Story, with one major exception.

Because we didn't get Eliwood and Ninian to an A support, both she and Nils leave at the end.

And of course, we get our ending graphic. Ladies and Gentlegoons, Hector's story.