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Part 97: Sain

Support Conversations: Sain



C - Attack + .5, Defense + .5, Accuracy + 2.5, Avoid + 2.5, Critical + 5, Critical Evade + 5
B - Attack + 1, Defense + 1, Accuracy + 5, Avoid + 5, Critical + 10, Critical Evade + 10
A - Attack + 1.5, Defense + 1.5, Accuracy + 7.5, Avoid + 7.5, Critical + 15, Critical Evade + 15

C Support

: Ahh... Sweetest Serra! No matter how often I see you, you always present the freshest and most lovely appearance!
: Well, well... Sain. I’ve always thought you had an eye for beauty.
: That is but one of the noble traits that runs in our good house... And, surely, it is what has brought us together now! Ah, Serra, we would make such a fine pair!
: Well, I don’t know about that quite yet, but...
: Ahh, a bit coy, are we? Or perhaps you wish to delay the pleasure to make it sweeter?
: It’s not that, but... Wait, you’re just trying to get me to say yes, right?
: For that, I would do anything, my dear!
: Mmm, well... We’ll see, won’t we?

B Support

: Hey, Sain, look at this! What do you think? Isn’t it adorable?
: Yes. What a lovely little doll!
: No, silly! It’s not a doll. It’s a special necklace sold only in Etruria.
: That’s a necklace? Well, that’s...rather...peculiar.
: Yeah, they haven’t really gotten around yet. But they’re a big hit with the fashion elite.
: Is that right? Well, Serra, you certainly do have good fashion sense. I still don’t know very much about these sorts of things.
: But of course not! Caelin is pretty out of the way, even for Lycia! Even Lyn, who is just gorgeous, has zero fashion sense.
: Ahh... How can you say that?
: You know, Ostia is probably the center of the fashion world right now, so that’s probably why you don’t get my style. I’m just so far ahead of the rest of the fashion world.

A Support

: Hey, Sain. So, who do you think Lyn will end up with? Lord Eliwood? Lord Hector, maybe?
: Lady Lyndis? Hmmm... Why do you ask?
: Well, you know, it’s fun to guess! No matter who she chooses, it’ll be big news throughout Lycia, right? But who? Who? Which one, do you think?
: I think it’s a mistake to restrict the contest to just those two. Why even this humble knight might be a suitable suitor.
: No, not you, Sain. You’re not even in the running...
: What!? I had no idea! Could that sparkle in her eye have been nothing more than the reflection of my own love?
: Yeah. I check up on these things, you know. And according to my sources, the one that Lyn likes is...
: She likes--?
: Lord Hector, I’d say... They argue a lot, but that’s the sign of passion! My intuition is very keen. Personally, I’d go for Lord Hector anyway... I mean, he’s royalty! As the heir, he’ll be the future marquess!
: Hmmm... Hey! Serra! Can you tell me who has eyes for me?
: Nope, nope, nope. I know, but I won’t tell.
: But...why!?
: hit on all the girls... And So I will never tell!
: Ahhh! Hold on! Serra!



C - Attack + 1, Accuracy + 5, Avoid + 2.5, Critical + 5, Critical Evade + 2.5
B - Attack + 2, Accuracy + 10, Avoid + 5, Critical + 10, Critical Evade + 5
A - Attack + 3, Accuracy + 15, Avoid + 7.5, Critical + 15, Critical Evade + 7.5

C Support

: Wohh!
: Wh-What is it?
: O beautiful vision of delight, please tell me your name!
: It’s Rebecca...
: Rebecca. Such a lovely sound! So simple, yet it has a kind of crystal-perfect ring to it... I must say, it suits you so... elegantly...
: Please...stop. You’re embarrassing me. It’s just a name.
: My dear Rebecca! It is unsafe here. Come to my side! We knights are honor-bound to protect fair maidens...
: Look, I’m nobody’s maiden, all right? I’m just a girl from a small village, OK?
: For one so lovely, humble beginnings matter not! Dear Rebecca, take my hand!
: Uhh, no thanks. I think I’d rather walk.

B Support

: Ahh, Rebecca!
: ...
: What lovely weather! It is as if the skies wish to bless our meeting!
: ...
: Hm? Am I deceived, or do you regard me with a somewhat icy gaze this morn?
: ...Sain.
: Y-Yes...?
: Lady Lyndis told me about you... About how you would flirt with every woman you saw in Caelin.
: Ulp...
: I had no idea. I thought you were just being nice.
: Ah, do not misunderstand... You see, it is my fate, my curse, if you can call it such...
: What, that you have to hit on lots and lots of women? Tell the truth.
: I... I... Yes.
: How many?
: Well... All of them. Every woman I’ve ever seen, I guess... But they are all just so unspeakably beautiful!
: I see. Well, you should know that I could never be with someone like you. Good-bye.
: Ahh! Rebecca! ...Blast my honesty!

A Support

: ...
: Rebecca! Why have you come? Ahh, you’ve come to see me!
: I...just wanted to return this.
: But I... I sent that letter to you...
: Yeah, well, it’s a pretty boring letter. It says nothing but “I love you,” and “you’re the sweetest.”
: ...By returning this, you must...
: ...
: So you return my feelings!?
: Err, no... I’m just giving it back because it’s meaningless.
: ...Meaningless? What are you saying?
: Look, Sain... You say these things to every woman you meet. Therefore, none of those women feel special!
: Is that how you see me?
: Yeah...
: ...But surely I must have some good points! And besides, my feelings for you are real!
: Sain... ...Are you really that serious about me?
: Yes.
: I... Can I trust you?
: Yes, of course!
: Then, Sain... You won’t mind if I go and tell Lady Lyndis about us right away?
: ...
: ...Sain?
: ...Ahhh, sure you can. ...If you feel you must.
: I knew it! Sain, you’re a pig!
: Whoa! Wait! Rebecca, my love!



C - Attack + 1, Accuracy + 5, Critical + 5, Critical Evade + 5
B - Attack + 2, Accuracy + 10, Critical + 10, Critical Evade + 10
A - Attack + 3, Accuracy + 15, Critical + 15, Critical Evade + 15

C Support

: Ohh...!
: Hm?
: Those eyes, with such exquisite sorrow! What subtle and fine nobility they possess! You must be a highborn lady of Etruria!
: Yes. I am the daughter of Count Caerleon, Priscilla. It is an honor to meet a knight such as yourself.
: I am Sain! Sain of the Caelin knights! That Sain!
: ...I heard you the first time.
: Dear Lady Priscilla... No! Let me call you princess!
: What?
: May I address you thus? Princess Priscilla?
: I...suppose I don’t mind. If you feel that you must... You may address me any way you like.
: My deepest thanks, Princess Priscilla! Ahh, what a splendid pleasure!
: You...are a very odd fellow.

B Support

: Princess Priscilla!
: Sain? What is it? You seem out of breath!
: Ahh, what has happened in my absence? I say from a distance... It was as if you were filled with an immeasurable sadness! See how your servant of love hastens to join you?
: Nothing has happened. I am just as I usually...
: Ah, thank the heavens! I thought some foul gloom might have overtaken your tender heart! Your faithful Sain could not bear it!
: ...Actually, something has overtaken my heart... ...for...some time now.
: Ohh! Please! I cannot endure your sadness! Please, if you can, let me bear witness to your grief! I will open up to you all the grace and goodness within me!
: ...But this thing... I cannot tell it to anyone...
: !
: I’m sorry... ...have I hurt your feelings?
: ...It is fine.
: Hm?
: It is merely a flutter of the heart... But not worry about me.
: Again, I am sorry. I should go now...
: Ah, Princess Priscilla! If this sadness should overcome you entirely... Then please...consider confessing all to your darling Sain! You need explain no more! I will ask nothing of you! Darling...I would do anything for you!
: Really? ...Ah. Thank you, Sain.

A Support

: Pr-Princess Priscilla... Urghh...
: What happened?
: While trying to protect you, Princess, I have suffered a severe wound. I beg you, Princess, can you not heal me with your shining staff and loving heart?
: You really are hurt, right? You’re not just making this up, are you?
: O-Of course not! How could your Sain ever lie to you?
: Well, it’s just that you’ve already done this six times... Like when you suffered a “terrible” sunburn? When the cold turned your lips blue?
: This time is for real, I swear it!
: Fine, fine. Just lie still here...
: Ahh...
: ...I meant to ask you this earlier, but... Sain...should you not be fighting at Lady Lyndis’s side in battle? She is the liege you are bound to protect, am I right?
: Have no fear! She has given me her leave! I am now in your service, beautiful creature! That is, of course, if you would have me!
: Well, I guess I don’t mind, but...
: Y-You don’t!?
: ...I mean. If all that stuff you said earlier was true... Then you can stay by me as long as you like...
: What splendid pleasure! Of course! I will never leave you, Princess!
: Is that...true?
: Of course it is!
: But... When this journey ends, you will leave, correct?
: I...!
: You are a Lycian knight... Certainly you would not come home with me to Etruria?
: ...Yes. I am a Lycian knight. And my loyalty as a knight must be unwavering... But, Princess...
: ...I understand. The time you spent at my side on this journey... I thank you for every minute of it. You may not have noticed, but... You made me very...happy.
: Princess... I...
: No, Sain... That sad face does not suit you... Please. Be right as you always are... If you don’t...I will not be able to hold back the tears... So please, smile... Smile for you always do.