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Part 22: Prologue 2: Dragon Blood

Time to enter the hyperbolic baby chamber. Our village saving record is current 1-1 right now, 1 Flame Tribe settlement saved from Faceless and one random Hoshidan village torn apart before we got there. Hopefully all the dragon blood stays inside everyone's bodies.

This endless wheat field (or rice paddy?) seems the perfect place to raise a child! Running through wheat fields is an activity I'm told children do, or at least did back in the day.

The purple guys arrive and Corrin shows some anger that really might have done some good if it came out earlier in the story... Like during all those times Garon tried to have her killed. Maybe she really just hates purple guys.

Our little boy is all grown up! This is what you look like when your mother is a dragon and your father rides a horse.

Obviously Kana is not actually going to join as a Feral Dragon, but this is how he'll be for the rest of the chapter. Kana will sit still until enemies enter his range, at which point he'll rush the easiest target. Most enemies aren't much of a threat at all, but the stronger ones can wear him down. The longer in the story you put this chapter off the stronger enemies become, and thanks to how quickly Kana will hit his caps as a Feral Dragon he won't be able to keep up with them, so chapter can potentially be tricky if you do it quite late. Incidentally, because Kana won't actually join until the end of the chapter, his stats and inherited skills won't be decided until then either! If a parent gains a skill mid-chapter he'll inherit that one instead of what he has now.

...the wiki says Kana can be KO'd and you'll still recruit him at the end but part of me is skeptical. I won't let that happen anyway.

This map is a big open field with dragon veins that can turn ditches into small streams to halt the enemy's advance. They'll also halt your own advance, but keeping the enemies away isn't a bad idea if you find yourself overwhelmed.

All the enemies are split into different groups that each aggro at different times if left alone. Reinforcements will start showing up at the end of turn 8 which honestly is quite lentient. The first time I played this game I didn't even realise the chapter had reinforcements.

The boss is far weaker than his promoted flunkies. This might be a quirk of doing the paralogue relatively early - the boss's stats are tailored to your join time, while some generics will always be promoted regardless of when you try it and will have generic promoted stats. Not all enemies on the map are promoted, thankfully.

I'm short on slots and decide to take Arthur over Kaze, since I'm not even sure if I'm using Kaze but I do definitely want to feed Elise kills. She needs Arthur to give her stats if she's going to make any!

Luck has it that Niles just about avoids the 2HKO from these Archers, allowing him to survive a round with all 3 on enemy phase thanks to dual guards. This means he can take out the Shrine Maiden keeping them all alive on turn 1.

Meanwhile Odin has nothing to fear from these magic users. This map is a game of avoiding the range of groups you don't want to engage yet, so Odin has to stand carefully out of range of the Samurai near him.

The deep red radius here marks the range of the Falcoknight squad. They'll move starting from turn 2. They're all quite tough so I'd rather they come to me as late as possible.

Odin cannot defeat clerics (or any enemy really...) very fast so he just has to live with the one on his side until someone else deals with it.

The first wave of fliers arrive, but these ones are unpromoted and weak. I'll want to make sure none of them lure Kana to attack or else he'll start getting in the way and taking my EXP. He will at least absolutely annihilate any unpromoted enemy he touches.

Silas skillfully grabs a kill from just outside the danger zone so that Camilla can be the only one standing there by the end of the turn. He's really getting a lot of mileage out of dual attacks with that Javelin, no wonder it's in his official character art.

Corrin has a projectile of her own now too! It is a katana she literally just chucks. Katana chucks, yo.

EXP is the entire reason I'm doing this chapter so early. Peri appreciates the kills most of all since she's the lowest level.

...unfortunately I left her in range of a single enemy I didn't want to. Oops! It happens.

Check out her Bloodthirst boosted stats though. An Azura dance would boost her speed even further, enough for her to double most things.

Jakob's staff-filled inventory leaves him with room for only one weapon, so I decided to give him the Flame Shurriken. His magic is slightly lower than his strength but the big increase in weapon might makes up for it. Also it explodes.

His levels have started sucking lately. His early ones were so promising... Azura meanwhile is becoming magical for some reason.

There goes the last Archer! Enough attacks aimed at Niles managed to miss which meant I could have him take them all out without having to retreat to heal. Luck really is on his side today.

Camilla needed Azura's dance to avoid the double from this Falcoknight thanks to them having Darting Blow. The promoted generics here are about as tough as she is.

Corrin married Silas thinking she could fix him and his inability to get defense...

Hmm, maybe Niles should have been sent to the part of the map with all the fliers instead.

I only took this risk because I had people left to fix it if she missed. On my first ever playthrough (a normal mode iron man) Peri died almost immediately because she whiffed an 87% hit.

This is the type of level Silas should be getting...

Finally, Camilla levels up- oh. Camilla your name is literally in the title you can't let me down like this

EXP, EXP, EXP. It's a shame both the units I want to feed EXP to the most have slight accuracy issues.

Here come the Samurai. That Swordmaster is stronger than the boss, he could be scary!

He also has Vantage so I'll just let Silas kill him rather than trying to set up a dangerous kill for a weak unit.

Well at least Peri knows how to gain a level. Elise gets the ol' "irony special".

These guys take their sweet time to approach, something I appreciate greatly because their leader has very scary stats...

But with Camilla's personal skill helping, Niles can... oh dear, that's not a lot. How am I going to deal with you?

Chipping him down and giving the kill to a weakling would be nice, but I've got to dispose of his buddies on the same turn too.

Elise will be guaranteed to block his retalliation so any attempt would be safe...

Camilla is really great for dual strikes because of her personal skill. Positioning her carefully can make taking out groups like this a lot easier!

She got the kill in the end! Unfortunately these kills aren't enough for a level on their own.

Odin Dark shall form a chokepoint to stall a couple of turns. His newfound bulk makes the task a little easier...

Or maybe a lot easier. Had Odin not proc'd defense, a miss against the boss would have gotten him killed by the Archer. I knew the boss was weaker than the other promoted enemies so I didn't bother counting damage to see if Odin would survive... I'm glad it worked out, but let that be a lesson to you! And me.

The end of turn 8 marks the arrival of these guys, Fates's take on the colourful effeminate bandits that have showed up in most games since FE6.

These two are here to capture a dragon for themselves... and I would like to capture them. They're both humans, which makes them eligible for capturing! I'm only doing it for vanity purposes, but even with no capacity to build support levels a Berserker support partner grants +5 str and +3 speed, which makes these two good to get if you want to use them!

...seems like it might be easier said than done though.

Especially when Mr. Debuff cannot hit them.

Okay screw the capturing plan. Camilla gets danced to weaken them both for the kill...

They wanted to capture a dragon, I wanted to capture them. Nobody got what they wanted!

Defense? Twice in one chapter? Peri I am promoting you to Silas. Silas I am demoting you to Peri.

You embarrassed me by almost causing a restart, die!

Odin gets magic, Azura gets magic. What a magical ending.

Child saved in 10 turns! That surely makes up for all those extradimensional years of parental neglect.

This line always seems to come up when people discuss the many faults of this game's localisation... I'm not entirely sure why, although I'm also not entirely sure what it replaced. I think it's cute!

Anyway, here's the little tyke in non-dragon form, and here's his direct competition. Considering the 4 level difference, he's not... bad? Those stats are certainly okay, although his offenses could use a little work. Definitely very well rounded. I just don't really see why I'd want to use him...

I'll post a little analysis later. In all honestly the kid analyses will be very short, mostly just me stating what their stats and class options are. Kid usefulness depends on the parent and I really don't have enough experience to say anything in depth. I don't even have other people's opinions that I've absorbed over the years like I do for all of the first generation!

Next time: Cheve? Maybe?