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Part 32: Paralogue 20: Ultimate Power

Time to obtain the ULTIMATE POWER... I bet Odin would love Shadow the Hedgehog. He'd have made so many sonic OCs growing up.

This town just happens to be in Hoshido, which we are invading. It is closer to the border than Mozu's village, but it is still rather out of the way of where we are actually going. Like I said before, just treat these paralogues as non-canon and you'll be happier.

Ophelia is here! She is here searching for the Super Ultimate Tome. The Horse Spirit you find here sort of matches that description...

I feel like in Awakening every child was either a clone of their mum or the complete opposite. Fates has a few less children like that, but Ophelia is very much Girl Odin. Which is not a bad thing to be, personality wise.

Here she is, already in our party. No recruitment shenanigans at all.

Right now she's... okay? It's kind of hard to get excited about her when I've got Leo and Elise in my party. Nyx's growths might be well enough suited for her, but she won't be as OP as she would have been with Elise as a mother... She also hasn't inherited a single skill from either parent because both of them never left Dark Mage. The plan was to either use her or her dad, but with deployment slots as tight as they are I might end up having to leave them behind. Regardless she's free in this chapter so I'll try to let her see some combat.

This is a Rout map with four villages that need saving. Each one contains a valuable item and while some are more valuable than others, you do want to save them all. The boss and his cronies won't move until provoked, but if you want to save the northeast village (likely to be destroyed by turn 3) you have to provoke them anyway.

Reinforcements will emerge from the bottom at the end of turn 1, and at the top at the end of turn 3. Each set comes with some Outlaws who will try to destroy the villages. There are two walls each they'll have to break down before they can make it into the city, but they will eat through them pretty fast.

This guy will head for the northeast village first. It might be the least valuable out of the 3, but it's still got a stat booster that you'll want.

He caused me a reset on attempt 1 >:[. It's easy to miss him amongst all the other units surrounding him!

This one village has an Archer near it to disuade fliers, but he's very easy to deal with. Incidentally, bandits tend to have very multicultural armies in this game. Seems like crime is the bridge that can bring the two nations together...

Odin has to come along because we're recruiting his daughter. Kaze can come too since I want him to support with Silas... I was hoping Keaton could be Camilla's husband, but with deployment slots limited it might just be easier to marry her to Kaze...

The nice thing about my failed attempt is that it let me put together a better strategy after I learned from my mistakes. I bought a single magic tonic for Corrin that will make things a lot easier!

Camilla takes Kaze up north and equips the Hammer I bought earlier. Silas follows her so that he might build support bonuses with Kaze too.

Elise grabs Niles and heads to the bottom left. Poor guy keeps being used as pair-up fodder... Originally I had Leo take this path, but he ended up being too bulky for some enemies to want to attack.

Meanwhile Leo and Odin take the bottom middle. Some of these Knights have Wary Fighter, which makes them somewhat of a pain to deal with.

Peri baits these Fighters while staying just out of range of the Ninjas. She'll one round them with no effort at all.

Someone needs to go rescue the northeast village so Corrin takes Ophelia along since she's not got much to do. Azura dances her to help her along...

She parks herself here to lure the Samurai over. Thanks to Ophelia's bonuses and the tonic she can just about one-shot them with the Levin Sword, something she failed to do by a single point on my last attempt.

Peri fears no Fighter. If I had done this paralogue a couple of chapters later, all the enemies would be in promoted classes. I think these would be Berserkers...

Wary Fighter means nothing when you OHKO with a Hammer. A real wary fighter wouldn't have tried.

I guess Camilla's levels have all been serviceable, but they haven't really been good...

This however is very nice. If I wanted to, I could reclass her right now into Wyvern Lord for better physical stats. I would maybe consider it but then I'd have to reclass her back at level 15 to pick up Trample...

Ophelia can get EXP once the villages are safe. Right now I need to clear out enemies fast.

Hitting B rank swords gives Corrin a single extra point of damage when using them. This boost would be enough to allow her to OHKO Samurai not on defensive terrain if she didn't have the tonic I gave her.

My aggressive push forward causes everyone to aggro, including the boss. I think I might have been able to avoid this by having Corrin wait outside the range of the Samurai, but this is still manageable.

Oh and these guys show up too. All of those Spear Fighters have Seal Defense, so anybody who engages this group had better be prepared.

Silas and Camilla pass around Kaze between them to build supports as efficiently as possible. Hopefully I can keep these two positioned so that this is always possible...

The presence of Shrine Maidens on the map mean enemies will run away when they get hurt. It is a minor annoyance that also has a tendency to bunch enemies up together...

This one Samurai has Pass, just to throw you off. Thankfully I'm too short on time to be making any chokepoints.

In spite of weapon triangle disadvantage, Xander manages to be my most reliable answer to the two Ninjas hanging around the bottom of the map. He didn't need to get a crit here but he did anyway.

I picked you over Odin because of your magic Leo, please consider getting some.

At least I can always count on Corrin to have way too much mag.

Both layers of wall get immediately shredded. Good thing I've got Xander to clean these guys up...

Oh and Leo picked this up from the bottom middle village. Lightning is a C rank brave tome with terrible attack power but otherwise good utility. You can buy them from shops in Conquest but they're expensive!

Pulling Corrin away from this village to heal is what caused me a reset last time. This time I'm having the heals come to her.

Time to stand on the village tile and assume Bulk Forme. Killing this guy and his seal def is more important than visiting the village right now.

Azura dances Jakob to safety, Silas shelters Azura. Teamwork! Unfortunately Azura is now stuck paired up with Silas.

Camilla complains about war despite participating in it and gets a Calamity Gate. That's Gate, not Gale. This Hoshidan weapon reverses the weapon triangle and is one of the big reasons to do this paralogue even if you don't care about Odin or Ophelia. It's very handy, especially against Ninjas!

The Horse Spirit is also Hoshido exclusive. It boosts skill, speed, defense, and resistance by 3. It also has poor might and questionable accuracy but that's a fair price to pay for the huge bulk increase it grants you.

Time to stop the southern invasion. Xander honestly does not care at all if his defense gets sealed... If anything, it's good for him. The enemies might be more willing to attack him if his defense gets lowered!

Turns out it was in fact just enough for them to be able to hurt him. Just 37 more hits and he's toast!

Picking the stone to attack instead of the Levin Sword means Corrin can't counterattack this guy. I'd say that's not a problem, but it turns out that he has Seal Magic...

The second squad is here to party. If I had attempted this chapter later, all those mercs would be Heroes.

And this guy would be a Merchant. He's... not very intimidating, but he is annoyingly bulky. He also comes with Lucky 7 which boosts his hit and avoid during the first 7 turns, and Potent Potion which increases the effectiveness of the Vulnerary is carrying.

This is what I mean by annoyingly bulky. At least Silas doesn't have a magic stat to seal.

Killing this healer will stop the enemies from running off to heal instead of running into my units do die. It's also necessary to complete the chapter! Therefore it's not a war crime. A bit of a waste of free EXP though.

This squad just barely lacks the power to break through the outside wall on the first turn they can move. Another advantage of attempting this paralogue early!

Goodbye this guy. Thankfully his mediocre offenses meant there wasn't much consequence for leaving him alive an extra turn, so Silas could finish him off in two rounds.

Things are looking a lot less busy now, so Ophelia gets to have a kill. Luminary Uppercut!

All the seal def units being in kill range means Peri can mop them all up without consequence. I think she could have done this without Xander weakening them, but then she'd have also been targeted by all the Fighters and Apothecaries that Xander took out when he was in front.

Azura spent way too many turns paired up with Silas for my liking. Him being in the middle of so many enemies meant there wasn't a good oppurtunity to unpair her.

Now he and Camilla can go back to passing Kaze around between them.

That's all the villages! Who exactly this Spirit Dust goes to will be decided after I figure out if I want to use either Odin or Ophelia, if I do use one of them...

There's no more villages to pillage, this guy's life is now meaningless. Peri shall free him from his torment.

One last mediocre Niles level before he promotes. I made him an Archer so he'd have better stats...

Now I just need to mop up these guys. There's nothing left to steal, go home!

There's two units with Pass hiding in this long chokepoint of enemies, meaning I have to muscle through all of them to be safe this turn.

Silas you are breaking my heart ;^;

It's okay, New Silas did it for him.

I love this silly game of Kaze Relay. I'm glad to see Camilla finally get a level to remind me of why she's in the title of this LP!

Almost all the enemies are gone, but I don't like the threatening way this Shrine Maiden's holding that healing rod of hers.

Yeah, that's kind of what I'd expect from combining Odin and Nyx.

Easy! This chapter gets so much harder when you start facing promoted enemies. More movement, higher stats, and a larger variety of weapons. Doing it now when half my army was promoted but none of theirs was was the ideal way to go...

Owain's crappy unique sword I never had him use in Awakening gets new life breathed into it this game. The Missiletainn tome is unique to Ophelia, and it provides a small stat boost and 10 extra crit. Unfortunately I forgot to screenshot it so you'll just have to imagine what it looks like.

Next time: We recruit a teen with aptitude