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Part 37: My Castle (Chapter 18)

Nina's got a lot of options for classes, but it's Merchant I want. As a Merchant, she'll have 60/72.5/27.5/62.5/62.5/72.5/50/52.5 growths thanks to Aptitude. Even by Fates's standards, over 50% in every non-magic growth is pretty good!

Her stats might look wonky now but they'll be much better when her growths kick in. What class would you think she was in if you looked at her stats now? They're really weird by any game's standards.

As a Merchant she can also wield lances in addition to bows, but I can't imagine they'll help her too much. I'll give her a Brass Naginata but I doubt she'll use it enough to escape E rank.

Elise needs C tomes to use Lightning so I figured I should give her my Arms Scroll. There aren't any A axes she'll want to use, but going from B to A will give her 1 extra might with axes. Going from D to C tomes does the same.

Talisman for Corrin, Spirit Dusts for Leo and Ophelia. My precious, precious stat boosters...

I will not make the same mistake I did last chapter. I am absolutely going to fill my entire inventory with these discount staffs I may or may not even need. I had completely neglected to buy Physic staves earlier but they are now available and very useful in a pinch. Recover I'm not going to bother with since Mend heals a decent amount already.

Felicia gets to hold most of them since Jakob doesn't have the room. She's helping!

A supports for Corrin/Elise, Camilla/Kaze, Xander/Peri. B supports for everyone else. Right now Silas has a higher support rank with Camilla than he does Kaze...

About time these two hit their S support. It's surprisingly difficult to build supports with Azura, despite all the dancing she does...

Marrying Jakob and Azura allows me to do this. I'm not going to do it, but I can... A flying healer absolutely wouldn't be a bad thing but either one of their children could likely do it better.

This is the last chance I have to do child paralogues before all the generics promote and they become much harder. I could theoretically do 2 of them now to unlock Xander & Peri S, and then do Xander's paralogue before it gets super tough... It's tempting, but I'd rather do them all later because right now my army is slightly overleveled and wouldn't earn much in the way of EXP.

I've also unlocked two paralogues for Jakob & Azura's children, alongside Invasion 2. Their two paralogues are both easy EXP, Invasion 2 is an absolute nightmare that I'm not even going to think about attempting right now. Maybe I'll have a go after the next chapter?

Here's my army. Next chapter is a pretty good place to feed kills to units so hopefully I'll have more units reach level 5 promoted and get a bunch of new skills to play with!

No unit analysis this chapter for the first time since before the route split. Originally I was planning on making analysis for each class tree, but I doubt I'd have anything to say that you can't just work out from browsing Serenes Forest. Knights are tanky, Fighters are strong, Wyvern Riders are good, etc.