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Part 55: Paralogue 6: Herbal Remedy

Time for the last of the non route-specific child paralogues, which means the last of the easy grinding chapters. Percy and Forrest will be much harder to recruit.

It's Midori! This chapter's backdrop is very pretty. I want to get a look at that big mountain the background. Shame I don't think the camera goes any higher.

Here we have a big winding forest map in which we must chase the boss down and defeat her before she escapes. Just like Dwyer's map this one can be cheesed very easily, but is also full of relatively easy to defeat enemies full of delicious tasty EXP.

The boss herself escaping isn't much of an issue - the map has plenty of dragon veins that can be used to create shortcuts, and you can also fly straight over the tress.

It's Candice! Probably the most unique character design in the game, and she even gets a unique character model... Just like the guy from Sophie's paralogue, people seem to think she was once intended to be recruitable.

As a boss she's completely unremarkable. Bad stats, no skills, I don't think she'll ever attack you but I can't say for certain. The danger comes with the units escrorting her who will attack you and will hit hard in doing so. The Dragon Herbs she drops are incredibly valuable, but you're guaranteed to get them if you win the chapter so they're not in any danger.

Lots of generics with capped stats here. My units are also quite overleveled with capped stats of their own, but even then I don't have anybody who's going to want to take a hit from both a Sorcerer and a Berserker in the same turn.

There are various dragon veins throughout the map that let you burn through impassible forest tiles to skip large parts of the map. Candice starts considerably far ahead of you and uses her full movement each turn, but with these shortcuts catching up to her is trivial.

...I don't think she will ever use the shortcuts herself, although I can't say for sure. It literally did not occur to me until typing this up.

Midori joins your team from the getgo. Camilla might have good stats, but Midori less so... I have no plans to use her, but I do think both of her promotions are valuable and she has inherited the extremely cool Trample skill. I'll see what her stats look like when she's used her seal.

It has occured to me that Shigure's combat is not very good and he's never going to get his axe rank above E, so I may as well reclass him back to Falcon Knight. He can also have another Freeze staff. If I understand correctly, you have 4 of these with 4 uses each, adding up to a total of 16 uses across the whole game. I have used one so far... I'm absolutely saving some for Chapter 25 and Endgame, but I could easily afford to waste a few more.

Reaching the first vein will take a little effort, but once you've got it the others are much easier to activate. There are a few units whose attack ranges overlap it, so you'll want to send in someone tanky or go heavily on the offensive to reach it safely.

Corrin's here to get the vein, Ophelia easily disposes of the Berserker. Now that she has Swordfaire I can reclass her, there is still one skill I want... But I also want the high speed the class gives. Hmm. I really want Life And Death from Master of Arms to maximise damage output against the final boss, but that class is slower and has worse magic than Swordmaster.

Merchant has better power and bulk and syngerises well with Midori's personal skill that boosts the activation rate of luck-based skills, Mechanist has higher move and access to the extremely useful weapon type that is knives. It also has Replicate and it'll give her Ninja skills after she promotes into it thanks to her inheriting the class from her dad.

Mechanist time. Midori's got a lot of weird skills thanks to her class tree. Quick Salve lets her heal with an item and perform another action on the same turn, but I don't think it's all that useful.

I only sent a very small force north to get the vein, the rest all paired up with my four fliers and flew to the right to cut Candice off. Some of them will go back to thin out her squad, the rest will race to the end to harvest all the EXP.

The Levin Sword's lack of crit chance and 1-2 is great for guaranteeing I'll have a full gauge when I need it. That's one thing I don't like about the gauge in this game, it can make one hit kills when you could have doubled detrimental...

Her and her little group are charging ahead. I'll have to bait them out individually if I want to take them all out for EXP, but if I just wanted to end the chapter I could easily rush in and one round Candace.

I really want Dwyer to get C knives so he can use his Flame Shuriken, which means throwing him in as many pointless combats as possible. He doesn't need to do any damage!

Silas can be on squad-baiting duty, along with Elise to make him bulkier. He's only at D knives right now, I'd like his rank to be higher so he can deal more damage.

Oh and there we go. I don't actually care about him using Steel weapons or anything, but this will increase his might with all knives by 1.

Nina will probably be stuck using E rank swords for the rest of the game, but that's not so bad. Bronze weapons are one of the few ways to not have Berserkers able to crit my units.

None of the enemies further ahead have moved yet except this one Zerk right at the end of the map, who's slowly and angrily making his way over to my army. I wonder why?

The 1 RN hit method Fates uses for 50% and below hit chances make dodge-tanking strong units like this much more risky. 29% no longer means "basically nothing", it is instead an actual genuine 29% chance for you to take a lot of damage.

...well I guess he's better at dodging now.

This is also cool. 5 extra damage with knives. Unlike with all my other units this is not a sign I need to reclass him into something else.

Candace is now unescorted, which means... ignore her and kill everyone else, obviously.

This vein will let Corrin and her crew skip ahead to face the rest of the enemies along with my flying squad. Even if you took your sweet time getting here, this dragon vein should easily let you catch up to the boss.

Decent. That's more damage with the Flame Shuriken!

It might be relatively easy cleanup from here on out, but I still need to pay attention to enemy ranges. This one random flier caught me by surprise...

Camilla is tanky, Nina is... not getting speed like I hoped she would.

I guess this could be useful? She doesn't have any room in her skillset right now, but there might be a situation in which she needs to use it.

Peri this is not very Wyvern Lord of you

You know I'm reasonably sure she won't attack any unit in her range and will instead head for the exit, but she could kill Azura in one shot.

This map is boring and I'm overleveled, who cares I'll just end it. Candace isn't very bulky so most of my army could one round her.

"You AXED Candace? You axe her body like the bandit? Oh! Oh! Jail for Camilla! Jail for Camilla for One Thousand Years!!!!"

These boost all stats by 1 each (except HP). They're like Naga's tear except only half as good. I am forcing myself to use them before the next chapter starts, otherwise I would gladly leave them in the convoy forever to make my other items smell nicer.

That's the last ez EXP chapter done! Now I have to use my brain from here on out.

What do I want to wish for? I guess I'd like to do every map first try from here on out. Statboosters will help with that.

Seems like most of these paralogues end up with the parent realising the Deeprealms are existentially horrifying and a bad idea in general. You'd think all the other parents would stop using them after the first...

Normally I'd end the update now but I want to post stats so I can ask for input on how to use my remaining statboosters. I'm also buying this to help me in Chapter 24 while I remember - Shigure can use it and I want all the Beast Killers I can use.

Silas / Elise A, C for the other two. I tend to go with either something that might help sum up the support or something that looks as weird as possible when taking screenshots for each one...

Midori gets to meet her parents too. Maybe I'll stick her in my army? She's not half bad.

Here are the four statboosters I need to make myself use. And here's all of my army...

The Dragon Herbs I want to give to someone like Corrin or Silas who will be taking a lot of hits and won't be ramming a load of caps, the Goddess Icon I also want to give to someone who both needs the luck and will be taking lots of hits in return, the Spirit Dust could go to either Ophelia or Corrin, the Energy Drop I have no idea. Any suggestions?