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Part 65: My Castle (Chapter 26)

No new supports at all... I guess everybody was too busy fighting for their lives to make friends. I thought life or death situations were supposed to forge lifelong bonds!

Elise is so much higher level than Arthur that she shreds all his opponents in the arena. Look at him cheering for his wife!

I really need to offload some of these gold bars. I want a small amount in reserve to use for Spendthrift, but I certainly do not need all 20 of them. With my profits from last chapter and the cash injection from these I shall buy an admittedly wasteful Spirit Dust to cap Ophelia's magic, as well as a Partner Seal to put Corrin in her final class of Paladin.

She goes from capped speed to capped strength. I have a Speedwing spare, if she doesn't get one last point of speed I'll use it on her.

Also I should swap skills while I remember. Nina no longer needs Aptitude thanks to being level 20. Her skill slots are very cramped, it's nice to be able to free one up.

I have complained about Silas's bulk a lot but honestly, he's been tanking okay as of late. Seeing how Corrin's going to be instrumental in fighting two very tough bosses I think it's fair to give her this instead of him.

I'm not used to seeing this many capped stats... I guess I've been pretty lucky this playthrough! And I've also been forcing myself to use my boosters. Time for none of these stats to matter as Staff Savant ruins my day 10 times over.