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Part 73: Epilogue

Alright, I guess it's time for me to finally tie a bow on this. Churning out a map or 2 a day might have been fine, but something about my brain chemistry makes going back and editing my content to create an actually useable contents page a herculean task. Probably the same thing that allowed me to binge through multiple routes in 3 Houses in only a few days while at the same time being incapable of ever sorting my character's inventories.

There's no gameplay left but it would feel wrong to just end the LP as I did, so here's a few screenshots from the epilogue and all the paired endings I got.

The answer to that question, and many others, is buy the DLC path. I don't think there's any complete let's play of Rev on the archive right now... I'm not sure there ever will be. I can imagine a potentially fun LP of that game where you download the gay patch and leave all your pairings and class choices up to a viewer vote, but it wouldn't be something I'd like to do personally.

Azura's gone. No explanation as to why, you'll have to play Birthright for that. I don't even remember questioning this on my first playthrough of Conquest, I wonder what I thought happened? Maybe I didn't care.

Azura died on the way to her home planet. If you married Azura (which I imagine a significant amount of players did!) then this line must seem even sillier. Everybody in the royal family is rather blasé about their adoptive sister's sudden disappearence. Maybe nobody really liked her and they're all glad she's gone...

Now Xander gets to be king. It's only fair, he did kind of carry me through the later chapters. Although what happens when Anankos eventually corrupts his mind, too? And then Seigbert's, and then whoever comes after him...

The Hoshidan royal family is here too. I'm a little surprised they wanted to come, but I guess if there's going to be any sort of peace they kind of have to... All the Corrin Haters died so everybody who's left alive will be more willing to co-operate. I wonder if the general populace knows that we killed Garon? And that he was a giant slime boy.

Hinoka gets to be the queen! Is that good? I have no idea! All of the Hinoka supports I've read were really boring so I don't really have a read on her personality besides that she's a warrior princess who's bad at being formal. She seems like a good person?

I think Xander's first new policy as king should be to redecorate the royal palace a little. All the spikes and torture implements kind of give off a bad vibe, it's hard to give a speech on the virtues of peace with all of these things just hanging there.

One last group photo before the end. Incidentally, Camilla and Leo are the only 2 royals to survive the Birthright route. Camilla declines to take the throne and Leo becomes king. They've got childhood trauma for days, Anankos and his mind-corrupting powers would have a field day with the both of them.

Now for the paired endings. Shigure's usefulness as a rallybot sold me on the power of the Jakob / Azura pair, but I do think he joined a little too late to be as useful as he could have been.

Leo unfortunately was a disappointment, but thankfully he was one of the only ones. I feel as if Forrest can do his job no matter who his mum is, but Felicia was helpful as a support partner for Leo when I was actually using him.

Here's disappointment number two. It's a shame I didn't get to show off the awesome power of Sniper Niles, but Nina carried the torch for him instead. I had completely forgotten that Mozu's kids inherit Villager and not Archer, but it all worked out fine in the end.

Odin left Fatesland behind with only self-insert fanfic remaining as historical record. I guess Nyx came too? Sitting her on the Hoshidan throne would probably have cured her non-aging curse...

Odin was good for the first half of the game. With investment he easily could have continued through to the second half, but Ophelia did his job much better. Nyx!Ophelia might be worse than Elise!Ophelia in almost every single way, but she did all that she needed to do.

This was the only second gen pairing I managed to do. How are they going to explain Seigbert's existence to the public? Does the general populace know about the deeprealms? Maybe it's best to pretend all the child units in this game are non-canon...

If Owain came back to his world with his whole family I think Lissa would be extremely confused. Not only does she now have a daughter-in-law, a grandaughter, and a grandson-in-law, she'd most likely assume that Nyx is the daughter and Ophelia is Owain's wife and be very confused when that's not the case. This whole family tree is a bit messed up.

I do wish I could have paired Kaze with Charlotte and Keaton with Camilla. Maybe with better planning I could have? I'd say that giving up her title to be a housewife is a lame ending for Camilla, but if you read all her backstory then getting to have a nice normal family and not need to kill anyone else is probably the best ending for her and her sanity. Camilla's Quest is at long last over...

Wyvern Elise kicked ass. Maybe she could have kicked even more ass with an Odin backpack, but she certainly didn't need him to be great. I'd like to think she somehow stole the intrinsic ability to wield staves regardless of class from Iago's corpse.

Queen Peri probably had so many people executed for entirely trivial reasons. It's a bit hard to take the ending seriously knowing she's the next queen of Nohr...

I'd complain about the literal main character being reduced to a footnote in her husband's epilogue, but it does kind of fit with how I was playing the game. A significant amount of her talent was wasted on being a support partner for a loser who WOULD NOT GET DEFENSE. I don't care if he was blessed in literally every other stat!!! Peri wouldn't have done this to me.

Yeah that's it I guess. All I need to do is collect all the links for the second post and then send this off to the archive?

I'm not good at endings or retrospectives or anything, but I enjoyed this LP. Conquest's a fun game and I glad I got to show it off. Seems like a lot of people were inspired to start their own playthroughs of this game, and that makes me really happy! Lunatic mode might not be for everyone (in some of the later chapters I don't even think it was for me!), but there's so much weird and wonderful stuff you can do with the mechanics of this game and I couldn't think of a better environment for me to show it off. Would I want every Fire Emblem game to play like this one? Nah. But I do hope people can remember Conquest, and Fates in general, as more than just the game with the terrible plot and the babyrealms... And if even one more person now realises that Odin can be useful then that's good enough for me.

Like I said I'm bad at endings so uhhhh