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Part 93: Felicia

Maid (HS: Mercenary)
A+ Support Classes: Peri (Cavalier), Flora (Dark Mage)
Personal Skill: Devoted Partner (Gives +2 damage dealt and -2 damage received when supporting Corrin)
Growths (With Default Class):
HP: 40% (40)
STR: 10% (20)
MAG: 35% (45)
SKL: 30% (45)
SPD: 40% (55)
LCK: 55% (65)
DEF: 15% (20)
RES: 35% (45)

It's Felicia! She's finally here, and only slightly underleveled. I don't have as much experience using Felicia as I do Jakob, especially the version that joins later in the game. That's the one I'll be talking about since she's the one I'm stuck with this playthrough.

Right off of the bat, Felicia's a staff user with C rank staves and a pretty decent magic stat. She's also able to use the Flame Shurriken immediately. If you just want a healer who's capable of dealing decent damage in an emergency then she's a perfectly serviceable unit to slot into your army. Her growths aren't very good, but that's to be expected from a magic focused unit in this game.

As a support unit she's okay. Her personal skill only benefits Corrin, but she can't S support girl Corrin and they most likely would rather pair up with Jakob or Gunter instead if they wanted a dedicated support partner who's personal skill they could take advantage of. She's a pretty good marriage candidate for Odin or Leo, who both appreciate the speed she gives and have magical children who don't mind Felicia's influence on their growths. Troubadour unfortunately isn't a particularly good class to inherit or obtain through Partner Seals, but Leo's son already gets the class by default and therefore will inherit Mercenary instead.

As for reclass options, I guess Strategist is fine? She makes a much better one than Jakob will thanks to her higher magic, although keep in mind that her physical bulk will be completely and utterly non existant as one. Bow Knight and Hero both have some decent skills, especially the Breaker ones they'll get at level 15 which Felicia will be able to unlock very quickly. Otherwise... idk really, I assume Walla has some more substantial Felicia opinions. F!Corrin Felicia is kind of just a staffbot who shares Jakob's weird level gimmick but won't have had the time he had to build supports or gain levels and WEXP.



My Rating: Her "we've got trouble!" line-read didn't deserve to become a meme, it's perfectly fine >:[