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Part 11: Chapter 1, Epilogue: Sofia Castle

Time to finish up the first chapter by exploring Sofia Castle.

Music: Castle

We heard this music back at the fort, but it seems appropriate to post it again here. The castle is another exploration area, with several people to talk to, and a couple of treasures as well. Though one of them appears to have already been opened....

From the first lady at the entrance, we learn that we're not done with Dozer quite yet, though it will be some time before we actually see him again.

No normal person can use it.

In the lower-left chamber, we find that Dozer looted the open treasure before he took off, though he may not be able to make use of it. Remember that one for the next time we encounter him.

The man in the lower-right chamber gives us outright permission to loot the treasure next to him. Alm picks up the Knight Killer - it has 1 less Might and 5 more Accuracy than the Steel Lance, but gives triple Attack against cavaliers and their promotions. It's good for a high-movement unit like Claire or Cleive.

Well, except the princess whom Lord Mycen was entrusted with.

So wait, Alm was raised by Mycen, and the princess was left with Mycen. So...that makes Alm the princess? Clearly we still need some more information here.

Dozer's not a very nice man.

If he's not stopped before the Rigelian army comes, there'll be big trouble.

Setting up more plot for the rest of the game here.

But he shouldn't have any kin.... N-no way, that rumor was true?

What rumor? Argh these people are useless.

We can leave the castle to the north and reach the Northern Gate, but we're not allowed to go anywhere from there except back to the castle.

Instead, Alm heads upstairs, to find....

There's one more person to talk to, and he looks about as familiar as 8-bit sprites can look.

So, Mycen is here. Why couldn't he have just come with us in the first place, then? Sheesh.

I can't seem to escape destiny. Alm, it's best if you follow your own path. Free this land of Valencia from its cursed fate.

Red-haired girl, huh. Considering there's only one other mysterious person that's been mentioned today, I would bet good money on the next red-haired girl we see being the lost princess.

Perhaps that is what fate has in store for you....

And with that, we've reached the end of the first chapter.

Next time:

We start the second chapter, and immediately encounter a red-haired girl.