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Part 14: Chapter 2, Part 2: Nova Port

Today we're in for a quick jaunt through Nova Port.

Music: Encounter

The port consists of just a bar and a single pier, which currently holds an empty ship for us to take. Entering it immediately 'ships' us off to the next battle.

First though we have some people to chat with. We'll reach the Sea Shrine soon enough - it's the shrine on the world map guarded by a monster of some kind.

The man at the bar has a bit more personality.

Actually, we can, there's a boat sitting at the dock waiting for us to steal.

Celica realizes that sailing off into contested waters with four mages might not be the best idea.

What? You wanna hire me? Hmm.... Alright, it might be interestin'.

Not exactly a meat-shield - he has the same Defense as Celica, but a bit more HP - but he'll be a welcome addition.

The bartender is always a good source for gossip. She has some information on the monster guarding the Sea Shrine - do Dragon Zombies sound familiar to any Fire Emblem 8 veterans?

However, lots of pirates trawl the waters. Their boss, Dahha, has killed many people. Earlier, some men left to avenge their families. They probably won't return alive.

The last person here invites us to steal the ship, then gives us a straightforward info-dump on what we'll be facing in the next few battles.

There's nothing else here, so Celica enters the ship and sails away towards her second battle.

Current Roster

New Characters

Sabr is the first purely physical unit to join Celica, and while he starts off with pretty good stats, his growths are more in line with a damage-soaker.
Stat	Base L1	Growth
HP	22	50
Power	9	20
Skill	9	15
Speed	10	15
Luck	6	10
Defense	4	40
M. Def	6	0
Moves	4	0
Quality	38	100
Next time:

Celica battles some pirates (thieves) on the open seas.