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Part 19: Chapter 2, Part 7: Sea Shrine

Sailing into battle against a dragon zombie....

The dragon zombie is tucked away inside the fort, but that won't last for long.

Just one enemy again, but it's a lot tougher than the shaman we fought last time. Defense and Magic Defense are both 12, so right away half our army can't do any damage and the rest can only manage a few points, with one exception - Celica's Angel spell can do 23 damage, since it's effective against the undead. The dragon zombie's 15 Power will tear through our magic users, and 8 Moves means that it's difficult to keep it away from us. It also has just enough Speed to make trouble for us.

To top it all off, the dragon zombie holds a Holy Ring, which heals it for 5 HP at the start of each turn. So any scratch damage we deal it will be healed away.

Turn 1

The dragon zombie won't come out until we get in range, so the first couple turns are just a cautious approach.

Turn 2

My first two attempts at this chapter, I sent May and Jenny forward as well. But each time, the dragon zombie would eventually be able to fly all the way around the battle line and one-round Jenny. So this time only Celica, Valbo and Saber are moving ahead.

Turn 3

Celica's in the forest for some extra evasion, ready to lure out the dragon zombie.

She dodges, with a couple of scratches dished out in return.

Turn 4

Celica unleashes the Angel spell, but it's not enough for the kill. Also the Angel spell is heavy enough that she's double-attacked, but fortunately dodges once.

Volba scratches the dragon zombie for no real reason.

The dragon zombie goes after Celica on the enemy phase. If the blow lands, the battle's pretty much lost as Celica won't have enough HP to cast Angel. Since I couldn't get Jenny close enough for healing without her getting killed first, there aren't really any options left if that happens.

For once, luck is on my side.

Turn 5

So, the first time I made it here, Celica missed a 90% chance. She was then promptly killed on the counter-attack.

Finally, on the fourth attempt at the battle, Celica wins.

She gets the Holy Ring for her trouble. It goes into storage for now until the thread decides what to do with it.

Next time:

We enter the Sea Shrine.