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Part 35: Chapter 3, Part A: Southern Desert

We've just taken the Desert Fort and freed Jesse. Two paths lie before us...a myrmidon by the name of Dean leads a troop guarding the northern route through the desert, while the mage Sonia guards the southern route. We'll need to pass through one of them to get to Geyse's Fort. Thoughts?

I'm pretty sure we can handle a bunch of girl mages. What could they possibly do?

Right. Well I do think we match up better against the magic-users. Let's head south.

At least we're finally moving. We need to hurry up and free Est! Who knows that Geyse is doing to her...

Boss, it looks like we've got ten hostile mages waiting for us. They'll have the mobility advantage in the desert.

We'll see about that!

Their leader has a special shield that will make her tough to harm. She reportedly also knows a special "Excalibur" spell. Never heard of that one.

Vile wind magic. Strong, fast, and good at finding weak points. We'll want to avoid getting hit by that too often.

The rest of the mages - they call themselves 'witches' actually, some kind of weird coven I guess - are all but immune to magic but don't wear any armor so swords and lances will do the trick just nicely.

I do wish it weren't necessary to slaughter a group of women like this, but I suppose we have no choice. Let's move out.

Palla, Catria, you two take the lead and scout out the territory ahead of us. I think setting up in that small fort should give us an advantage, if we can reach it in time. Jenny, you summon up a couple of those illusory soldiers for us as a distraction.

Already on it.

Ahh...that little witch just popped out of a portal and roasted me good. Medic!

Shit, these witches can teleport! Everyone get close together!

No! They throw fire from a distance, you'll get us all burnt alive! Spread out!

We'll take care of any witch that gets close....

One of the illusions is down already!

We're being hit from three sides already, we've got to take cover! I barely dodged that one!

This is a desert, where do you think you're going to find cover?!

Calm down, we still have the upper hand. Jenny, go see to Valbo, please.

He's hurt pretty bad, Celica. Best I can do is keep him stable. We need to keep the witches away from him.

How are you going to keep away a teleporting fire-thrower! I knew I never should've left home....

It looks like their teleporting isn't very accurate or they would've teamed up on one target already. We'll just have to hope for the best.

This witch won't be bothering us anymore, at least.

Western front clear as well, Celica!

You know, I think I feel a bit faster now.

Me too!

Saber, can you get to the third witch nearby?

It's hard to run in this blasted sand. I don't think I'd make it before she can attack again. Kamui's right there but he's a little afraid of fire....

Wait! I think I have a shot....

Great shot, Leo! Let's keep moving forward, and be on the lookout for more portals opening around us.

Portal spotted! She's headed my way, I'll fight her off.

Friendly little witch....

It's Sonia! Watch out for Excalibur!

I'm...ok. Got thrown around a bit, some gashes. Wouldn't want to take too many more of those.

Another portal, right behind us! Celica, look out!

It's okay, she went after the other illusion. I guess those things really are convincing, Jenny.

I see another portal off to the east. Can you see where she's headed?

Aaahhhh my hair is on fire put it out put it out!

Bury your head in the sand!

Incoming! Kamui get your head out of there!

Jenny can you get over there?!

I'm still working on Catria, and Valbo's still in pretty bad shape. We really need another healer!

I'm working on it, Recover's a trickier spell than it looks!

This witch has made her final mistake. While she's busy with Jenny's illusion, I can get behind her, and....

Sonia's the major threat here, we need to take her down. Leo do you have a shot?

That shield of hers is stopping most of my arrows. It won't be much help.

I'm ready for this! her good, there. She's down and bleeding but she's working on another spell, someone get to her first!

On it sis!

Right through the heart! The witch is dead!

Stay focused, there's still five more of them!

Psh, that all you got?

Kamui, get down, one headed your way!

Celica! Are you all right?!

Fine....we've had worse burns in training. Catria, Palla, fly out and take care of the witches on the perimeter, we'll handle the ones close in.

Already done!

Celica, I've got Kamui, he's in pretty bad shape but I think he'll make it. We're going to need to rest up when this is done, though.

Hey I've got another witch on the ropes here, can anyone help me out?

Yes! Bullseye!


Another one down. Not quite out though.

Dodge that! Stupid witch....

The last witch is headed your way, Catria - don't let her get in the fort.

Walls aren't really a problem for me. Take that!

Phew. everyone made it. Let's stay the night here, then tomorrow we'll finally confront Geyse. Still, I can't help but feel as if we lost a potential ally, here....


Celica, are you all right?

Oh! Just a weird dream, I guess. The battle with Geyse and his men wore me out more than I thought. I'll be glad not to spend more than one night here, though.

Well, I just wanted to thank you again. I fell in with Geyse even though I never really liked him, but I couldn't leave because Dean was always watching me. When you defeated him in the northern desert, I was able to slip away and keep out of the fighting until you made it here. Still, I guess if things had turned out differently, Dean would be the one here with you - he didn't really like Geyse any more than I did, but I couldn't very well just let him run off or Geyse would've taken it out on me.



Next time:

Celica's journey continues with another trek through the mountain graveyard, followed by a confrontation with an elite mercenary force on the way to Mila's Temple.