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Part 9: Chapter 7 - Conclusion


Princess Elincia... Why did you return here?

That is what brings us here.

Sub-human? Ha! What arrogance it takes to coin such a name! You think yourselves the only onesworthy of the name "human," and so we laguz must be beneath you? And thus you call us "sub-human." We are less than human to you, is that it?

I'm sorry... I don't know any other name for you. If I have offended you, I apologize. What should I call you? Laguz? Would that be more appropriate?

Huh? You show manners? How odd. I like that. Now, you are... Who, exactly?

My name is Ike. Ike of the Greil Mercenaries.

We did not know what to think when this group of beorc came tramping through Gallian fields... Imagine our surprise to learn that one of them is Princess Elincia. Now, that was a shock. Two days ago, Daein proclaimed their conquest. We thought Crimea's royals had all been killed.

Conquest? They've laid claim to Crimea? So that means Crimea must be...

I... also heard this news from my lord Ranulf... After... after I fled the capital... My lord uncle Renning... He...

Princess Elincia...

This is why our king ordered extra patrols along the nation's border. It wasn't mere chance that brought my warriors here to offer you support.

I see...

First of all, I must present Princess Elincia to the king. As for the rest of your men, Ike, I must get orders from my superiors. Until then you may rest at an old castle inside Gallia. Sorry, but I cannot bring so large a group of foreigners to the palace without warning.

I understand. Commander, that's not going to be a problem, is it?


Hm? What was that?

What's wrong? You're not paying attention. It's not like you.

I was thinking about something. So, what's been decided?

Princess Elincia is going on to the palace with Ranulf. We're going into Galliaand setting up camp at an old castle. Which way to this castle, Ranulf?

I shall prepare a guide to take you. One of you! Quickly!

No, don't go to the trouble. If it's nearby, we cross the river on the border and head west. It's Gebal Castle, right? You go ahead. Get the princess to King Caineghis as fast as you can.

... Understood. What thoughtful guests you are. If you'll excuse me. Oh, and if it's not overly presumptuous, I'll have food delivered to you later.

We'd appreciate it. The road has been hard, and we had little time to pack more than salted meat and hard biscuits.

Then we shall provide! Princess Elincia, shall we leave?

Farewell, everyone... Until later. I will see you soon, won't I?


Take care.


Ike? What are you doing still awake?

I couldn't sleep, so I was lying there staring outside, and I saw you leave the castle. Where are you going at this hour?

It's nothing to do with you, boy. Go back inside and get to sleep.

Will you stop treating me like a child? I'll do as I please, got it?

Hmph. You always were a stubborn pup. What say we take a walk and chat a bit?


I'm definitely a better fighter. But I don't understand... Why would you put a recruit like me in charge?

What is it with all the complaining? You have a problem with authority?

Just give me a straight answer. I've only just started. I'm barely able to handle my own duties around here. I shouldn't be in charge of anyone.

You can learn it all at once. It'll all fall into place as soon as you start to get some experience.

It's just strange is all... A while ago, you never would have said or done anything like this.


Is something wrong, Father? Why are you in such a rush?

...... Do you remember anything at all about your mother?

What? Where did that come from?

Just answer the question.

Let's see... She was kind, I... think... I don't really remember. And you've never said much about her either.

Hm. Is that so...

We're done. Leave me and go back to the castle.

What? Just like that?

You heard me. That's a direct order! Return to the castle immediately!

I... Fine...

Man, what the hell. Super-badass Greil suddenly gets distracted, lost in thought, talking about the future out of nowhere, and running into the forest on...

...his... own...




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Father... What's going on?

Where are you?


Ike? Stay back!


Use this blade.

What are you doing?

I've been waiting for this for a long time. I would prefer it if you used your proper weapon, so that I might see you at your full strength...

General Gawain, Rider of Daein.

That was my name once...

But I...

...threw it away.

The only weapon I need... is right...


Do you... want to die?

Your voice... I remember you. You think you can defeat me? The man who taught you how to fight? What a fool.

Come on, boy! Come try me!

Is that all there is?

No challenge? No resistance?


Don't... Don't leave... Don't leave me! Father!


Father! Father!!

I... Ike...

Hold on!

Now then, will you give me what I came for?

I... don't... have it......... I threw... it away...

Ha. You, who knows better than any what it truly is, threw it away? Surely you can craft a more plausible lie. You're not even trying anymore.

I'm done talking to you.

So there's no way for me to get my answers, is that it? The dead keep their secrets, or so it is said. But you, however... You are not dead yet. I wonder... Will watching your son's face grow pale, his eyes grow dim as his life bleeds away... And then your daughter... Oh, the horrors I will visit upon her. Will that loosen your tongue, perhaps? I suppose we will simply have to see.


No! Ike!!!


I won't check my hand again. Give me what I am after. If you offer no more resistance, I will leave your child alive.

S-stop... You will not touch my son!


You're not going anywhere.

Tell me, is the son as stupid as the father?


Ike, stop. There's no way you can win.


... So close. Now is not the time for me to deal with him. Hmph. You get to keep your head today, boy.


So willful. So arrogant... Of course... The one who... made him that way... was... m-me...

...Father? Father! Hold on! I can't do anything here... I've... I've got to get you back to the castle!




Father? You're awake!

I... There's something I need to tell you.

Tell me later. Right now, I'm getting you back to the castle.

Forget about revenge... Leave that knight alone... Stay away...

What? Father?

Stay with the king of Gallia... Live here. Live in peace...

Father, stop talking. You're wasting your strength. Please...

I need you to take care of everything... The company... Mist...

Wait... You mustn't say such things! It'll be light soon. You'll be fine...


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