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Part 20: Chapter 13 - Preamble

Another day, another flagrant abuse of MVP mechanics. I think it should go by amount of damage dealt in HP; that way it'd go to Rolf. God knows Rolf helped a ton in that last battle.

We are immediately dumped straight into the Base, without any dialogue or anything. So I guess we'll just to strike up our own conversations!


Youth (**):

I know you... You're Jorge, right? You make weapons for us.

No. Jorge buys used ware. I'm his twin brother. Well, mostly his twin. He has blond hair, you see.

Brown hair, Daniel, and weapons... Blond hair, Jorge, and items... I think I'll remember.

Fantastic. Say, can I ask you a quick question? You're a battle expert, right? You've fought a lot?

Enough, yeah. What is it?


All right. I'm picturing it.

Now then, soldiers from one ship are about to attack the other one. Imagine that the defending side has fewer soldiers. If they want to mount a solid defense, what should they do?

This all sounds remarkably specific...

I see. So you would hold the enemy at bay by using your strongest allies to block the primary crossing points!

Then, you'd want to have your long-range attackers line up behind the tougher units barring the bridges. I'm talking about anyone with javelins, axes, or magic. You'd be able to do a lot of damage without much risk.

Sounds like a good plan but... it seems rough on the soldiers defending the bridges.

You would want to heal them often, obviously, but maybe there's a way to reduce how much damage they take.

Oh come on, now they're even exploiting the fucking game mechanics!

Hmm... That's not a bad idea.

Great! Thanks. That gave me some good ideas.

Ideas? For what?

It's called "The Incandescent Macguffin!"

A wargame?

We'll let you join if you bring some parchment and a quill. Come see us anytime if you're curious. See you later.

Maybe I shouldn't have been so serious with him...



Woman (**):

I was just on my way to the deck.

Oh, I see. That's too bad. I had a story I wanted to share with you.

A story?

Hm mm. And quite a ripping yarn it is, too. Interested?

Well... Not really.


Oh, you're so rude! And after you were so sweet the other day!

What are you going on about?

When those crows attacked... I had wanted to see what they looked like, so I was hiding on the deck, watching. I had heard they could fly, of course, but I had no idea they could fight! I thought one of them had the drop on you, and I couldn't help myself!

I thought I'd heard a strange, shrieking sound. That was you?

And upon hearing my sweet voice, Commander, you turned around and brought down that crow with one shot! It was awe inspiring.

Not really. He was exhausted from the battle. He could barely move.

And that's when you first caught my eye, my dynamic young commander!

Is that why your hand always lingers on mine when you hand me my equipment?

Oh, no! Have I been too... obvious?

Maybe I should send one of the others down to pick up our gear from now on...

Hm. You're embarrassed, aren't you? You're so cute when you're being coy!

...not really sure what qualifies this as a two-star conversation. I guess they kinda referenced enemy laguz units eventually running out of TP and becoming vulnerable? I dunno, that's never a particularly great way of fighting them...


Jill (*):

Is there any reason you're still on our ship? The crows are gone. The truce is over, isn't it?

... I have a duty. As a Daein soldier, I cannot allow a Crimean princess and her band of mercenaries to run free where they will.

If you want to start a fight, you're on the right path. Think you can take us all on your own? Because if you want to get your friends, I won't stop you from leaving the ship.

Bold words from someone half Ike's level.

But even if I were to leave this ship, the land is too far away for me to reach.

Nonsense. I can see land in the distance from time to time, and I thought you could go anywhere on that wyvern of yours.

No wyvern could fly that far without resting, and these islands are thick with half-beast scum. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't leave this ship.

Then let me ask you, why did you follow us alone knowing that?

I wanted to be recognized... I wanted my deeds to earn me fame. A soldier has little else to strive for...

And yet you soldiers sneer at mercenaries. At least we fight for something real. There are some dumb soldiers in this world.


You leave us no choice. I'll take you as far as Begnion.


If you can't agree to this condition, I'll kick you off the ship right now.

I-- All right...



3 Brothers (***):

Try getting some stats sometime, maybe?

Boyd... You're not making any sense. I understand your enthusiasm to help Ike, but try to explain what you mean... We can't do anything until we know exactly what it is you want to do.

You're so impatient, Oscar. I was just getting to it, all right?

Impatient? You're calling me impatient? You're so impatient you can barely be bothered to put your armor on!

Nag, nag, nag.

An unstoppable attack!? That sounds good...

Doesn't it? I'm glad you approve, peewee!

Don't call me peewee!

It is a fine plan, but you haven't explained what this new attack is supposed to be. How do we do it?

Hey, I came up with the idea. It's your job to figure out the details. Make it cool, though, Oscar.

Let me do it! I'll think up a great one!

No way. Forget that. It's too much for your little peewee brain.

I told you, don't call me that!

It's not immediately obvious (at least, to anyone not in the habit of second-guessing Fire Emblem) what this conversation actually gives us - it actually just unlocks another conversation later that actually does give us something.



Rhys/Kieran (C):

Fire/Wind: Atk +0.5, Hit +5, Avo +2.5

Hey, Rhys! Nice day, isn't it.

Oh, hello, Kier... Yaaaa! What happened to you!?

Huh? What is it?

Th-there's blood gushing down the side of your head!

Hm? Why, so there is... Isn't that odd?

Odd? Please, hold still! Just stay there! Let me get my heal staff and--

Heal staff? Bah! I'm fine. A scratch like this will heal itself! You should have seen the time I fought the Giant Scorpions of--

Oh, my goodness! Are you kidding!? Please! Hold still... ... Phew! That should do it. But... how did you hurt yourself?

Oh, I was just training over there... Must have gotten a little crazy! Hiyaaaaaa! Whaaaaaaa!

Who were you sparring with? And why did they hit you hard enough to draw blood?

Sparring? Ha! No one spars with Kieran! I'm too much man for them! No, I was just swinging my axe around.

H-how do you cut yourself swinging--

Rhys? I'm a Crimean knight! We fear neither blood, nor pain, nor terribly sharp implements being inserted into our...


... Eh? What's wrong, Rhys?

I... I'm sorry. I just got a little light headed there... Do you always put yourself through such harsh training?

Of course! I'm a Crimean knight! I never cut corners in my training! Why, even if the enemy were to lance me with a thousand barbed and poisoned needles, I would never stop!

Well, that's an... admirable attitude... But I'm still concerned... Oh, dear me.


Brom/Zihark (C):

Water/Earth: Atk +0.5, Def +0.5, Avo +5

Hmm...? Hey, what are you doing?

Hi, Brom. I'm just fixing my shoulder guard. See? It's starting to rip right here.

Oh, yeah. You don't want to go into battle like that! This one time, I had a... hey! How do you know my name?

Hm? Oh, I'm just good at remembering names and faces. Natural talent, I suppose. Sorry if I got a little fresh with you! Let me introduce myself. I'm Zihark. How do you do, Brom?

Howdy! Nice to meet you! Fixing a shoulder guard is tough work. What do you do when you're not at war? You work in leather?

Nope. Just a swordsman.

Huh... I didn't know swordsmen could fix something like this. That's quite a skill!

I taught myself. Mercenaries don't make good money, you know. I can't afford to visit a tradesman... And... done! All right, that should hold.

Wow... Isn't that something? I have to teach my youngest son how to do that!

How many children do you have, Brom?

I've got five sons and three daughters. In fact... my oldest girl is just about your age.

I figured you would have lots of children.

How did you figure that?

Just look at you, Brom. You're a big man with a big heart. The perfect daddy!

Y-you think so? Oh, stop! You're embarrassing me!


Boyd/Mist (C):

Fire/Water: Hit +2.5, Atk +1, Def +0.5

Hyaaa! Gyaaa! Hrrraaaa! ... Phew... That's enough for today. I just don't feel into it. Maybe I'll take a quick nap...

Done already, Boyd?!

Huh? Um... Gyaaa! Hyaaa! Oh, Titania! I didn't see you there. I'm training so hard that... Huh?

Tee hee!

Who the--? Mist! Ooo! What a jerk!

Hey, you're the one who tried to blow off training! If you keep ignoring your drills, I'm going to become a better mercenary than you!

Better than me? Ha. HA! Dream on, kid! You've got some nerve saying that to me!

Kid? You better remember who my father is! Fighting ability runs in the blood, you know.

Aw, that's a bunch of hooey! Survival on a battlefield depends on experience and luck. Nothing more! If you dive into battle with a conceited attitude, you'll end up dead no matter what blood is in your veins!

Gee, sorry, Boyd. I was just joking... Hey, don't look so angry...

This is no game! We don't fight for fun! Now get out of here... I mean it! You're in my way!

... Sorry.

... Mist, wait... Ah, heck.


Marcia/Kieran (C):

Fire/Wind: Atk +0.5, Hit +5, Avo +2.5

Ho ho! I would love to have a chance to train with a Pegasus knight. It could only increase my already mighty skills... Oh, here comes one now! Marcia!


Ahem! Er... I would like to have the pleasure of... Oh, pardon me. I forgot to introduce myself. My name--

I already know who you are. Crimean Royal Knight Fifth Platoon Captain Kieran. Did I get that right?

How do you know my name? Not to mention my post... Maybe it was the fame I won during our last battle? No, I was only semi-glorious...


Or perhaps I have injured you and yours with a past transgression? Are you here to avenge yourself on me?!


Oh ho! Then tales of my valor must have spread to other countries! Perhaps you know of the time I slew the Giant Spider of... Naah... That's pushing it. But it is possible... Let's see... It's also possible that...

Hey! Meathead!

Yaaaa! W-what! Don't scare me like that!

We all know your name. You announce yourself every time we fight. "I am Crimean Royal Knight, Fifth Platoon Captain Kieran! See me and tremble!"

Hmm... Well, that explains it...

So. How can I help you?


Didn't you want to ask me something?

Oh, that's right, Er... Hm? What did I want to ask you? Blast! Was it... No, that's not it...

Riiiight. Well, you come find me whenever you remember... Sheesh! I think this guy's helmet is on too tight...


Titania/Mist (B):

Light/Water: Hit +5 Def +2, Atk +1

I'm sorry about the other day, Titania. I really did have a good time, even if I didn't look like it...

Don't worry about it, Mist! You did look awfully serious the whole time, but that just proves to me how much you needed the time off.

And I did enjoy seeing the town. I'd never seen anything quite like it! But I kept thinking about all the chores waiting here...

You're far too considerate of others, Mist. You're always putting our needs before your own. You're so much like Elena in that regard.

My mother?

Yes. You and she are very much alike. But you know, Mist, you are still young. You do not need to take on all the burdens of adulthood so soon. I worry about you.

Oh, stop... Titania? Thank you...

No, Mist. Thank you.


Rhys/Mia (B):

Fire/Fire: Atk +2, Hit +10

Oh, hello, Mia. Um... You're not going to throw a sword at me again, are you?

Huh? Oh, heya, Rhys. I was hoping to run into someone today... And guess what? You showed up!

Ahhh! Not that fortune-telling again! L-look, I d-didn't mean to interrupt you... Let me just back away now...

No! Stick around! I could be wrong. Maybe fortune-telling can't predict the future after all... Too bad! That crone had a great reputation. Wait... Maaaaaybe...


Do you want to train with me, Rhys?


Oh, why didn't I see it before! You have what it takes to be a legendary swordsman! You just don't realize it yet. There is awesome potential within you. And when you finally realize it, you'll end up clashing with me as my grand archrival!

Hah! Haaa.... Um... I don't think that's likely to happen, Mia. Although... It's true that I once wanted to be a fighter, back when I was a frail child.

Aha! I knew it! You can't give up unharnessed talent like yours just because you're frail! Give it a try. C'mon! I'll train you myself! We'll start with the basics.

You... will?

Of course... even if I am training the man that will one day be my most hated rival! We better get cracking!


Todays theme in BEXP levels: minimalist but valuable!

Like this!

And this!

Pushing our luck, but acceptable.

We've got quite a lot of sellables; chief among which is of course that Blue Gem, but I also hawk the Statue Frag. You'll note we're also sitting on a nice big pile of stat boosters, but of course those will be of more value used than sold. Finally, those Master Seals are sellable, although sometimes it's worth hanging on to them - just in case.

We'll be back, of course, after the voting, but let's poke around outside and see what kind of totally unforeshadowed mission awaits us.

She's been asking if the princess of Crimea is aboard... What do you want to do?

A Begnion envoy? How did she know about this ship?

Hmmm... Perhaps she had word from King Gallia... On the other hand, this is Begnion we're speaking of. I imagine it has spies in every corner of the continent. Perhaps one of those spies is the source of her information.

So we shouldn't be surprised that she knows about Princess Elincia, right?

What do you mean?

It is a complicated matter. You see, the envoy is essentially an extension of the empress herself. Both Crimea and Daein were once part of Begnion. Both nations have only recently splintered from the theocracy. I can't fathom why the empress would extend the courtesy of an envoy to a nation she must consider somewhat beneath her. She must be planning something.

"Beneath her"? That is somewhat harsh, don't you think?

Harsh, perhaps, but it's true. Clothing it in sweet words will not hide its bitterness, will it?

Soren, even I would question the tactfulness of your words.

Good one, Soren.

I'm glad to hear that, Princess, but he should mind his manners.


Deciding how we ought to treat with this envoy is a more pressing issue. Princess, will you meet her and hear her message?

I believe I must. We gain nothing by refusing to see her. Let us meet with the envoy.



I must ask, what would Begnion want of me that she would send her holy guard to greet me?

The apostle has learned of you, Princess Elincia, and she has come here to meet with you personally. The duty falls upon me to take you
to her now.

The apostle? Am I to meet--Surely the apostle has better things to do than...

Will you accompany me?

I suppose that I...

Of course.

Then yes, I will go with you. Thank you.

Hmph! We've seen their kind before. They fancy themselves pirates without a ship, but they're thieves plain and simple. Commander Sigrun is with the apostle, and it will take more than a few winged scavengers to get past her. Let's remain calm.

I... Actually, I'm afraid we aren't quite sure where the apostle is.

Pictured: The Apostle's Holy Guard, whose Holy Duty is to Guard the Apostle.

No, no! I... From what the commander said, the apostle grew impatient and had another of her more... willful moments. I asked at the docks, and sure enough, one of the longshoremen heard her order the ship to set sail without us.

What!? Where were her attendants? What was she doing without her guard? Why can she never just stay put? I've told her time and time again that the seaports here are rampant with pirates and crow thugs!... Right. Where is she now?

The wind is poor today, so we think her ship should not be too far from us. I came here as quickly as I could.

Understood. We'll move immediately.

Your Highness, I must apologize, but an urgent matter has arisen, and I must attend to it immediately. I will return for you later. Await my return!

If so, then the pegasus knight's fears have already been realized... They're under attack. It's the ravens they spoke of, isn't it?

Are you feeling all right, Soren? It's not like you to offer to help anyone.

It's a great opportunity to put the empress in our debt. We'd be fools to pass that up, wouldn't we?

I should have known you'd have an angle. What do you want to do, Titania?

I don't approve of Soren's motivations, but I agree that we should help.

Well, then that's what we'll do. Will you be all right on your own, Princess?

You're doing the right thing. I would not dream of stopping you. I know those pirates are no match for your strength.

Huh... You're starting to sound like one of us, aren't you? All right then, we'd better go!


Holy shit! Guys! There's a ship! And it's being attacked by another ship! And there are three planks connecting the two ships! Wow! I am totally blindsided by the layout of this map!

And not just those ravens of Kilvas, either--there are beorc, too. What do they all want here!?

You! Aren't you Princess Crimea's escort?

Yes. The princess ordered us to come to your aid. May we join the fray?

That would be appreciated. We'll keep the ravens at bay. In the interim, why don't you go ahead and move onto that ship. The big vessel is ours. I'm not sure who the small one belongs to. There are human soldiers aboard, but if they're in this part of the sea, they must be pirates. Cut them down!

Right. We'll take care of them!


It's only a matter of time before we're overwhelmed.

Y-you... You're one of the passengers from House Damiell, aren't you? I can't permit someone of your stature to throw herself into harm's way!

I was once a knight of Begnion, albeit for only a short while... I won't get in your way.

No, I can't--

We must defend the apostle, right? We do not have the luxury of choosing how to do so.

Oh, hey, look who's here! His asshole friend seems to have disappeared somewhere else, though.

Gatrie... I'm so sorry that I've gotten you involved in this, too...

Oh, please! This is nothing. I'm fine!! Before I was hired as your bodyguard, I was a top-notch mercenary! I can handle this many opponents all by myself. This is nothing.

Is that so? Your confidence is impressive, to say the least...

Tee hee! Well... trust me, my confidence is backed with my blade! I'm ready to fight!


No, don't panic! We must protect the apostle no matter what!!

Oh! Commander Tanith sent you? We're saved! The apostle has taken refuge in the cabin belowdecks.

Got it! Weapons ready, everyone!


So, here's our latest mission. The main attraction is the small horde of bad guys trying to storm the middle boat, but there are a couple sideshows; not least of which are Gatrie and this Astrid character. There're also quite a few chests, and a smattering of Asshole Ravens who will be doing their darndest to ruin everything ever.

It's time for another vote! This time around, I'm bringing Ike, of course, Oscar, Kieran and Marcia for their mobility, Mist for heals and Sothe and Volke for steals.

Onto this team you may append five additional units, from a pool of Boyd, Rhys, Titania, Soren, Mia, Ilyana, Rolf, Mordecai, Lethe, Brom, Nephenee, Zihark and Jill.

Voting is open for 36 hours or thereabouts. Proceed!

And maybe vote on a Forge or something too