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Part 38: Chapter 18 - Addendum

Bonus Update: Yes, Shinon is Kinda An Asshole

As you can probably imagine, all of the Greil Mercenaries get a reaction out of Shinon - although only Rolf and Ike (together) can actually accomplish anything with him.

And unlike Gatrie, all of these conversations are pretty decent!


Rhys can Talk to him:


... Oh, Rhys. Great. I can't believe I've run into you.

It is great, isn't it? Oh, it's good to have you back. When you left us, I was really worried about what would happen, but--

Hey, Rhys? Shut up. In case you hadn't noticed... we're enemies out here.

What? You can't... You're not serious, are you?

You honestly never thought this could happen? You're beyond good natured. You're a fool.

Shinon... What are you saying? You've always been gruff, but... Are you serious?

It's not like this is the first time I've called you out. You've never considered that people may not like you, have you? Know what? We were companions once, but if I'm getting paid, I'll gladly put an arrow through your eye.

Shinon... Is there something you can't tell us that's forcing you to do this? Are you protecting someone? Has someone you love been taken hostage? If so, we could--

No! There's nothing! Nothing but the right price, at least... You're overestimating me. Get going, pretty boy. Stick around any longer, and I'll start earning my pay with you!


As can Mist:

Shi-Shinon? Ohmigosh... Why are you with the Daein army?!

...Tsk. None of your business, kid.

But that's... Oh, what should I do? You used to be one of us. I can't fight you!

Stop whining. Didn't you ever think what it means to be a mercenary? We're enemies, kid. Get it? I'm ready to fight when you are. So what's it going to be?



No! I won't fight you!

Gah! What ARE you going to do then?

Come back to the Greil Mercenaries!


If you won't do that, then come work for the Crimean army! Please?

Don't be stupid. Either way, Ike's in charge, right?

Yes, but I don't--

I won't work for him. Get it? We used to be friends, so I'm going to let you go. Now get your naive little butt out of here!

Shinon... Sniff... sniff... Wh-wh-why...? Sniff... Whaaaaaaaaa!

Crying's not going to help. Look, it doesn't matter who you send to talk to me. My answer's the same.

Even Rolf?

...Yeah. Even Rolf. Get out of here. The next time I see you, I'll stick an arrow in you. Count on it.

Other than Rolf, only these two can Talk to Shinon. Everyone else, however, can still converse over some murder.


Shinon! I couldn't care less who you decide to work for... Heck, I'd hoped you were dead! But even so, Daein? You couldn't find anything better than this? What were you thinking?

Haven't changed a bit, have you? You're still a mouthy piece of work. Listen up! Daein's a great place to work right now. The pay's great, and strength at arms is the only thing that determines class standing. You want to join me?

Don't be ridiculous!

Well then, only one thing to do. Out of the goodness of my heart, I'll teach you how adults fight. And a far as payment goes... I'll take your life. How's that sound?

Keep talking, Shinon! I'm gonna beat the obnoxious clean out of you.


Shinon?! Why are you with Daein? Someone with your skills could have found work with Begnion's army. So, why this?

Ha! Why would I want to go to work for a bunch of stiff-necked bluestockings? I'm a commoner. No matter how good I am, I would never rise above a middling commission. It's different in Daein. If you're a skilled fighter, you can rise all the way to the top.

Is getting promoted really that important?

It's everything. All right, enough with the pleasantries. You ready to go?

Oh, Shinon...


Shinon! You... You're with Daein of all things?

Long time, no see, Captain. You know, we didn't always see eye to eye, but... I never once minded taking orders from you.

To tell the truth, I really didn't mind having to listen to your endless complaints and insults, either. Hold nothing back. Let's pay each other... the proper respect.

Yes, I think that's best. So in the end, we finally agree on something, eh?


Cut it out, Shinon! Commander Greil would have never wanted this!

Shut your mouth, Rhys! I don't have the patience for one of your little sermons. Besides, you should be worried about your own life instead of mine.



Shi-Shinon? SHINON?! Oh, this can't be happening! I mean, fighting you... That's going to be tough.

Come on, Gatrie. You can't be worried about me forever. You're a mercenary. All you need to do is worry about your own skin. You got it?

Well, yeah... Heh heh heh... Ahh... Still... this will be a sad day...


Well, well, lookee here. The little boy plays soldier... How sweet. Your job's always been just to use that big brain of yours. That's why you spend your time hiding behind Ike's apron. Isn't it, Soren?

Shinon. You always were dumb as a gnat, but... A first-class archer. I'll give you that. But with the power I now possess, it's probably in your best interest not to presume to know my strength.

Hah! You're still a snotty little whelp, aren't you? Get ready to die, little man.


That's enough, Shinon! Why must friends fight? It's all too terrible...

This is war. It's all terrible. Tears mean nothing in the heat of battle. Remember that.



Wipe that pathetic look off your face. Come on, ready your bow. On the battlefield, emotion ain't worth spit. I taught you that, didn't I?

Uh... huh... Uncle Shinon...


If you kill Shinon using Rolf, not only will you not get to recruit him, you'll also have to see this:

Unnnh... Curses...

Shinon! Uncle Shinon!... Sniff... N-no...

I told you... No crying...


... This is... for the best... I... can...

Uncle Shinon... Nu, nuh, no... sniff...


Finally, if you kill Shinon using anyone other than Rolf or Ike (post Rolf's Talk), you'll get this:

Unh......... Messed that up, didn't I... Man... what a... lousy life... that was...

And, frankly, if there was one appropriate juncture for a "You'll get no sympathy from me", it would be here. Asshole.