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Part 42: Chapter 19 - Maniac

Maniac Mode, chapter 19

Before we go into the chapter proper, let's do some preparations.

This is the conversation that unlocks the Triangle Attack, it'll be important later.

We also forge a strong bow. We had a Gandhichan lance so why not? The Japanese version has a 7 character limit for forge names by the way, not that it really matters at all.

Now, on to the chapter proper.

Not too interesting. There are a few units with effective weapons (Longswords, Hammers, Knight Killers) and a few with Killer Weapons as well. Not much of a problem though. Some of the Paladins on the top of the map charge you right off the bat, so watch out for that.

Oddly enough, both Homasa and Naesala have the same stats as they had on Hard. But for some reason they have 10 more Hit/Avoid. I have no idea how that works, hidden commander stars or something?

Another weird thing is that the Ravens are trying their hardest to avoid me. I really don't know why.

While you can't really see it, I haven't fielded Janaff or Ulki for this chapter. That's because going the Diplomacy Route isn't my thing. So let's start out with luring Naesala over to us.

I use Mordecai for this, since he's a great tank. He has 5 extra DEF and RES from his supports making him very hard to hurt.

After we lure Naesala out, we surround him like this:

Oscar takes aim...

We glow a bit...

We activate the Triangle Attack which gives us an automatic crit, killing Naesala in one shot. It ignores his critical immunity and I'm pretty sure it's a 100% hit rate as well.

Naesala flops lifeless onto the ground until you end your (unit's) turn, after which he just jumps up and flies away.

After that, the Ravens turn into Other units for some reason.

And just because I can...

The Triangle attack is pretty cool, don't you agree?