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by Fedule

Part 45: Chapter 20 - Maniac

Maniac changes Chapter 20

Not a whole lot to say about this chapter, so this'll be a very short update. It doesn't play any differently than on Hard, there's just more units to go through before you get to Shihiram.

As usual, there are a lot more enemies running around. If you look in the upper left corner you will see that the time limit was lowered from 20 to 15 turns.

Other things to note:

This image might not seem too interesting since Shihiram's stats are the same as on Hard, but it does show that boss biorythm is not set (he has 5 less hit/avoid than on Fedule's run). I thought IS would set the enemies' Biorythm to high since it's Maniac but I guess they thought that would be unfair or something.

Two (very dodgy) swordmasters as reinforcements. Big clump of halberdiers with lots of hp and decent defences to slow you down. Many dracoknights coming from up top. Siege tome mages that run away from you. Yeah this is a chapter that doesn't try to make you lose by killing you, they want you to lose to the time limit. You can see my force down at the bottom being blocked off by the generals. I had Ike and Oscar duo the top half of the map just to have more units clearing the road to Shihiram but I still ended at 13 turns.