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Part 48: Chapter 21 - Maniac

Maniac Chapter 21

(I'm terrible at making these images look good)

So yeah, more enemies (do I even have to mention it at this point?)

There are some Laguz/Killer weapons around, but that's not even close to what this chapter does to piss you off.

Say hello to the new Sleep Bishops. 21 Mag gives them a fair bit of extra range. But that doesn't seem too bad, right? Wrong. There are also 3 Siege tome sages on this map now. Two of them are in the throne room, so have fun trying to get to them before they've fired off all their shots (the last one is in the group of three sages.) So if one of your units gets sleeped, he will also be pelted by those three, and most likely dying in the process. Yeah.

They also toss in a thief on turn 5, so you'll have to run head first into them if you want your Brave Sword.

Kasatai get's hammered, courtesy of Astrid...

...but not after critting her twice in a row, bringing her down to critical HP. Wrath is a very powerful skill if used together with Brave weapons.

These room units aren't too bad (hell, Myrmidons? Haven't seen those for ages).

This room however is interesting. The sage to the right has a Meteor tome, but the general has something a lot more interesting (aside from his 26 defense).

Wrath. Generic enemies with Wrath. Yeah. Needless to say, it took me by surprise the first time and almost got Ike killed (luckily he dodged). He's not the only one either, there is one more general with Wrath just standing there being inconspicous. I fear what this may mean for later chapters.

This warrior has no idea what he's doing. Just a bow? Stop trying to be a sniper.

The thief I mentioned earlier got picked off by Illyana's Bolting, getting down there fast is really hard when there are so many sages in the way so I took the cheap option

There are tons of reinforcements on this map as well, so be ready to block them off. Also here is Reyson showing that he's a great siege tome target with his crazy resistance. They missed most of the time and if they hit they only did about 5 damage.

Thoron is a great tome, don't you think so too Ena?