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Part 51: Chapter 22 - Maniac

Maniac Chapter 22

Surprisingly, the unit count is about the same as on hard. The units themselves however are quite dangerous.

See the walled in bishops up top? They're outfitted with (from left to right) Purge/Physic, Silence, Purge/Sleep and Purge/Silence. If that isn't enough, most of the priests are now bishops with light tomes ranging from Light to Resire (Nosferatu), and they hurt.

Reyson's crazy resistance and lack of counter attacks is amazingly effective here, he can draw fire from all of the bishops without taking any damage. My Illyana has capped resistance already as well, so she could tank some siege tomes for the others. Speaking of Illyana...

Bolting is still good for ruining a thief's day, and it's pretty much mandatory if you want to make it out with the treasure on the right since the thief will go directly for the middle chest (Tomahawk), and is very hard to reach him quickly to stop him from making it out with all of the treasure. You could try to steal it back but you have the sleep/purge bishops above who're out to kill you so try to not stay in that room for very long. Did I mention the bishops hurt? Because they do, especially when you're asleep and cannot dodge.

Class confused warrior is back, still trying to be a sniper for some reason.

Oh hey, it's a generic enemy swordmaster with stats almost on par with Stefan Well, he's -2 HP, -1 STR, -4 MAG, -5 SKL, -1 SPD, +2 LCK, -1 DEF and -1 RES, but cut him some slack, he's a generic. Daein is stepping up its game considerably at this point.

I really wanted that physic stave, so I had Volke stand in the only place where the Purge could not reach him (the left side was out of uses), stole the stave on the next turn and had Illyana finish off Schaeffer with Reyson's help. The rest of my units were out of picture standing around because if I sent them up there they would either die or kill the bishops.

Not sure if it was worth it considering how much those bishops really wanted to die. Oh well, it's over now, on to an even worse chapter.