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Part 54: Chapter 23 - Maniac

Maniac Chapter 23

Surprisingly, this chapter is pretty much unchanged from Hard mode. Is IS showing mercy? Who knows

This is the range of a Long Ballista, it has 15 range instead of 10, as well as 4 more MT and 10 less hit. It's not advisable to bring your fliers up here before this is taken care of.

I might have underestimated the enemy a bit here, but I was really lucky and got a Deadeye activation from Rolf, turning it in my favor. For those who don't remember, Deadeye puts enemies to sleep for 5 turns and also passively makes your accuracy 100%. Not great, but my Rolf is pretty bad so he needs the boost (I like Rolf, sue me )

For some reason, Haar's friends are really bad, 10 speed at this point? Honestly?

So, on to Petrine, let's see how Maniac has treated her...

Her stats are lower than on Hard Yeah, I really don't know what happened here to poor Petrine. Let's just put her out of her misery.


Also, as an aside...

My Oscar has attained god status (read:Ike A and Tanith B support)

128 avoid means he's not going to get hit at all when he's close to Ike and Tanith, and even away from them he still has great stats and Sol to fall back on if he, against all odds, would get hit. It's wonderful