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Part 60: Chapter 25 - Maniac

Maniac Chapter 25

More units, all of them promoted etc. You should know this by now.

The map has 4 of these guys now though. Four blizzard sages, all with good magic and they can also heal if they so choose.

There are some anti-Paladin weaponry on a few of the units on the right side (Longsword, Knight Killer and a Poleax). There are also 2 units with a Laguz Axe/Sword, so keep Paladins/Laguz on the left for their own safety.

This is the combined range of all the siege units, there aren't many spaces where you are safe from harm on this map.

Illyana fights fire with fire blizzard with bolting

Oh, that's right, siege tome users still move on Maniac.

Boyd is just one point from his speed cap, so he can x4 cats. Not sure if I mentioned this before, but the extra crit on Swordmasters/Berserkers is EU/US only, so Largo is just an inferior Boyd in this version. Not that I'd ever use Largo with a Boyd this great

When I was looking at my units' magic stats to see to who I should give the Flame Lance, I noticed my Jill was quite magically blessed. (Her average at this level is 8.8)

The Flame Lance is great against beasts, not so much against bishops

Reinforcements, they're not that well equipped so they're not much of a threat.

I just wall them off with Oscar and Tanith. Earth B support is good enough when they both have good luck and capped speed (27 for Oscar, 28 for Tanith). They are in no danger here, that's just how good Earth supports are in this game.

More reinforcements. Also Gromell started moving without anyone in his range, was not quite ready for that.

I put my units like this to welcome him down. Both Illyana and Reyson have high enough resistance to not take even a single point of damage from him, so he goes for Ike.

Illyana shows him how to do magic and Ike cherry-taps him with an Iron Sword. Illyana's first hit didn't put him below 50%, so she could do a second attack which put him at critical HP. This is the best way to deal with Resolve.

I was trying to get the cats to attack Boyd here, but I guess they saw his Laguz Axe and thought Oscar looked like a better target.

Boyd goes and axes a bishop instead. Who knew Laguz Axes were so effective against the clergy?

Jill picks up this amazing level after killing some stragglers. She really wants to use that Flame Lance (I'll probably end up giving her the Bolt Axe too)

Finally, in case you were wondering, yes you can push the boulders down yourself as Reyson so nicely demonstrates here.