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Part 63: Chapter 26 - Maniac

Maniac Chapter 26

This map. Oh boy this map.

68 enemy units against our 19, that's roughly 3.5 times as many enemies. Doesn't sound too bad? Well, this time the enemies didn't just bring numbers to the party.

Here's a Swordmaster with 27 speed and a Killing Edge. You cannot double him unless you have Resolve activated, so have fun taking him down.

Oh hey, a General with 29 defense and a Killer Lance, great. The other enemies are about as strong, but with slightly less scary weapons (there are a lot of silver/effective weapons around though).

Not bad enough? 5 siege tome sages are around as well, 3 Blizzards (to kill Elincia if you get careless), 1 Meteor and 1 Bolting.

This Blizzard Sage starts out right next to your units, so kill him fast.

Tanith is a very competent magic weapon user as well, and the Flame Lance is still very good against beasts

So yeah, here's the start of turn 2. I hate this map already. 2 of the siege tome Sages are in range and a third is on his way over, lots of Snipers and Warriors with bows that can attack at range. I'm going to truncate a lot of what's happened because the update is really long regardless.

Basically the plan is to have them suicide into your strongest units while the weaker units try and protect your weakest. Or something like that. Turn 3 still looks pretty bad but I have things under control...kind of.

Turn 4 looks started of really great, the Paladins that didn't die ran off and the bottom part is manageable, not that bad now, right?

Wrong. These assholes decided to show up out of nowhere.

And they mean business.

Rolf helped out quite a lot when cleaning out the bottom part, here he's managed to sleep 2 enemies with Deadeye meaning pretty much anybody can take them out with no problems.

Next turn these guys come down. So what's the best way to deal with Wyvern Lords?




damage, of course. Reyson helped out quite a bit by being able to vigor 4 units so they could murder again.

Jill Brave Lances the last real threat and the course looks pretty clear. It's not very often the Brave Lance almost fails to kill when it gets 4 hits in but these Paladins have around 21-23 defense so they are quite sturdy.

Astrid hit 20 somewhere during all this, so here are her stats for people who like those.

Laguz Axes still very effective against the clergy I see.

So the map is almost over now, right? Just have to go to the west, pick up some stragglers and then seize, sounds easy doesn't it?

Well, the map decides to throw out some Paladins at you.

A LOT of Paladins.

The first wave does come a bit earlier though, so I decide to have some fun with them.

Jill is still on her quest to become a magical girl it seems.

The Sleep Bishop is still present and manages to hit Zihark. Luckily Gatrie with Provoke is a more interesting target.

Why are you doing this Maniac mode.


Zihark gets sleeped again and gets his ass handed to him. I'm so happy I didn't have to reload here. So, so happy.

The Wyvern Lords gets dispatched the same way as before and I manage to steal Bishop's stuff

Illyana hits 20 with a good level.

I am so sick and tired of this map at this point. There isn't much to be said, this map just throws a bunch of enemies at you. No strategies involved, just kill things.

And the best killer was of course Boyd