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Part 68: Chapter 27 - Maniac

Maniac Chapter 27

This map is surprisingly similar to its Hard version, I'm not complaining after what happened last time though.

The 3 Siege tome Sages that are around now are very ineffective since they don't like to move much, only the middle one got off more than one hit. They are not what's annoying about the enemies this time though.

Generals with capped defense are around, and there are several of them.

The Brave Sword Swordmaster is...well, just look at those stats. He's better than Stefan and almost on par with my Zihark.

The Thieves are really bad though, but they're not there for fighting so I guess they don't need the stats.

Illyana breaks out her Blizzard spell to take the Double Bow Thief out.

Speaking of Illyana, I didn't notice this earlier but she capped Strength when she hit 20, maybe I should have given her knives after all

Here is how I'll handle the other thieves, the Sleep staff we picked up a while ago is pretty handy for this map. It lets us take care of them when we want instead of having to rush to take them out. They have such low Resistance that Mist has 100% chance to hit them, which is always nice.

I send Team Earth up the middle to take care of the enemies there. Ike and Oscar have Aether/Sol and Tanith got the Runesword so they can heal themselves if they against all odds would get hit.

Tanith hit 20, so here are her final stats.

The Bolt Axe was really useful for the Generals, too bad there aren't more magic weapons out there.

I sent Mist off to take care of the Thieves, she's far from godhood but she can take care of small fries at least.

Boyd also hits 20 when clearing the right side to let Mist through. Capped HP, Strength and Speed with some decent Defense and Skill, not bad at all Boyd.

I split my team up like this after clearing out the bottom part. This seemed like a good idea at the time until I realized I didn't have a heal staff on Illyana, just a restore

4 more siege Sages, 3 Sleep Bishops and 1 Silence Bishop in addition to everything else. The Generals around the doors won't move, and neither will two of the siege Sages. Act of mercy or programming oversight? You decide.

Dammit Zihark, stop getting hit by Sleep staves.

So the left side handled their load effortlessly...

...right side not so much.

These Generals are really starting to annoy me. Come on, I only do 9 damage per hit with an Armorslayer.

I'm going to have some fun with this, oh yes I will.

Oh no, Fedule broke. You've served me well since chapter 19, thank you old friend, rest in peace

Jill hits 20 while inching forward to the seize point. That sure is some magic she got there. (+7.7 over her average).

I think I've stolen 3 or 4 of these in this chapter, I doubt I'll ever run out at this point.

Guess he's still an idiot on Maniac mode. I won't complain though, Brave Lances are great.

Like I mentioned earlier, not much has changed here, just take it slow so you won't get overwhelmed and this map is no problem at all.

Now, on to the BK fight. It's the same as on Hard, but I noticed something interesting when I was playing around.

Sleep has a chance of hitting him. 39% is a pretty high chance as well, but...

Of course it missed. Oh well, I didn't expect it to hit anyway.

Ike hit 20 after being hit by the Black Knight once. Great stats, but it's Ike, so that's normal.

Some reinforcements decided to jump in at turn 3

They have poor stats but they do bring this guy with them. I don't think he will heal the Black Knight but he will keep the Halberdiers alive to kill Mist, that's for sure.

Finishing him in style. Here's a tip if you don't have Mist with you, bring some Elixirs and hope you get lucky. That's all.

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