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Part 10: The Catastrophic Cavalier Cavalcade (Prep)

Chapter 5: The Catastrophic Cavalier Cavalcade (Prep)

Welcome back to Fire Emblem. Last time we arrived in Aurelis and defeated...some guys? I think they were from Macedon? We also got Matthis and everyone was sad.

Much like a lot of the chapters in Shadow Dragon, there’s unfortunately not too much different between this and the preceding chapter. In the original remake in FE3 Chapter 4 was actually cut completely.

I’m gonna be real with you here, map, that looks more like mountains than plains.

(Hint: It involves that guy with the goodass turban)

: but only by some miracle. By the time Marth arrived in Aurelis, much of its territory had already been carved up by Dolhr’s ally Macedon. Still, the king’s younger brother, Hardin, refused to give up without a fight. The people called him Coyote, and he intended to live up to the name.

I’m not entirely sure what coyotes are famous enough for to be a name to live up to. I’ve always just kinda thought of them as shittier wolves?

: Since its founding, Aurelis and the holy kingdom of Archanea shared close ties and months ago Princess Nyna of Archanea had come to Hardin’s aid. By his side, she had called on the people to fight- but few remained to answer. Macedon’s finest soldiers were closing in. Nyna knew they were out of time…

So, for clarification, yeah, Archanea the country and Archanea the continent are separate things. I’m not sure why this decision was made. But Archanea (country) is considered the most important of the kingdoms, so that’s something.

Get familiar with this screen. This is going to be a fairly short Prep update, because I honestly didn’t do much here!

We’re stuck with only 10 units to choose this time, because we’ll be getting a ton of new characters on this map. One of them is even good.

But regardless, I’ll probably bench Darros and sub in someone else, otherwise this layout looks pretty solid.

Hunter Draug was recommended in the thread, so I’m going to try him out a bit this chapter, since it’s not really one that’s great for turtling up. It’s not one that’s great for bows either, but hey...padding the update.

This is yet another “Start in the southeast, go northwest” map, but we’ll have a few other issues to deal with.

There’s a village to the North, but we also get introduced to Macedon’s “gimmick”, flying units. Thankfully there’s just one here, and she’s pretty flimsy.

Also the Pope is in town.

Also a scattershot of additional units near the objective. There’s nothing particularly threatening here except the Thief, who needs to go down before he destroys that village.

Also, I’m just going to spoil it, some new units will join us down here on the first turn, and we’ll have to hold out to the south with them.

This boss has a hilarious forehead and disgusting Defense. Thankfully we have a Mage and that’s a Resistance score of Zero. Also he’s not ranged. Shouldn’t be too bad.

Bonus Content

So, as you might have noticed, the Prep updates can be...a little dry. So I’m choosing these as a spot to add some of the Base Conversations from FE12. This is a little out of order, because technically these take place AFTER the events of this game, but it adds more personality and character to a lot of the units in this game. So I felt like it was a worthy sacrifice.

Something Incredibly Dangerous (Bord/Cord 1)

: Oh! There y’are, Cord.

: What’s it now, Bord?

: Somebody mistook me for you, AGAIN!

: Wha…! Who was it!? I’ll take care of ‘em. Tell me!

: Err… Huh, who was it again?

: Hey! Gimme a break. Man... You're really slow. You're like my complete opposite.

: What!? What about you? Hitting things without caring what happens. Faster doesn't mean better!

: What...! ......Show it. Today, we're gonna prove who's the better one!

: Yeah, bring it! Don't come cryin' to me later!

: Heh, that's MY line, buddy. I'mma force you into an early retirement!

: Did I just... hear something incredibly dangerous...?

And that was when Marth witnessed his first murder.