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Part 19: Render Unto Caesar (Prep)

Chapter 8: Render Unto Caesar (Prep)

It’s time to continue the march into Archanea! The country, not the continent, because we’re already…

I hate that.

Anyway, it’s Port Warren. Apparently in the European versions this chapter is called “Coastal Skirmish”, so this screen doesn’t say “Port Warren: Port Warren”.

: they paid Dolhr dearly in taxes to preserve their autonomy. Naturally, then, theirs was a warm welcome when the Archanean League arrived.

I’m not sure what the dragons really need money for. Like, Medeus just really wants to fuck over humanity for reasons not explained in this game. He doesn’t have one of those dragon hoards.

: Marth’s soldiers were glad to rest there, nestled between mountain and sea, but their joy was spoiled by news that the enemy was fast approaching- as harsh an awakening as a rock beneath the pillow.

: Which reminds me, Sir Jagen, should you really be sleeping on that shield?

: I lived hardcore. I die hardcore.

So, for this chapter, I’m taking the usual team, but I had to have Hardin sit out. I’m...skeptical about Navarre, but the Armorslayer is good on this map. I do have a replacement in mind, though. I might swap the Armorslayer to someone else and sub in an extra healer, but we’ll see when I actually get around to playing this map .

This map is a little weird. I think it’s the only one set up this way in the game.

To get to the keep that ends the chapter, we’ll have to fight through hordes of rather low level enemies. Those forts behind them will pump out replacements as well, so this is a map that will test your ability to control space and advance, especially with this half being all mounted foes.

The right side, instead, houses Knights and Archers. This is a pretty extreme risk/reward map for Caeda, since her Wing Spear will destroy, but an errant arrow could take her down fast.

Oh, we’ve also got this guy. We’ll have to talk to him with Caeda, too, so she’s got even more utility.

The boss is...pathetic, honestly. He’s weaker than the last two, and lack of a ranged weapon really makes Kannival more of a formality than a challenge.

One nice feature of Port Warren is that this whole southeastern part (presumably the actual Port) is full of shops carrying some interesting items, and our second Arena!

Abel’s lance ability pays off here, he can wield the Ridersbane to cut through cavalry. I went ahead and outfit most of my units with replacement/better weapons, because I tend to forget.

I also used the Seraph Robe we collected in Chapter 6 to bump Caeda’s HP to 24. This should help her be a little less likely to melt. Draug was also a strong contender for this, but he doesn’t have to get in melee range.

So, I should explain Bantu. Bantu is a Manakete, who are special units that use Dragonstones. The Firestone has a ridiculously good Might value of 15. It also enhances the user’s stats in battle, providing 8 Strength, 4 Skill, 4 Speed, 9 Defense, and 4 Resistance. With all that, Bantu’s stats are, effectively:
10 Strength
0 Magic
7 Skill
8 Speed
1 Luck
12 Defense
5 Resistance

He’s...still not good enough to justify having to use the Stone, which only has 30 uses...ever. Then Bantu’s useless. But hey, that’s not all, he has horrendous movement and awful growths! I love Bantu as a character, but he’s one of the worst units in the game.

Also, turns out I was wrong, the Small Bullion is worth 10k, not 1k in this game. I could have sworn it was different, but...I’ll take it. I want to save some cash for this map, but I can do a quick forge with the boost from this…

Draug’s nearly up to D Bows, so this should come in handy sooner rather than later.

His name is Guard backwards.

Next time we go shopping.

Bonus Content

So, uh, this one features a character we won’t meet until the sequel, Feena the Dancer. But it’s also got Navarre in it, and since we’re all making fun of Navarre right now…


: Hmm... How should it be? Tied up in the back...? Or maybe braided…

: ...What are you talking about?

: I was thinking about what your new hairstyle should be, Navarre.

: I didn’t ask for one.

: Navarre, your hair’s so pretty. It’d be a shame to leave it like that. Leave it to me! I’ve got tons of cute hairdos in mind! I have to repay you for saving my life, don’t forget!

He betrayed his bandit friends because a girl talked to him. Again.

: And you think you can return a favor this way…?

: I've got it! Twintails! It's a hairstyle in vogue in Warren. I'm sure it'll suit you! Navarre, come here!

See, Warren, I’m totally justified picking this one.

: Oi…

: Squeal! Sooo cute!

: Bah…!

: Why did you undo it? It suited you…

: ...You're irritating me! Don't talk to me again!

As a great tragedy of these games not being very popular, I regret to inform you all that Navarre with pigtails fan art does not exist. Sometimes life is so cruel.