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Part 29: Chapter 12x: Saint Jagen (Prep)

Chapter 12x: Saint Jagen (Prep)

: Everything I’ve told you is part of the old legends. Naturally, we’ve learned some more factual information since then.

: Weren’t you there, Sir Jagen?

: Eyewitness accounts aren’t always reliable.

: First I found religion.

(This was a request from early in the thread I forgot to reclass for. Whoops! Sorry it took this long.)

Lefcandith Gauntlet is probably the most different feeling map in this set between the difficulties, because of how much this one relies on reinforcements and how buffed they are in Hard mode. This time around, the roaming Dracoknight is much less threatening.

Sedgar and Wolf take a lot longer to become offensive powerhouses than they do Defensive ones, thanks to General’s insane base Defense. They’ll get there eventually.

Thankfully we have another heavy hitter.

So Minerva and her team, at least on Normal, won’t attack you. They just hover in the middle here until Minerva decides to leave. They’re of zero threat.

These deadly foes had to be stopped.

So it turns out stopping this fort up with Caeda is a really good idea, because otherwise it spawns Ridersbane guys. That’ll put a damper on any defense involving one of your 500 Cavaliers.

I’d also just like to note that Athena owns.

I left Catria alive because I don’t want to incur her wrath.

This, however, is far too big a chunk of EXP to pass up. One reason I prefer Merric to Linde is how much utility Excalibur brings in this game, where fliers are deadly.

: He’s about to use his legendary technique!

: oh

: I’m glad we had this chance to talk, Roger. You’re every bit the man I thought you were. Goodbye, then…


This might be the only kill Kannival has ever gotten in any run of Shadow Dragon.

Our two rando generics for this set of maps included Xestu, a pretty unremarkable pirate, and Penvo, who has an AMAZING 15 defense, which is on par with General Wolf.

He is also the only Fire Emblem unit I think I’ve ever seen with zero Speed. Oh my god, Penvo, can you even move in that suit?

: So we tell the new guy, “yeah, pick whatever axe you want”, and I’m telling you, this is the funniest thing that happened in the entire war.

Here’s Bantu in action. He’s pretty solid for a while on Normal Mode, but he drops off like a rock. I don’t want to kill him off, though, since he recruits a character later.

: What happened to Sir Jeorge’s weapons?

: Don’t worry about it.

Caeda still caps speed at Level 10 on this run.

: …

: You can’t judge us. Only the gods can judge us.

: And they judged harshly.

I don’t think I’ve shown a Generic Unit level up, so here’s Penvo! Again!

: We aren’t sure why she said that after we killed her sister and clearly had no intention of helping, but some say it was because it was more convenient this way.

Just wanted to note that units CAN sneak through this little gap. It’s just rough, because that cliff thing eats movement points.

In the Arena, Linde immediately crit twice with 2%’s and killed this guy. I’m not sure why the actual take of that didn’t go that well.

See, this is more familiar.

All stat boosts go to Jagen. Even the Strength ones.

: Next, we rescued the prisoners in the Ageless Palace!

: ...We got one of ‘em.
So, that should get you up to speed…

This chapter doesn’t get a location name. I think that’s a thing with the Gaiden maps.

: A landed knight there named Horace, who had betrayed Archanea to join Dolhr, continued to stubbornly hold out against Marth’s forces. Nyna could not fathom why such a fiercely loyal knight would turn to treachery, but with her other knights calling for Horace’s blood, she had no choice but to give in and ask Marth to bring the traitor to justice.

Quick status update on the unit we got last time on this run, Athena. She’s doing great. A lot of it is probably the Normal Mode talking, but she feels far more powerful than Nabarl ever really did.

I reclassed PENVO because otherwise he will not die. Same with Dolph.

This map is fairly straightforward, especially after the twists and turns in Archanea Castle. There are some rivers to cross, but it’s not a huge deal, and it’s pretty much a straight shot north to the boss.

There are two villages we’ll want to look out for, as well as scattered enemies. Nothing very threatening, though.

Horace himself, along with his personal little group of units, occupy one of these islands. It’s in your best interest not to attack him. You can probably guess why, but I’m still trying to play coy here.

The boss is a pretty embarassing one range Paladin. That Sniper’s far more threatening, but that’s faint praise.

We’ll see that next time.

Bonus Content

Athena’s Great

: Steve, thanks to you, ve understood all sorts of things. Ve must thank you for everything. Ve are very grateful.

: I'm glad for having spent time with you too, Miss Athena.

: Ve vant to show our feelings to Steve. Ve vill apologize with our life.

: Excuse me? Oh no, you used the wrong word again. Didn't you mean "thank", instead of "apologize"?

(Neither of those really make sense, Steve)

: Yes. “Thank”.

: Oh.

: As thanks, ve vill become Steve’s little sister.

: Eh...!? M-Miss Athena... It seems you used the wrong word again.

: Vat? Ve are mistaken? Then... Ve vill become Steve’s mother?

: Both are wrong. Er... I don't know what kind of thanks you had in mind. But it's fine. I've already received enough.

: Ven? Ve don't remember giving any.

: Be it in the battlefield or outside of it, we've always been together. You're a precious comrade to me. The bond that was born between us... cannot be replaced.

: Steve... Ve feel the same. Even if the vords are different, and the lifestyles are different, bonds betveen people are the same... Ve feel a bond with you as vell, Steve…

(The w in “between” is missing from the Serenes script for this scene. I had to make an executive decision. I hope you approve.)

: I see. Miss Athena knows the word "bond".

: ...Ve know that much. Stupid Steve.

: I-I’m sorry.