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Part 37: It's Pronounced Like "Chainy" (Prep)

Chapter 16: It’s Pronounced Like “Chainy” (Prep)

It’s been 16 chapters since Marth was home.

Welcome back.

(He didn’t even hit me )

: Once Marth’s kingdom had been beautiful, blessed with rich soil and clear waters; now the eyes tended to notice instead the barren farms; the ruins; forlorn stares. Marth vowed to free Altea from its torment without any further delay.

: “Forlorn Stares”?

: For most people.

Only 13 slots this time around, although it’s a bit of a weird count, because there are technically only two possible recruits you can get per run here.

I’m going to be frank here, Cain’s not really competing anymore. Abel took his spot as my Cav of choice long ago, so I’ve dropped him (probably permanently) for Caeda. I know I’m spreading EXP pretty thin on this run, but I do get to show off more characters this way, and I’m not struggling to defeat most enemies, so I think I’m leveled enough.

I’ll probably be doing some early promotions so we can see the advanced classes before the final dang map, though.

I gave this to Caeda because her Strength was the lowest of our physical fighters.

Regarding the Talisman, Res is good on everyone, so I used a highly advanced tactic.

Congrats, Julian. This was actually probably the worst choice because I’m trying to keep him out of combat, but the tactics don’t lie.

This map is a long haul. The update might take a while, sheerly because of this fact, and definitely not because of all the video games coming out this week that look better than Shadow Dragon. (If this is still going when Shadows of Valentia comes out someone might have to do the endgame for me)

We’re headed for the island on the center right, and the least obstructed path leads to a row of forts, which are definitely not traps. That would be silly.

These are some very special villages, though. If you visit one, You cannot visit the other. They each have an exclusive character! Time to choose. Whichever doesn’t get picked I’ll choose on the Normal run, though they are both thoroughly garbage.

But do you want Left, for an “Old” Friend with a Dark Past, or Right, for Another Blue Haired Guy?

Please bold your votes and I’ll tally them before I start this map.

Gotta hurry to get either of them, though, because this thief has his eyes on the prizes as well.

This map does have an Arena, though it’s a bit out of the way.

The entry to the goal island is covered by some Cavaliers with nasty weapons. Keep an eye out for those on this map.

There’s a way through to the right as well, though there are promoted enemies and two locked doors guarding the way. This is a Julian job.

Also this guy’s here. Where are his weapon ranks? Where’d he get all that Resistance?

One thing that may have surprised you about this map so far is that there don’t seem to be many...enemies on it.

Well, they’re all waiting to charge us! Get ready to defend against an onslaught of mounted foes, and some Dracoknights for good measure.

Fuck this guy.

The boss has a goofy portrait and is pretty much just King Jiol but slightly better. Nothing you can’t handle at this point in the game. The real test is going to be his goons.

So feel free to vote for village choices, and in the meantime, here’s some BONUS CONTENT

Marth, Prince Of The Lost Country

I figured this was fitting for this map.