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Part 46: 60% Orb Ratio (Prep)

Chapter 19: 60% Orb Ratio (Prep)

A very short update today for a very short chapter.

Not that I won’t have a lot to talk about, though. There are some Important Things in this one.

They were no Morzas.

: The League marched on to the Fane of Raman, a holy sanctuary built by the divine dragoons to house their most priceless treasures. Here another story was set to begin…

: Long ago, Medeus, king of the dragonkin…

: Oh, don’t you dare!

Distributing some Stat Boosters. Being able to double would do wonders for Linde’s damage output.

Caesar’s defense is pretty bad, too. Both he and Ogma have fallen pretty far behind, though. Still, I’ve got the deployment slots.

Well, most of the time. I dropped Ogma for this one to put in...Bantu? Yes, he is EXTREMELY important for this map!

I also distributed Master and Door Keys among a lot of my tankier characters. We’ve got doors to open, and Julian will appreciate the backup.

Most of the Fane of Raman is hidden to us from the start. There are nine chambers here, and to find out what’s waiting inside, we’ll need to crack them open.

Unfortunately, we aren’t the only ones trying to do that. Thieves are here, including this one, who has...uh, wow. That’s really, really important. Do not let him get away with the Lightsphere!

These thieves will be slightly less of a threat, but we’ll still want to hurry and take them down. Thankfully, I have a really high movement team.

The boss here is Tiki, and you shouldn’t be fooled by her level or HP. That’s 31 Attack with that Divinestone! It also boosts her Defense and Resistance in combat by 15 and 11 respectively! (Gives a total of +10 Strength, +7 Skill, and +4 Speed as well.)

Next time we rob a dragon.

Bonus Content

Abel and Est hook up after this game. Things this.

: Abel!

: Est, you haven't been in an actual battle for a while. Try not to overdo it.

: I told you I'm alright! Sure, I'm not at my peak, but my skill as a former Whitewing hasn't faded just yet. But nevermind me, Abel, I don't want you to get hurt, either. If you'd like, I could let you ride my pegasus. That way, you wouldn't get a scratch on you.

: You said it. I used to be an Altean knight, you know. They called me "Abel the Black Panther." No mere soldier could possibly hope to defeat me. Hmm... If I were to ride with you though, I'd be able to protect you...

: Eh? ...Oh dear. Sorry, Abel. I, um, don't think that he wants you to ride him.

: I-I see. I knew it; so he really does hate me... Even back home, he'd go out of his way to savage me each time I tried to touch him.

: You ending up getting kicked all the time too... Heehee, you were so certain that you'd need to get along with him in order to be family with me.

: And in the end, I couldn't even pat his head...