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Part 52: Nothing Title-Worthy Happens (Prep)

Chapter 21: Nothing Title-Worthy Happens (Prep)

We’re so close to the end, folks. The (non-Gaiden, non-Bonus) maps left can be counted on one hand! Soon I’ll have to find a hobby again, or learn rune factory 2

This chapter kinda...exists? It was another of those cut from Fire Emblem 3’s remake.

: Of all of Prince Marth’s traits, the least mentioned is his marathon swimming ability.

: However, Macedon’s Dragoons were ready to waylay them at the border; countless reinforcements hovered within the fortresses, waiting to strike…Would Marth be able to lead the League safely through the gauntlet?

It’s nice of the narration to straight up tell you about the reinforcements in this map.

We have a full deployment roster for this map. Lorenz is actually the last character we’re getting until the final map, without Gaidens.

You get a little extra dialogue here if you have Minerva. I don’t know if she has to be deployed, or just alive and recruited, but better safe than sorry, I’ve got a ton of slots anyway.

The starting positions on this map are, uh…


Really weird. Keep that forest terrain in mind.

Michalis’ most adept soldiers are here, which means nearly all of these enemies are promoted Aside from these Generals and Sniper, the enemy mainly just focuses on highly mobile units.

Oh, and, uh...these guys? They’re here. These Paladins will harry your team quite a bit, so keep the squishy units away from the front.

Being Macedon, the highlight of the map is a pretty heavy concentration of Dracoknights. This guy’s got a Ridersbane, which makes him the deadliest of the bunch.

The boss is nothing special. I kinda can’t believe they only gave him a Javelin. Some of his goons hit harder.

These, of course, are Fortify Priests.

I know there wasn’t much in this update, which means it’s time for a feature I’m excited for.

The Old School Fire Emblem Art Gallery, Installment I

Being a very old series, Fire Emblem has a lot of concept art. Some of it is...odd.

Today we’ll feature our hero, Prince Marth. I’d like to shout out the Fire Emblem Wiki again for collecting all these images.

On the top left here we have Original Marth, from the first game’s promo material, affectionately referred to as “no pants marth” by the thread. It’s great (check out his weird calf straps), but not my favorite. You can see that, by the time the original Fire Emblem Card Game was released, they had settled into his more modern design. (the calf straps are still there)

My personal favorite Marth, from the Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light instruction manual, is this Marth, who I’ve named Vanna Marth after his desire to show me how many vowels are in the word I’m guessing. I think it’s the hair that does it for me, like he just walked through a wind tunnel.

Last but certainly not least, we have Marth from the anime adaptation of the first game, here shown very excited to go fight the Soothsires. That’s Jagen behind him, by the way. This actually got an English version (for the two episodes that exist, also they call him "Prince Mars"), but somehow it took us until the 7th game to get the actual video games. Why?

The box art may have answered that question.

Anyway, see you next time.