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Part 60: Day Late, Dolhr Short (Battle)

Chapter 24: Day Late, Dolhr Short (Battle)

: Have you...dyed your wolf...lately? It seems...darker.

: Perhaps we should hurry it up, Sir Jagen.

: And inside is Medeus, king of the earth dragons- the one they call the Shadow Dragon. …Why doesn’t he leave the keep and face us?

They wanted to end on a perfect 25 maps.

: I recall Lord Gotoh saying his return is not yet complete; only within the keep’s walls can he maintain dragon form.

: Really? Then we have the advantage… To Dolhr Keep, then! Let us put a stop to this war!

This is another map where the first turn has nothing interesting going on. Just move on forward. I’ve noticed Shadow Dragon seems to do the empty space a lot, which might be one reason Fliers and mounted units are so good in this game?

Beck ends up getting the first hit, though it isn’t a very big one. The Firestone Manaketes are the less dangerous of the two, but they’re still beefy.

Unfortunately, there’s this hard to notice gap in the southern mountains that some enemies are going to be using to try and sneak up on us. That’s not nice. We’ll let Barst greet them.

I know it looks like Caesar is being impaled with a dragon wing, but he actually just crit it to death. Common mistake.

I am disappointed.

Well, that’s the sniper down, but there are still two Magestone Manaketes and a Bishop over there.

And it’s not like he’s got any Res to help him. This could quickly become an issue.

The Dragonpike/Wyrmslayer can make for a real MVP on this map. It’s a shame there’s no anti-Dragon axe in this game.

Thank you, Catria, for saving me from depressing level ups.

What I’m doing here is trying to clear out all the loose enemies with our high movement units, ASAP. If the reinforcements start to kick in, things can get cluttered and ugly fast.

And we’re right back here, huh?

So, Cord’s probably going to be a better tank against these Magestone enemies.

This Dragonpike got passed around quite a bit.

So, that Falchion? It’s good.

Over on the western front, an unfortunate truth is discovered. These guys get so much Res with the Magestone that Cord literally cannot harm them, with any of his tomes.

He can still heal Barst, though.

We’re nearing the end, so there’s no more time to be shy with your big ticket items like Fortify. Bust them out, but save a few uses because the final chapter is no slouch.

...I’m glad we’re almost done.

Ironically, the Money Sink is actually really effective. Abel’s starting to break off and head for the boss here, while Marth and Caeda run for the temple to the south.

Of course, the enemies like to Fortify too.

I’m very sad the LP will be over soon, I changed my mind.

Let’s take one of the Fortifies out of play.

The enemy thief is closing in on the chest, so I’m sending both Dracoknights down here. We’ll need to cover some ground if we want that treasure.

As you can see. But I’ve got a plan.

With a stylish crit, the threat of “Those Four Guys” is finally stopped on the end of Barst’s axe.

So, it’s about time to start stepping on forts. This is Hard Mode, so they get an early move, and a surprise manakete could easily equal a reset.

My favorite thing about Fire Emblem is how walls mean absolutely nothing to ranged weapons.


So, this is pretty cool, but coming in this late means its usability is a little hampered unless you’re pulling it out here or on the final map. This means Maria or Elice can use it, by the way, or Caeda/Minerva if you’ve reclassed them into Staff classes.

Nyna probably would too, but that would require her to get off her ass for the first time in like 20 maps so it’s not happening.

FE12 Spoilers: No, Lena cannot use Aum, despite implications in that game she’s secretly of some kind of noble blood. It’s not royalty, I guess.

The push towards Xemcel is proceeding nicely.

Getting past the temple is going to be a little tricky, what with the two Manaketes and Hero in there. Technically I don’t have to do this, already got the staff and all, but it just feels right.

Keep on truckin’, Wendell.

Meanwhile, Caeda has bypassed the temple entirely to fuck up a guy on the other side of it. I sure am moving units a lot, it would be a shame if-

Whoops. So, uh, reinforcements emerge from the forts we haven’t reached yet, including two next to Xemcel, one in front of Abel, and one in front of Marth, but also one from the fort I had Caesar on and then accidentally bumbled off.


Things are rapidly looking ugly here.

But hope is now shining through, with the NEAR PERFECT LEVEL. Hero King Marth is finally here, folks.

Fuck off with your seven damage axe crap.

This seems like a good idea.


It took quite a team up, but the accidental dragon is dealt with. Thankfully the reinforcements don’t come every single turn, so I have a little wiggle room to step off of forts in cases like this.

Shadow dragon what are you doing

I’d just like to note that Aura is better than Starlight. Linde’s got a nice family heirloom on her hands.

This hero was one of the reinforcements, as was that Bishop on the left there. We’re quickly chopping through any resistance Dolhr has left.

I mean, it’s still good.

The Falchion owns. So long as Marth kills one of these two on his own turn, he runs no risk of getting pincer attacked and taken down. I chose to have him take position at the top of the stairs, because that’s cool and you can’t tell me otherwise.

I don’t know what’s gotten into the game.

This guy was squirreled away pretty well, but with Caeda around, there’s really nowhere to hide.

See, this looks way cooler than the plains.

A quick heal for Abel, because he’s looking a little banged up after his big charge.

Also, he’s in range to block one of Xemcel’s forts.

Might as well hit up the man himself while we’re here.

That sounds like something that won’t get mentioned until the sequel, my man.

Didn’t stand a chance.

Wow. Right in the middle. Literally.

Anyway, with the boss dead, the reinforcements stop coming, so we’ve won this map. Now then, the very furthest southwest corner on the map houses the final secret shop. Let’s see what’s inside.

Three of each of these handy items!

I bought out their entire stock.

Oh, hey, the main villain actually got a line.

: Hmph, you’ll find an earth dragon like me harder to tame than Gharnef, brat.

Unironically love this line, even if Medeus kinda sucks as a villain.

Next time we finish the game.

Art Gallery VIII

People seem to like the Shadow Dragon artworks, so here’s Nyna’s.

: S-Sir Jagen? What is it?

: The alternate dimension!

: Excuse me?

: My, how foolish of me...Steve, I nearly forgot...the alternate dimension where we met a god. Silly me.

: Wha-

: I’ll need to back up a bit…

Next time we don’t actually finish the game because there’s one more Gaiden.