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Part 61: Chapter 24x: Dimensional Detour (Prep)

Chapter 24x: Dimensional Detour (Prep)

: Now then, where was I?

: I’m honestly not even sure, Sir Jagen.

: Shall I start over? Many years ago…

: No! It’s fine! You were at...uh...Macedon?

: Oh! Right. We got some more new allies…

Here we have the last of the funny names. Take them in with me. Here’s Lucer the Dracoknight.

Rejek the Sorcerer.

Last but not least, Wieklin the Swordmaster.

: With our ranks bolstered, we were prepared to face the Macedonian hordes head on!

: That guy took the “head on” part far too literally.

Oh my, Wieklin. Really? (He died so fast I didn’t even get a picture.)

Some things will never let me down.

There’s not much to say about this map on Normal, it’s pretty much the same deal. You get some extra leeway with the reinforcements, but the boss is usually down so quick that it shouldn’t matter much.

Wladis here actually took a long time to go down. She was survivable for a sniper. Not quite a Penvo situation, but still.

Here’s probably the most important thing I missed on this map in the regular playthrough. On this tile, a single space of plains in the northeast mountains, there is a Secret Shop.

A really, really GOOD secret shop. Three of each of these stat boosters. I bought out their entire stock.

Okay, I totally lied about the funny names, apparently, because here’s the great hero “Jeffers”. I love Jeffers.

Of course, the entire stock of that store was injected directly into Jagen.

Yes, even the Energy Drops.

: Next we faced the Macedonian prince, Michalis...

: Most of us did, at least.

So, here’s something extremely rude that I forgot about. If you don’t have both orbs IN Marth’s inventory, Gotoh thinks you don’t have them and won’t make Starlight. You also get a bit of different dialogue.

: Marth, Marth, why did you not heed me? Why did you not bring the two orbs? Without them, I cannot make Starlight for you. You will not be able to break through Gharnef’s Imhullu magic, nor take Falchion from his clutches. Without Anri’s sword, your battle with Medeus will be fraught with peril. If you still mean to face him, you will need all the strength you can muster, every advantage you can find. If you have weapons like the sword Mercurius or the lance Gradivus, the fight may not be lost… Hmm… I, too, may be able to help in some other way. Let me think on it. Regardless, your quest has just become more difficult than you realize. I hope you are ready.

And by “a bit” I mean “Gotoh chews you the fuck out for like five screens”. Wow, man, Athena’s got the other one, it’s right there!

I’m noticing a problem with the generic Swordmasters.

The game is still doing this to me, in case you were wondering.

Thankfully, you don’t get locked out of the village, even if you visit once without the orbs, so I was able to still nab Starlight.

I didn’t have the heart to kill Jeffers.

: Next was the fierce Sorcerer, Gharnef…

How To Defeat Gharnef, Again: A Guide By LordHippoman

So, I Barrier’d up Marth and warped him directly to the throne.

He easily one-shots the boss, and now I just have to wait.

Or so I thought. Unfortunately...he can’t take all that damage.

Sorry. I tried my best to recreate the One Turn Gharnef Skip, but it was not destined to be. I’d need two staff users able to use Warp, since there’s no dancer in this game, and I didn’t have that. So I guess we’re just doing the ol’ “play the damn video game” thing.

Or rather, I did. I cut it down for you.

: And then, wizards! Raining from the sky!

In a nice touch, some of Gharnef’s reinforcements will Warp in, with the staff effect. I’d like to reiterate how lucky I got on the normal playthrough by getting bottom-right Gharnef as the real one, so I could kill him before these even spawned.

Unfortunately I did accidentally engage Gharnef too early and had to play the ol’ lure game for a while.

: Not even Merric could beat him?

: Not quite. Thankfully...


Well that’s nice. Now, getting the Falchion seems...bad, since the next Gaiden chapter requires you to not have it. You also can’t throw it away. Thankfully I have a plan, which I took from the internet.

: But let’s pretend he wasn’t. What would we do then?

: Malledus! Quickly! Find the apparatus and shut them down!

: Right away, sire!

Malledus does ONE THING of note in this entire game, and it’s only if you don’t kill Gharnef.

: …Blast! How…how did they find the apparatus? All my power… Still, they are fools if they think they can defeat Medeus with such cheap tricks… Heh heh, ha ha ha!

: Gharnef is getting away, sire! Shall we give chase?

: No…let him go. Without his magical apparatus, he has no power left to abuse.

: Anyway, that’s what I think would have happened.

Our final Generic, another Swordmaster here, is “Pinkley”.

: We gave Jeffers the Falchion.

: You did WHAT?

: It was part of an extended prank on Prince Marth. It was hilarious. Guess you had to be there.

There’s a conversation between Merric and Elice here. It’s a little rare to get, since nobody uses Elice.

: Oh my! Merric, is that you? I haven’t seen you in ages...So you’ve been fighting with the League? Thank you for keeping Marth safe.

: Well, I did learn a spell or two in Khadein. Here, Princess. Get behind me. I’ll face the enemy for us both.

: You’ll…face the…? Aha ha, oh, Merric!

Elice is kind of a dick.

: Wh…what’s so funny, Princess? I was quite serious, I’ll have you know!

: Ha ha, forgive me, Merric. It’s just, I remembered you when you were little… You were always a bit delicate. Oftentimes I had to nurse you back to health. Remember?

: But that was- I couldn’t- Yes.

: And look at you now. Such a brave, strong man! A far cry from the old Merric. But you don’t have to pretend. I know you’re far too sweet to mow down hordes of enemies. And…I think I prefer it that way.

: do?

: So, uh, it turns out Jeffers is not capable of wielding the sacred blade Falchion.

: Who knew?

The rest of this map went mostly the same way as last time. Let’s skip to the new stuff.

To get this alternate ending to the chapter, and thus get 24x, the requirements are a little different than any other map in the game.

Tiki must be dead, and you must NOT have the Falchion. There’s a way around this, and that’s having a unit holding the Falchion dying in this map. The Falchion will be sent to the Convoy, but the game, for whatever reason, registers it as being lost. You can also pull a similar trick with Tiki, by having her die (Perhaps even holding the Falchion, if you want to kill two birds with one stone) and then using the Aum staff on her in 24x or 25.

: Lord Gotoh?

: I know you mean to challenge Medeus. But you and your companions haven’t the power to win.

: What? Why not? Because I failed to retrieve Falchion?

This update is just full of Gotoh dunking on Marth.

: I did not mean for anything to happen to her-

: You can put your heart at ease. Tiki is not dead. She has merely returned to her slumber. Still, without her power...We must take other steps. Select a handful of your best warriors. I must send you into an unseen dimension.

: An unseen dimension, my lord?

: A place outside the confines of our world. There you will find a tower; you must pass its Keepers’ test. If your strength and need are great enough, the tower’s master will answer, and then, perhaps, your fortunes will be changed for the better.

Now then, here’s the final Gaiden.

: Marth’s heart wavered. But with neither the divine blade Falchion nor the divine dragon girl to aid him, the tower’s master was his last hope of defeating Medeus. Gotoh had told Marth to find a coffin. So while most of his companions remained in the material world to battle Dolhr, Marth and his chosen few scoured the tower to search of a mysterious savior.

: I...uh...sure...I guess?

Anyway, let’s take a look at this map. Despite Gotoh’s speech, and the intro, you can still bring twelve characters into The Alterspire, which isn’t that much less than usual. (This, uh, also means that the “most” of our companions who stayed to battle Dolhr were...Elice and Pinkley.)

The enemies on this map, the Keepers, occupy the tower, which has two routes up. The most notable thing here is the large assortment of enemy unit types, including the rarely seen enemy Berserkers, Sorcerers, and-

Oh dammit, really? Okay, these guys too.

One major thing to note about this map. It looks pretty threatening, but upon further inspection...the Keepers really suck. This guy has nine attack.

The boss is a Mage Dragon, which can be troublesome, but he’s still a bit of a pushover.

Art Gallery VIII

We’re running low on room for these, so I’m just grabbing the miscellaneous ones.

Camel Pimp already posted this amazing Dolph art from FE1. It actually matches his portrait...and Macellan’s. They were literally exactly the same in FE1, which is hilarious.

From The Complete, we also have an oddly...romance novel cover-esque Roger, and a reveal of Hardin’s original terrible fashion sense.